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my migration journey

Submitted: April 03, 2018

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Submitted: April 03, 2018



Simi and Henry met at a young age and since then they have stucked to each other like bees stick to honey, they have passed through thick and thin together and never let each other go till they decide to come together as man and wife.

Simi is a poor orphan who lost her parents at a very young age, she had no friends until she met Henry who became the love of her life.

Henry's parents were also very poor and could not take care of themselves, He was doing mania jobs to assist his poor parents, when he fell in love with simi he decided to bring her into his family to live together as one. His mother and members of his family were not happy with his decision for they said simi is a wretched and homeless girl and cannot contribute to the welfare of the family but their love was stronger than what others were saying and Henry was never going to give up his love for Simi.

Henry broke protocol and brought Simi into his family house, the parents could not send her out because she was already pregnant so they had no choice than to keep her, but she was treated badly when Henry was not around but she never cared because the eyes of love are blind to the things it doesn't want to see and as time passed by she had her first child and then a second son.

 One day he called Simi into the room and told her his plans ,he told her his parents are mocking him because he is poor and depending on his love for Simi. They both share similar experiences as people were also mocking her. Henry responded her ''i feel very pained with this words, i think i need to talk to my legs ( a nigerian adage, which means i need to do something and stand as a man) because i have to take care of you and my kids, allow me go i promise i won't be long, i will come back soon don't forget how far we have come please wait for me and don't forget me''.

Simi's response was thus ''you know i will wait for you though my heart is breaking because you have to go, please try to work hard, don't betray me with other women because they can't love you better, you will go in peace and come back successful because i know you want to take care of me and our kids so i will wait for you my love, i will wait for you and don't forget where we are coming from and how far we have come''. That night they made passionate love with the pains of missing each other.

The day came for Henry to leave, they cried together with their kids because their first son was already 2 years old and Henry promised his little son that he was going to come back with lots gifts for him and make sure he studies in the best school and have all he has ever imagined then Henry left for Libya (A Northern Africa country which is a transit country for African migrants crossing over to Europe).

This story was told to me by Simi, Henry's wife as i met her during one of our rescue missions on the MSF (Medecines Sans Frontieres) prudence ship which rescues thousands of people on the mediterranean sea everyday. simi was among the the numerous young women rescued on that particular day of my mission. when i saw her in the midst of other young girls like her she was quiet and sad, she wasn't talking to anyone and laid at a corner of the space apportioned to her. I was observing her and decided to walk up to her to talk. I took her to our private clinic so we could have some privacy, she talked to me with so much pains and was crying profusely.

Now i know some of you will be wondering what Simi was doing on the mediterranean sea where she was rescued or what became of Henry..... hmmmmmm don't worry i will come to that first let me tell you how Simi came to end up on the Mediterranean sea.

After Henry left to find greener pasture, Simi was left with Henry's parents even though he knew she wouldn't be treated well but he begged her before he left to please bear with him and endure their troubles for the sake of the love they share. everyday was like hell for her in the house, she was beaten everytime by Henry's mother and brothers and treated as a domestic slave. Henry got to Libya after crossing the sahara desert and called Simi on the phone, she was very sorry but at the same time very excited. She was sad because he explained to her what he was passing through and excited because little by little their dreams will soon come through and implored him to be very strong for them.

Time passed Henry crossed the Mediterranean sea like many other migrants to Italy and arrived Italy safely where he ended up in a reception center (it's a place where they accomdate all assylum seekers and those asking for international protection) although she never knew what a reception center is but i understood the moment she told me, she said he was always calling her to tell her he was in a place where he can't work for now as he has to obtain his stay permit first and it was taking longer than expected and encouraged her to be patient and continue to wait for him that it will be alright.

2 years passed and Henry's conditions never changed rather it became worst physically and psychologically because his expectations were not met neither were the expectations of the people he left behind were not been met as well. This is what most migrants in their destination countries are going through today in the world, in a situation where people cannot meet up to their expectations they become impotent and starts manifesting different psychosomatization symptoms. 3 years later disaster strucked, Simi's younger child died in the middle of the night mysteriously and she was devastated, her in-laws showed no concern, she tried to reach Henry but his number was not going through as she was passing through hell and needed someone to talk to especially him but he wasn't reachable. Soon days turned to weeks and weeks to months and months turned 2 years still no news from Henry.

Simi was like a living corpse, she kept on crying and wailing because this was not the promise they made to each other, she wanted explanations to this silence around her and after 3 years she couldn't reach the love of her life, she decided to take the risk and go in search for her love that was how she embarked on the love search journey to Libya where she was imprisoned, raped severally and tortured as well but she never gave up till i met her on our Vos Prudence rescue vessel.

When she was telling me her story i was crying because i know the power of their love was very strong and i know the beauty of love because i have been there before and also i know what it takes for a mother to leave her child after loosing one, i know the pains, i know how it feels for i have been there too. She told me she's on her mission in search of her man and the father of her child who is the love of her life. I asked her if she has a means of reaching him and she gave me the number she has been trying for more than 3 years now together with his full names saying with these information she hopes to find him. I wished her well and hope she really finds him and gave her my contact incase she needs to talk to someone. So many people come to Europe for different reasons, if there was free passage i don't think Simi would have gone through the desert route in search of her love neither would she have been imprisoned and rape severally.

After 2 days with us simi and other migrants were disembarked in one of the ports of sicily Italy. I never saw her again but before i left i told her to present her quest to operators in the reception center she would be taken to as they would be of help to her.

3 months later after work i was home about having my dinner when my phone rang and it was a strange number, i picked and it was a voice that sounds familar but i couldn't place a face on it and after inquiring who it was, she told me her name and how we met i shouted for joy and was very happy but i heard her sobbing when i asked her if  she had any news from her love, she said yes and quickly i thought she was crying because she had met him with another woman and he no longer needed her but it was even worse than that as Henry had died. He commited sucide after been depressed for a long time because the beaurocratic system failed him and he felt he was a failure as he had failed his family and could not keep his promises to Simi and his son. Henry passed away 3 years ago that was why he hasn't been reachable all along.

After the bad news she hanged up i was shocked and transfixed as such is life. Many migrants lives has been cut short either in transit or destination countries, right now i don't even know what to say for i feel so sad its so unfortunate thats all i can say.

R.I.P: Henry, may your struggling soul rest in perfect peace and may you continue to keep your promise to your loved ones even in death, you were a hero and may God grant Simi and your son the fortitude to bear the loss.


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