maine bana di jodi (Matches made by me)

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Prithvi and Damini's khufia (secrete) practice session.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - halted unions

Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018





Damini was literally running! She was late for practice on first day itself! But it was not easy to evade momma, Sameer n Roshni. She somehowmanaged it n in process ran out of time. Golf cart was a strict NO as it shall give out her location!

As expected, Prithvi had already reached, showering all the affection on his watch! She was trying hard to make her approach towards Prithvi look like "friend in need is a friend indeed!" But all she could remember was "beggars cannot b choosers!"

She apologized for being late. After some taunts, warnings n reading out of rule book, he came to the point!



Prithvi : So! I think we should start with rock climbing!

Damini : (to herself ' even if house is burning, he'll recommend me ROCK CLIMBING! N loudly-) I know a bit of it, enough to save my life!

Prithvi : I know you are not too friendly with rock climbing but in hilly area as this, you should get more into it!

Damini : You are the boss!

Prithvi : Good!


They set off towards the hill. It was indeed very far.

Prithvi : As far as I know, you know nobody over here except for us, right?


Damini nodded in affirmation.

Prithvi : Do u know anybody who has been from India. I mean some one sooooooo friendly that there's no love lost between you and him/her!

Damini : In the whole world, there's only one such person!

Prithvi : EXCEPT ME, Damini!

Damini : NOBODY!



Prithvi was in deep thought now. Damini knew not what to make of it. Finally after some time, he left thinkers hat aside.


Prithvi : Are you into drugs?

Damini :  No ways Prithvi!  How can you even ask such a question?

Prithvi : Is any of your friend, or even Sameer /Roshni, into drugs?

Damini : This is too much Prithvi! I, Sameer n Roshni are brought up in principled manner! Though they are outgoing n party people, we all have always stayed away from drugs n people related to it! U, yourself have seen it!

Prithvi : That was 3 years ago! Well, then it's possible that, there is somebody whom you donno completely!

Damini : Don't harp on same string, Prithvi! Come to the point.

Prithvi : Truck that attacked you was stolen one. Theft was exclusively for accident it seems! Truck was found in afternoon itself with nobody inside & even goods that were in it originally were perfectly in place!

Damini : It was planned attack, right? Could you find who did it?

Prithvi : Khabruz  (small spies) informed my spy it was a drug related incident!


Damini : Drugs? What's connection with me?

Prithvi : Thatyou are in best position to answer!


Damini was speechless. She dint know how to react.

Prithvi : there is this pub in area, popular for drugs business. All people involved in accident n theft are known & regular faces there! I don't have proof but just information. So we can't even catch them!

Prithvi couldn't bear Damini's tensed condition anymore. He thought of only one thing to change her mood.


Prithvi : Road is quite long, isn't it?

Damini nodded.

Prithvi : You remember we used to race on this road from stud to hill? You used to go crying to my momma complaining I never let u win!

Damini : Thats because you used to take 'Agra' horse, leaving me with 'Pratham'!

Prithvi : But you used to cry.

Damini : n Geeta kaki used to advise me to save tears for marriage!

Prithvi : I never understood fight ka funda! What you people used to discuss about our fights? You used to stop fighting a while after that!



Damini : She used to tell me that we have fights ka quota with each person just like tears ka quota! She used to remind me to use fights wisely n leave huge part for after the marriage!

Prithvi smiled.

Prithvi : N your papa got me into rock climbing! He wanted his son-in-law to be LION at his favourite sport!

Both laughed heartily. They looked into each other's eyes n quickly looked away avoiding eyes. It was still very sensitive issue for them even after finding life partners! The fact that his momma n her papa, who were strongly in favour of match, were no more, made them more vulnerable! Three years ago, when they had met, were looking up at each other as soul mates! But an year on, things messed up to great level with Sameer-Avni alliance drifting apart to pieces. Then Gujral's started hunting groom for Damini n even Prithvi moved on. But they still cared for each other! Attacks on Damini was merely an occasion for them to realize destinies call once again!

They reached the hill. He gave her basic tips to follow in the area regarding nature of soil, stones n also animals that may take a liking to climbers n offer company! He explained to her how to evade them! Next session was adjusting car on hill. But their rock climbing practice itself got postponed as Damini was not exactly in good spirit!


Precap : Roshni n Varun spot Sameer n Avni at local market!


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