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Roshni n Varun spot Sameer n Avni at local market!

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Disordered Jumble

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



Injury actually worked in favour of Sameer! He got another day off! He set off to farm again. He was indeed smitten by Avni. He wanted to get more of her! She was still as sweet as she used to be in childhood- just less talkative n more shy! His momma actually wanted him to select a girl & he too, was made to go through "Dekho" ceremonies! But unlike in Damini's case where papa n kakima were not too pleased, they supported idea of his arranged marriage, much to his shock! But as he wanted to meet Avni first, he shooed away all of girls! In process, when he encouraged a girl, to pursue career in modelling, leaving behind thought of marriage, his mom punished him & din't let him go to India with Illa kakima! But he somehow managed to convince her. She actually wanted him to at least get engaged before visiting India. He never understood the reason but managed to escape!

At farm, Avni was leaving for market with another vet- Manish for shopping for animals! He decided to accompany them.


They reached the shop. Sameer looked at shop owner. He looked like a girlish guy! "He or she?" he wondered. Just then, Manish went to Cake Shop as he was requested to place some order by Prithvi. Sameer was feeling the luckiest person on earth was no one else but he, himself! Just then, Avni's first sentence, directed to shop owner shook him completely!


Avni : Honey, why din't you send prescribed medicines?

Sameer : Oh god Avni! How can you call HIM honey, when you have such a handsome with you? (Pointing to himself, of course!)

Avni : shut up Sameer! So Honey, what about medicines?

Sameer : again honey?

Avni : Sameer!

Sameer : Honey! I mean Avni!

Honey : we were out of stock, sweetheart! I have just se'

Sameer interrupted.

Sameer : (to shop owner) how dare you? Mind your tongue, ok?

Avni : Sameer I think even you should go to cake shop.

Sameer : (Glancing angrily at shop owner) I can't leave you alone here!

Avni : Honey is a dear friend! We want to talk to each other'

Honey : without interruption!

Sameer : Honey?

Honey : (pointing to shop name plate - Honeyz Petz) Honey!

Sameer : oh sorry! Hi!

Honey : bye!

Sameer : Avni! 


Just then, reached Varun n Roshni! Prithvi had instructed Varun to drop Roshni home. She was to prepare for a party! Prithvi dint wanted to take chances as attacks on Damini were more of a mystery day-by-day! Varun was cursing his fate! He dint had any cases in court for afternoon n in office too, no legal issue was in immediate need of attention! He had to obey bhaiyya! On way, they dropped in market n spotted Sameer n Avni!

Varun took Avni away! Roshni left with them as party was in Saxena House itself! Sameer wanted to 'discuss some things' with Honey so decided to wait! He hadn't missed aakhon k isshhare (eye contact) between Honey n Varun ! First it was Jiggi n now Varun! Honey must have made call to Varun! Sameer had realized these guys were keeping him away from Avni! Even last evening, when all Saxena khandaan visited him, they had kept him away from her. The sweet baby girl Pakhi, he had taken instant liking to, was the only person, who was really sweet with him! He recalled Pakhi. Full of life! He thought he would love to have a baby girl just like her! N Avni being so sweet a person, it wasn't impossible, unless baby decides to go his way!  He saw Honey staring at his smiling face. He was still in 'Honeyz Petz'! He had to speak now!

Sameer : do u keep Turtles?

Honey : I don't sell animals! I sell food n medicines for them!

Sameer : I have a pet turtle about to join me soon! Can you make arrangements for him?

Sameer used to care Rubik like a bro! He never considered it as animal but a friend! He always referred it as him! It was but natural that he was trying best to convince momma dearest to abort plan of punishment n send him!


Honey : send me details! There are some type of turtles in canal! Avni looks after them. I make arrangement for them!

Sameer : Avni! She looks after everybody! (To himself) I want her to look after me n my family, too. (He smiled.)

But this part was heard by Honey.

Honey : I heard you were chasing her!


Sameer was shocked! Indeed it was his just third day in India, but it was true! Most of the time, he was meeting her or thinking about ways to meet her! It was but natural as since childhood, he believed she was made for him!


Honey : Is it true?


Honey's nature was so friendly that Sameer dint think twice before opening up to him! He reminisced on childhood memories, dolls, years spent without her, et all! Honey was indeed gifted listener for it's not easy to have patience when speaker is lost in his own timelessly precious world forgetting your presence altogether! 

Finally when Sameer stopped, Honey started speaking! He was indeed moved by Sameer! Sameer was really different from what he was told about by Jiggy n Varun!


Honey : then why did it not happen three years ago when it was supposed to be? Do u know what emotional turmoil Avni went through?

Sameer : 3 years ago? That time, Damini n Prithvi alliance was being discussed!

Honey : no! It was Avni n yours! Thats past now! But what she went through in past one n half year is more of a grief! Can you n your family accept her with it? Can u make her come out of it n move on? Whatever happened is none of your concern n not even fault, of course, but you will have to bear it! Can u? Will you be able to accept Avni with it? Avni can't live without Pakhi! Can you accept Pakhi?


Precap : Pakhi's turning seven month party arrangement!

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