Like You Did Before

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Submitted: April 03, 2018

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Submitted: April 03, 2018



Like You Did Before

Will You hold me, 

Hold me close like you did before. 

WIll you look at me, 

Look at me like they way you did before. 

Will you stand by my side like you did once before ,

WIll you leave me, 

Will Like you did before

Will i watch you run away, 

Will i watch you run away like you did before. 

Will i watch you look at me with shame as you leave. 

Will you love me or will you just leave me, 

Like you did before, 

Like you always do. 

Will you stand there looking at me with pity, 

Looking at me ashamed , 

Ashamed of who we've become. 

Will you stand ther blaming me again, 

For all your failures. 

Will you come back ,

Come back like you promised. 

Promised me that you would. 

That you'd always return to me. 

Will you break me, Like you said you'd never do. 

Will you run away, 

Run away like you do... 

Will you face the fact, 

Will you face the truth, 

Will you face it all like you say you do. 

Will you turn away and do what's good.

Will you do the right thing to do

Will you follow you're heart or mind

Will you follow the pack across the line. 

Will you leave me like you say you will,

Or will you break down, break down again...

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