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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A pain that you can bear

What am I to do with a love like this, a love so unconditional that no matter how much it hurts you stick by them no matter what. 
Like every stabbing pain creates a deeper stitch and just remains in your heart.
There has been love that with every pain it removes itself from you and that makes it easier to let go.
But this, this love right here is one that makes you wonder will it ever be painful enough that all those stitches fall off? 
The tears shed are from every hurt you instill and at times you don’t even seem to care that the cut is just getting deeper. 
The love that wants to keep you happy because you being happy means our family is happy, but what if your happy is sometimes my pain? What then? Do you then take into consideration that maybe you should do something to make me happy to keep you happy. 
You see its all a loop, happiness has to be compromised by both, and if it isn’t then you are only thinking about your happiness.
What is this love and how did it begin? Do you remember? I don’t 
But Happiness Always In The Home right? 
At times people don’t know how to act, react, or perceive things when they know the decision that was made was for happiness in just one person. Its not that they don’t care or are selfless, but more so expressionless. It’s all a cry for help but will you see that as that? Or will you still think about yourself? 
Dominate, conquer, obtain the world together they say. But what if its all about how you treat things or do things. Your actions can lead to things you may not like and not try to take the blame. Instead you choose to instill the blame on others to keep from acknowledging the fact that you could have prevented any dispute, anger, or being upset. 
Do we all see things the same way though? 
We tend to believe we do and we say put yourself in my shoes but when does that ever make you feel the stabbing pain, you may think about the situation but never the pain or suffering it causes. That is what stays with a person the most. Not the actual decision that was made. 
Do you see it now? Or should I explain more? 
You may think you’re the only one who lost a life but oh we’ve all been through it too. Some may choose to speak on it and some may grief alone. 
For you this gift might have brought you happiness but for some it may be sorrow. For all we wish is to one day receive the same gift as you. 
What pain and suffering we have gone through but when do we start to be better to each other and say enough is enough. Making each other as happy as can be and putting their feelings before yours. Maybe then we will live an unconditional life of love united as a couple as one. 

Submitted: April 03, 2018

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