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Warring souls and destiny

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Destiny

Submitted: April 02, 2018

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Submitted: April 02, 2018



Damini took momma n Roshni's leave in a hurry to go to 'Hill View Point' so she could go ski diving as manager called her to check in as it was perfect and pleasant weather. 

As the driver couldn't be found at last moment, she took to driving herself. She was new in the area; especially one hilly road was there. But it was easy for someone like her. She was in too much hurry as she wanted to find out if the ski diving arrangement, as Prithvi, owner of company providing the arrangement had always boasted, was as perfect as her New Zealand. She thought of  him at once, his boasting, their constant tiffs, his having airs about himself and most recently his taunting her over 'ability to drive'. Aah! That accident! She shivered! "how did it happen?" she questioned  herself. She was indeed on correct side of road. That car rose suddenly from behind the bushes and almost stamped hers. She escaped it n bumped straight into the tree. N just came Prithvi'z car. He wasn't smiling but she knew he would have been roaring with laughter in his mind. She got irritated at thought of his. Leaving him on back foot in thoughts she started d car.

Everything was perfect. She opened window to let breeze triffle with her hair. The weather, indeed as manager had said, was really nice. Humming to her favourite rock, she started scaling upward road to hill. Suddenly a truck came from opposite direction straight into her car as if to hit her. She tried escaping it but it hit her car on edge, tossing it upside down. Now, door was open and she was half inside n half outside. Inside she n car were on edge of hill road n outside she was all up in air. She tried to get inside the car to open the door from other side but car started sliding down the slope. So instead, she jumped out n down the hill she went. She was falling, crying n screaming at the same time! Soon she was holding a twig, hanging on its mercy.

She was unable to look down as she knew it was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. So she tried looking up just to realize the poor twig she was holding on, was turning miserable due to her weight!

She was about to cry when she heard someone calling her name. Alas! It was d same devil! Prithvi Saxena!

He was rock climbing just inches away and was shocked by sudden arrival of a companion!

Damini :  Prithvi! 

(Thanking God for sending him n thinking back in her mind that she will never be able to face him again for rest of her life.)

Please help!

Prithvi : What are you doing there without safety arrangement? Where's the guide? You fired even him? Where's d rope???????????????????? You are wearing sandals while rock climbing???????????????????????

Damini :  Rock climbing my foot! I'm sky diving!

Prithvi  :  Without parachute?

Damini :  Yeah! My helicopter crashed! So I forgot it in a hurry!


It actually took Prithvi a few seconds to recover n he understood the situation. He spread out his arm towards her n grabbing her firmly by waistline, he pulled her towards him.


They were never this close! He had forgotten his own breath! Her warm breath was making wonders to him in chilly silly wind! Her presence in his arms started soothing his soul. He had never experienced it. May be because he, till date, never got this close to Janhvi. His heartbeat skipped a second when he realized they were too close to comfort and she couldn't move due to being pressed against wall. He tried making room for her else she would hit him soon & in process lost the grip on rope! Damini, who was counting on Prithvi to hold the rope, too, came climbing down! At once, he got hold of Damini, rope n most importantly himself. Soon they climbed upwards only to find frustrated manager standing beside almost ironed out car! He had come running after witnessing the accident from window but Damini was gone with the wind till he n others reached! He thanked his stars (for he was the one who had called her) n her stars too, that his beloved Prithvi sir was there!

Prithvi smiled n as if to tease her, turned to Damini. She was upset as well as tensed.


Precap : Roshni gets lost in jungle n somebody comes from behind


Children of  Nirmal & Geeta - Prithvi Saxena, 

Children of  Tanmay & Nidhi - Varun Saxena, 


Children of  Kedar & Amrita - Avni Rao

Nirmal, Tanmay and Nidhi have brought up Prithvi, Avni n Varun.


Children of  Arjun & Illa - Damini, Roshni Gujral. 

Children of  Amber & Preeti - Sameer Gujral.

 Illa, Amber n Preeti have brought up Damini, Sameer n Roshni.

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