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Neither Prithvi Nor Varun, were happy with Sameer's arrival. But Sameer was too engrossed in their sister, to notice.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Romeo

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Submitted: April 18, 2018



Roshni was really happy now. She had forgotten Varun chapter ever since she saw Sameer bro n Avni di together, n happy . But she would have been happier had she known of it earlier. At least when Prithvi was visiting! Kakima had told her they expected Prithvi'z dad n kaka to bring up d subject of Damini-Prithvi alliance! It was certainly on cards. She was at first, annoyed at thought of arranged marriage of di, but a meeting with Prithvi, n she was eager to call him jeej!

But it never happened! She n bro had offered to start the subject with Prithvi at least, as he went along like house on fire with them, but Gujral Seniors were not in favour of the idea. It was settled in families long ago that talks of alliance will be started by family of boy! Bro n she had come to conclusion that Di n Prithvi'z constant fights scared them away!

But indeed, Prithvi was still her favourite! She tried comparing Di with Janhvi n came to same conclusion as she had drawn comparing Inder jeej with Prithvi! Her heart never allowed her to accept Inder but she controlled it unlike bro, who openly voiced his displeasure from time to time!

Suddenly something struck her. Varun! His bitterness was same as that of bro's towards Inder. Did he wanted bro n Avnidi together? She wondered then why did it not start ever?

"Talks have to be started by boyz family" she remembered kakima telling her.

Now, she was really very unhappy with hers n Saxena's great grand parents who set the rule. They had ruined many lives, she thought.


Varun was in Prithvi'z room after dinner. It was routine for him to take Pakhi out for walk around the house after dinner. But she refused to even step out of Avni's room as it had 18 dolls !

"How come a 6 month old, who can't even pronounce D, loves dolls so much?"he was almost yelling for nth time in past half an hour. Prithvi had to speak now.


Prithvi : Babies have nothing to do with name of toys or even who gifted it!

Varun : Please bhaiyya, ask Avni to throw them away.

Prithvi : it's of no use now!

Jiggi enters.

Prithvi : Why did you people came back? I had told u to stay put till Gujrals see Inder's family n leave!

Jiggi : u had! N Mr. perfectionist, u even managed to threaten all of your staff against disclosing any farm details to Avni but u forgot Avni's BEST FRIEND completely!

Prithvi : Honey?

Jiggi : yeah! He informed her two pigs were not keeping well n then Ms. Vet couldn't wait even for a sec!

Varun : but she has three vets under her!


Jiggi : as if it matters! Prithvi, we are paying those vets for nothing! By the way, what now? How come Sameer arrived? n that too, suddenly? I thought he would never & especially Gujral Srz., I thought would be cultured enough not to let him come!

Prithvi : Yeah! I expected them not to send him. It's out of my capacity to handle Avni, papa, kaka n especially kakima! I'm not sure if he knows of anything that happened! Even Damini n Roshni were told of it upon arrival!


Varun : I don't care! Their decision was declared 3 years ago!

Jiggi : I still think, u atleast should have started d subject of Avni with Sameer!

Prithvi : I've told u thousands of times papa n kaka dint allow me to. It was settled 3 generations ago that boys family will start the topic! Plus I closely followed Sameer, he was way too engrossed in his life in fast lane n with so many smart girls around him, unlike Avni, who spent her life thinking about him! Do you think she would have been able to adjust to that life? She would have felt more of insecure over there! He was milder version of Casanova! No guy in world would love to see off his sister with a guy like him! Now stop thinking! It's long over! 


Prithvi, Jiggi n Varun continued debate for a long time as to how to keep Sameer at bay!


Next morning being Monday, everybody set off to office. In Gujral Villa, however, Sameer was allowed to take rest. He enquired with servants n set off to visit the farm! He ensured to take navigation machine n walkie-talkie so that, his visit seems more of trip to explore area rather than deliberate attempt to meet Avni!

The farm was indeed huge!

He was blaming himself for refusing golf cart. He spotted Avni in pet area. Rabbits were wandering. He was told by her staff rabbits were her favourite! Not to mention, he took instant liking for them too (first one need not be mentioned)! He started flirting with Avni n she was blushing at his every attempt and trying to run away! He finally let her work patiently n started walking around! It had many variety of pets, he noticed for the first time as he dint had eye for anything other than Avni before. Prithvi indeed, had done great job with family farm business too, adding many others, taking it to International level. He started thinking about his own career graph! He himself, never took it seriously! Suddenly his thoughts changed the direction when he saw Avni sprinkling so much love & care on pigs that she was nursing! He, for a second, imagined himself instead of pig, getting pampered by Avni!

"Pig & Sameer? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he started running halter-scalter at disastrous thought.

Avni had to summon almost all of her farm staff to get Sameer out of compost pit! He, unknowingly, jumped in it while running! Pigs were, indeed, in very much better condition n position, than he, himself!

When he returned after taking mini bath at nearby washroom, Avni started dressing his right hand that had injured!


Avni : I really don't understand what's the problem with all the Gujrals! First it was Damini di, then Roshni n now u! You people look at heaven n walk on earth!

Sameer : Vision Avni! I had vision!

Avni : That I'll b scolded for not informing about broken compost pit compound, right?


Avni was really upset. She was not ready to listen to Sameer who was actually trying to tell her he had a vision. For now, in reality, the piggy baby was gone n Sameer was in it's place basking in all the attention showered by Avni! 

But alas! Jiggi arrived ! She, as plan to keep watch on Sameer, was employed to be with him till he was acquainted with work but as he never arrived, she suspected him to be at farm & ran from office pretending to spend quality time with Avni!


Precap : Pri-Da'z khufia practice session! 

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