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This story is about young love that think that their love would last forever. Little that they know time could change everything so quickly

 We were walking by the beach and looking up to the sky . “Come home with me tonight” He says to my eyes. “ You’re beautiful “ he swept my hair to the back of my head. I smiled , I wished the time would stop just at that moment, that moment where someone would love me for who I am . Someone would love me like I would die the day after. I’m happy… know that I am. Right here. Now. The party was just a minute ago and now we’re here and we drank too much. But I ‘m conscious enough to know this is real. I’m happy with you, even if you don’t understand. Your eyes…their too mesmerizing. I Don’t want to see them anymore. “ Hey, when we go home, we don’t have to do anything. I want you to know that I appreciate you and  I don’t have anything in my mind. I’m doing this for the love. We can  just sit there if you want, and I’ll just look at you all night and that’s enough.’’O, something must have gone wrong in my brain,this is too perfect. I feel numb, I love him too much. The lights are low, and I can barely see his face. I lean on closer and wanted a kiss. At this point its me who cant help myself anymore. He makes me crazy…



I’m so obvious. Just walking along the school halls cannot hide my nerdy feature. They’re looking at me with that look in their eyes. “nerd” They whisper. I fixed my glasses, last night, I cant get that shit out of my head. I thought today can be normal like any other days. I mean being a loser is not hard. You just have to not be obvious. But this day I feel like I’m someone else. I don’t know how to make the memories from last night stop. Sometimes I miss being someone else.  My playlist played Sia and the anthem just hit me dividing myself from the real world. I hummed the tune, “I do-ont need no mone-ey, as long as I keep daa-ancing.” I danced my foot off last night, and his eyes came back into my mind,his smile just give me shivers. What I do to become the girl I was last night. You cant take back what you said, now its just stuck in my mind. He left me not breathing last night.

After class, The bell struck and school was over. Then I heard a loud voice calling, “ Calling for Stella shiane, I need to meet you, I love you~~~~” It was spoke on microphone. I bent in to the windows. There he was, in the middle of the school parking , with an inhaler, shouting my name , whaaAAAT~! He’s shouting MY name! On school grounds! MY freaking dumb name! The people around me whispered and talked, It’s her? She’s the one he’s dating? No!  STELLA! Come down now. Belle spoked to me on the phone. You know what’s happening ? I hope to die right now. Don’t you dare come down you bitch one of the girls say. He’s not fit for her. The voices are there again, the discouragement. No , I’m  not this girl again. I die to see those eyes again.

I feel weak on my knees, but something inside me spoke, and at that time I ran……and just ran…… down the halls, along the corridor…. Just running.. never thinking… Just his eyes in the moonlight… their waiting for me. I want to tell everyone the truth. Blew everyone. I wont let my guards down…I ran AND there he was right in front of me. I froze. Not knowing what to do.But, he just smiled .


“I love you too” I spoke.






I dated Conner Finley for 5 years. He changed me.. from this stupid girl to someone that actually matter to the society. The girls actually appreciated me. The boys wanted to know me. I became beautiful for a while, everyone were not talking about me, their talking to me. But just because I was his girl.They don’t see anything more than that in me. I’m just Connor’s girl. But he always say that he’ll be with me no matter what, so I’m fine.

We finish our suckish days in high school together, and finally brought our ways to college. I’m going to be with you forever. He kissed my hand. And I was too infected with him those years that I never really thought about my future without him. I’m going to date Connor Finley, the school’s heartthrob forever and ever , those are what I always tell myself. And I’m going to be the happiest girl in the world.

We dated in many places, the funfair, the park, the library. And for those five years I’ve been looking in those eyes for too long.

One time,we were at the bench and he’s getting ice cream. Two ice creams were at his hand on our 5thdate that time. “ A vanilla for this beautiful girl I own and a chocolate for a man that loves his girl too much.” I chuckled seeing that he has chocolate ice cream around his face. He was an angel. He has a thin face and straight nose. His hair always goes up and he has the most beautiful eyes I ever laid upon. He’s not too skinny but not too bulky. He was perfect and he always said that I was perfect. “ Have you ever thought about what’s going to happen after high school, Connor?” Do you think that we could make this through? Even after college?

 “ You know I’m going to be right beside you babe?’’ He shot a smile that still made my heart skipped a little. I was convinced enough to believe him, even if he was lying, I think I would still love him even if he did a crime. Those eyes were to precious to me. My God…



“You sure you’re going to be alright sweetheart? just give me a call I’ll be there in a flash.” I stared him in the eyes . “ I’m going to miss you” He said and I teared a little. But my guts were saying that’s he’s going to be fine. In a second , were back in high school, confessing our love to each other. But this time, he’s going far far away. And some part of me felt that I was this normal girl back and a big part of me is taken away. Am I that girl that hid herself in her lockers again  now when he’s not there to save me anymore? “ Be strong, remember you’re my girl’’ In a sudden, it was more like reminder rather than normal words.Then I thought that I needed him more than I needed him even IF he was getting away. Could I actually be a great Stella without Connor Finley. Then, I started questioning myself, Who was I before I was Connor’s? “ Are you okay ,babe?” He was riding off on a train to Amsterdam. I faced him again. “ You’ll wait for me?”


“ I’ll always wait for you Connor”





I turned a round and he is gone. I’m not Connor Finley’s girl anymore. I’m never going to be the same. It was scary as it was free. Some part inside me got the original Stella Shiane back. But who was Stella Shiane actually?

After he went to Amsterdam, I tried to move on with life. I cried for a few days. I was puzzled for a few. I never want to convince myself that I was this much of a loser without him. I packed my bags and decided to move to New York to get a job. I asked mom and dad and they agreed with it. Kissed them goodbye and went to NY to prove to myself that I’m not the girl that I thought I was always this time.

First days were hard, finding a place to stay, saving money to eat. But after some time I’m adapting to life there. I also made  a friend, a girl who lives nearby, her name is Charlie. Then, I was standing on my own two feet again. Typing a resume for the company that I would always dreamt about going to . Charlie made and pushed me to do it at the end. It was a miracle that the resume was actually accepted as a second intake for the company. I’m finally an intern working in Origins and Co. I did it all without a Connor Finley beside me. I guess I don’t really need his luck this time. Connor was finally only a small part of me. I was actually more than what meets the eye.



4 years later…

“ Hey Stella,Wake up. Its almost time,”

I woke myself up at the office.

“How could you just dozed off like that? You know Warner’s gonna walk in the office any minute now. His important meeting is about to finish soon.”

“ You sure you got his coffee right, then if you don’t , get along with it!” Charlie was worried about me.

I was still a little bit dizzy from the slight headache I was facing with since this morning. I gather my strength to stood up from the chair I was sitting on and went to make my boss’ coffee.He’s going to come up through that door in just a matter of time, If I don’t hand him his coffee on time, I’m going to be doomed, or maybe just sacked for the rest of my life. It was an awful job but its all I had.

The black coffee was stirred as my fingers could move, there wasn’t much time, the door opened, I hadn’t much time… No.

I was speeding up through the office to hand the coffee when a girl  held out  her leg just in time for me to trip and spill the coffee onto the entire place. I tripped and had my face to the floor. It was Linda. She always had a nasty grudge on me, I didn’t know what is it with her. I stood to face and angry face of my boss, Warner.

“ Not a very good performance there, Miss Stella Shiane and the coffee tastes awful ,” He put out a stinky look as bad as my coffee was.

“ I feel bad to say that this maybe the last time I’ll be seeing you at my office again.”

“ Bu-but Mr. Warner..”

“No buts, I shall not stand someone spilling my coffee on my expensive suit again. By the way, Miss Linda here can make way better coffee than you. I don’t see any reason why I should hire you anymore.”


That’s my last day at Origins & Co. a small newspaper company down the street. I left with coffee all over my shirt and a smirk by Linda whose probably getting my job after the incident.


I went back home opened the door to my room and jumped onto the bed. Well, it was a suckish job after all. You know what, I glad I quit.

I reached for the journal I had at the end of my bed. It was a journal where I kept track all of my memories with Connor. At the back of it was a map of the United Kingdom. Amsterdam was highlighted and also the cities around it.

2.30, 3rd April 2013- It was the last phone call I received from Connor. He was at Manchester that time. Reason of visit, not sure. But that was the last I’ve heard from him.

There was a wilted flower at the back of the journal.I’m still not sure what my heart says when I remembered my memories with him. There were a lot of them.

“Hey beautiful” He was at my locker that day. He was holding a flower.

 “ It was in the school garden

“and you know I just—plucked it’’

“What?? Oh my God” I gasped, but it was pretty.

We were just dating at that time and he would hand me flowers a couple of times starting that time.

It was still awkward when it was the first time but he casually put his hand on my shoulders in front of everyone.

“ You know what Stell,just take a deep breath and look like you don’t give a shit”

I took a deep breath and we went along the school halls.

“ Hey, hey put your head up, their not even the same level as you babe.”

I walked passed the girls whose always hated me and smirked at them.

“Who The heck does she think she is”she was shocked

“That’s my girl” Conner Said.

He was right, It Was just a good day to be Connor’s girl.


I flipped the pages of the journal and their were two movie tickets.



“ Oh my God babe, Im so so sorry I’m late”

It was raining heavily and his jacket was drenched.

“Come on were’ going to be late for the movie.”

His wet hair was just making him a lot more cuter. The dim lights just makes the whole scene more romantic.

“I don’t think I need a romantic movie. Having you is enough.” I laughed.

We had a kiss under the street lamp before the movie started .

“We’re going to be late” He laughed.

“I don’t mind”

Loving him was magic.





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