I have been to places I shouldn't have been to. Seen things that shouldn't be seen. Done things that shouldn't have been done. Said things that shouldn't have been said. Thought thoughts that
shouldn't have been thought. This poem is dedicated to all those people struggling with some sort of addiction; stay strong! You can make it through this!

I have been bitten by a viper.

Its venom poisons my blood flowing through my veins.

It takes control of my brain, robbing me of sensible thoughts.

I look in the mirror and see a tainted soul.


I scream out in pain as the fangs pierce my skin.

The eyes of the viper are piercing lasers staring at me.

They are etching evil into my conscious.

I cry a valley of tears as a damned chapter is written in my life.


I walk the halls of my existence and am reminded of my scars.

I see faces of my past going by in the halls.

In my mind are moving pictures which bring me to dark places.

Places which I shouldn’t want to go.

But I am pulled like a magnet again and again.

I am drawn by this inner curse.


I feel dread as I scroll through pages looking for comfort.

I look for answers where none can be found.

I purchase medicine from the devil’s pharmacy.

I am drowning in a sea of want.


I am engrossed by the images on the screen.

Enchanted by sirens who want my soul.

It has become my drug, my needle and syringe.

I am drowning in a sea of want;

gulping down salt water which poisons my brain.

The sirens surround me;

sucking every last drop out of me;

giving them life.

As I struggle for a breath.


I want to walk down a wooded path.

To feel the sunlight on my face.

To breath the fresh air not filled with fear, want and lust.

To eat the apple and not be tempted.

I want to break free of these chains binding my heart, mind and soul.

Let the clouds of today

bring the sunlight of tomorrow.  

As I lace up my boots to hike the new trail of my life.

Free from the venom of the siren’s viper.

Submitted: April 04, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Rappwriter59. All rights reserved.

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