maine bana di jodi (Matches made by me)

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Sameer arrives in India at Gujral villa.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - adolescence

Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018




Damini n Roshni reached breakfast table early. Both were not able to sleep properly. Damini was happy that Prithvi was by her side, so she need not tell momma, kaka n Sameer so she couldn't sleep & Roshni was still, too shocked by Varun's mood swing to b able to sleep!

On reaching, they realized momma was working in kitchen! She used to actually prepare sunday lunch but breakfast too? It was possible only on special furmaish (request) of... both looked at each other in utter amazement n shock! "Sameer!", "bro!"  Both cried same time! They took reverse n raced to his room. He was sleeping. They jumped on his bed n hugged him from both side's! He was half awake. He hugged them back. His plan was to surprise them at breakfast table but his sister's were as smart as him!


Morning in Saxena House, on contrary, was quite one. Avni din't ask Prithvi about last night but he, actually told her about Damini n Roshni's accidents. She decided to visit them. Damini n she had almost became soul sisters, just like they used to, in childhood!

Sameer entered Damini's room damn irritated! Firstly it was his momma who had, as a part of another punishment, sent him to India without his beloved pet turtle-Rubik n now Roshz was teasing him. Roshni followed him. She told Damini he had brought with him his childhood doll collection. Damini smiled n scolded Roshni taking Sameer's side. Roshz got annoyed at this n add to it bro who was teasing her back, she threw a pillow at him. He returned it n all the three ended up pillow fighting!

Damini's room was now flooded with cotton ke flakes.

They called maid n went upstairs. On terrace, Damini pointed to stud praising it no end. So Sameer went to her room to fetch binoculars. Here, though maid had not arrived, Avni had! She was looking out for Damini. Sameer spotted her n sweetly removed some cotton which had accidently managed to reserve it's place on her hair (too cliché? Cant help!) n told her in his charming manner to get vacuum cleaner as merely her delicate hands wont be enough! Avni left fuming! She recognized him through pictures but he had mistaken her for maid! (bachhu bohot pachatayega!) (You will suffer heavily for this man!!!)

Upstairs he remarked to his sisters that even maids were soooooooooo beautiful in India! Damini scolded him n Roshni put forward idea to go to canal! They left.

On their way, they bumped into Illa n Avni, who were in garden. Here Sameer realized his mistake!

Damini : Sameer, meet Avni! Remember u were best friends in childhood?

Sameer : Avni? Oh my god! U look so different from photographs! U r really very beautiful!

Avni was embarrassed.  Illa, Damini n Roshni smiled.

But suddenly, Sameer's mood changed n he became very emotional.


Sameer : it was an accident! I'm really sorry! I dint break it purposely!

Avni too, became emotional.

Avni : I still have that doll!

Roshni : bro! U broke Pakhi'z doll? U have so many n still wanted herz? I was to tell u to bring one for her but u r breaking which are already there! By the way, when did u go?

Sameer n Avni were too engrossed in each other to realize Roshni speaking.  Illa n Damini abrupted her & asked her to remain silent!

Avni : I over-reacted!

Sameer : no! It was but natural! It was ur most favourite doll! All elders were busy. So, I couldn't even go to shop to buy u the new one!

Avni : I dint talk to u for whole of two hours n u left when I was sleeping.


Sameer : I had come! But I knew u had slept after weeping for a long time! So dint wake u up!

Avni : I shouldn't have slept!

Sameer : I was to send u d new one for ur birthday but elders dint allow me to!

Avni : I did not celebrate my birthday that year.

Sameer : I should have been by ur side when bua (aunt) n fufa (uncle)..

Avni : God punished me for being rude to u!

Sameer : Don't ever say something so stupid like that! None of it, u getting angry or bua' n fufa'z accidental death, none was ur fault!

Avni : ever since, I've never been rude to anyone!

I'm sorry!

Avni broke down. Sameer gently took her in his arms n tried soothing her controlling himself!

Sameer : I have collected all dolls for each of ur birthday ' all 18 of them. Come I'll show them to u!

He took her inside the house


Here, Roshni was standing with jaw dropped almost touching the ground or even few miles below it! She now realized doll collection of bro, d only thing in his world that she wasn't allowed even to touch, was for his childhood sweetheart!


Roshni looked up at momma n di expecting them to be out of their wits just like her! But they were smiling. They too, had turned emotional like bro n Avni di! She made her displeasure clear for not being told before. They defended themselves saying it was too sensitive an issue for Sameer, so they din't discuss even amongst themselves!

Inside, Avni was overwhelmed with soooooo many dolls of sizes, shapez, their carz, make-up box, houses, dresses!  She was lost n so was Sameer! Of course, all d dolls showed up at Saxena House in the evening!

Later, Illa n Damini told Roshni the two were inseparable in childhood  whenever they used to meet n theirs too, union was planned. Hearing this, Roshni broke down cursing god as to why then, he did something like this! It was now impossible for Illa n Damini to control her!


Precap: Neither Prithvi nor Varun were pleased by Sameerz arrival, let apart giftz!



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