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Damini calls Prithvi to meet secretly. All at Saxena house assume him to be gone to meet Janhvi, just when Janhvi enters to give Prithvi a surprise visit.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Anticipations and predictions

Submitted: April 12, 2018

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Submitted: April 12, 2018



Anticipations and predictions

Precap : Damini calls Prithvi to meet secretely. All at Saxena house assume him to be gone meeting Janhvi, just when Janhvi enters to give Prithvi a surprise visit.


Damini was sitting in Glass room. She was trying to find out & come to the terms with all that was happening since her arrival. Something was indeed amiss! She knew not whom to approach. Today, she would have been dead, had it not for twig n Prithvi!

Her introspection ended when she saw Roshni fuming. Roshni too, was bruised. Damini was tensed fearing even Roshz was being attacked! Conversation with her put to rest all her doubts. But Roshni had many! She was hurt by Varunz behaviour. His sudden mood swing (back to karelagiri ) on way back had her in sad mode view! But at the same time, she was relieved as Avnidi, Jiggidi n Pakhi were returning abruptly in the evening as told to her by Prithvi. He had come to drop her personally!

Prithvi, thought Damini, might be able to help her. But she was too embarrassed to ask for help, that too from Prithvi! But she wanted to find the truth out. So, she called up Prithvi n requested him to meet her urgently n secretly! As expected, Prithvi teased her no end, reminding her she was engaged n he, was about to get engaged! But she bore it all with a pinch of salt. She had to!


Here in Saxena House, Janhvi paid a visit in order to surprise Prithvi! She knew Varun had jungle plan & Avni, Jiggy di n Pakhi were gone to her kaka's (Uncle's). Only papakakima n kaka were expected, who, she knew, would leave them alone! To her shock, everybody except Prithvi were there! Her mood worsen, when Pakhi, who was sleeping in Avni'z lap, got up and on perceiving her, started crying! This was out of her capacity now! Right since birth, Pakhi used to cry on spotting her. Varun was firm believer that Pakhi could identify good person n bad one! He had declared her not good for his bhaiyya (bro)!  It was kakima, who had given the node neglecting him as she had said children behave strangest way sometimes. But Varun's resistance had it's effect on Prithvi! Even four month's since the green signal, he was not ready for engagement!

Avni tried, yet another time in 6 months that Pakhi was born, to befriend Pakhi with Janhvi but in vain! Finally, Jiggydi got up n took Pakhi to garden, precisely away from her. Varun followed them. She was more upset. So, as usual, Avni came to her rescue!


Avni :Don't think about it. Just forget it!

Janhvi : I can't Avni! U know na, Varun assumes Pakhi is reincarnation of Prithvi'z momma who used to judge people well!

Avni :That's true! She is indeed badi mami (elder aunty)!

Janhvi got more upset. But Avni continued.

Avni : All sasuma's (mom in laws) on earth cry out at their bahu's (daughter in law)!


Janhvi was relaxed n happy.

But Avni who had bumped into Prithvi bhaiyya, while he was leaving, had thought him to be meeting Janhvi. She was wondering where was he gone actually!


Damini had already reached back side of stud! She had loved it! It was indeed one of the best she had ever seen! So much so, that she wasn't missing her NZ stud! Stud n actually except for bunglowz, all sprawlin property was joint one of neighbours Gujralz n Saxena'z. But stud was actually hardship of Prithvi alone! She remembered, when three years ago, they had met, he was quite ambitious! He still was! He had it in him what it takes to be super successful she remarked! Their businesses were complementary to each other so she knew his capability very well! He had achieved recognition n respect in just one year that he spent in California section! But for past 1 n half years, he had purposely grounded himself to India, close to his family! It was indeed creating barrier to his career n business, but clients used to come from all over the world to India for him!

She saw him approaching! He was indeed very much handsome! Her papa n his momma had wanted their union, but even in childhood, they used to fight like mad cow! Just punches n kicks were replaced by taunts n teasing now!

Prithvi actually knew why she must have called! But he first assured her Roshni's was purely accident n then asked her reason for calling him.


Prithvi : Why did u wanted to meet me in dark, secretly?

Damini : So that there shall be no proof of me killin u!

Prithvi : For ur kind information, even many parts of wood have CCTV's n it is but stud. It has many!

Damini : Do your 'Hill View Point' too has many?

Prithvi : Indeed! N to top it, it has a manager who can see a girl getting out of car straight into valley!

Damini : Getting out straight from upside down car!


Prithvi smiled!

Damini now told him about her apprehensions that she was being attacked! Prithvi was expecting her to tell him. The incident was narrated to him in detail by manager & he had already sprung into action! So, upon hearing about Roshni's accident, he panicked n had pressed Varun to come back urgently! But found none of the harm! His spy friend was tracing the truck as it was captured in one of the CCTV of Hill View Point!

Damini was pleased. She knew Prithvi was the guy who would go searching good market the moment he sees u sowing the seed. U need not tell him it'll grow up into tree n bear fruits.


She was even happier when he agreed to help her learn new techniques for self rescue, secretly!


Precap : Sameer arrives at Gujral Villa!

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