A short story of little Aisha

Is it true that some people are born fortunate and some less fortunate? Maybe i would leave my readers to be the judge of that.

My name is precious, i work with a Humanitarian organisation where i see, meet and hear different stories from different people and my story goes like this.

On the 27th of january 2018 tragedy strucked as a rubber dingy boat that was carrying about 135 sub-saharan migrants from Libya capsized leaving 53 people dead and many little children orpans. It was a very tragic incident and many horrible tales from the survivors, amongst the survivors was my little Aisha.

Aisha is a little girl of 11 from sierra-leone who was left motherless from this horrible ship-wreck as she was travelling with her mother and little sister who are no more today. They left their country because according to her they were abandoned by their father who left for Europe to look for greener pasture but not knowing the pastures are not as green as he thought and so he couldn't meet up to the expectations of his family back home, thereby making life more difficult for his wife and children.

Aisha's mother couldn't pay the rents of the house they were living so for this reason they had to move to the countryside to live with a paternal aunt, getting there life was hell for them and her mother decided to leave with them for Libya for protection atleast so she thought.

In Libya they were locked up in prison where they had to pay ransom to free themselves after been tortured, they attempted the first time to cross the mediterranean sea but it was a failed attempt so they were taken back to prison. After spending months in prison they finally paid the ransom they were being asked to pay for their freedom, they were released.

After been released they decided to sail for Italy. Aisha told me that a day before their departure for Italy, Miriam (Aisha's baby sister) suddenly started crying uncontrollably throughout the day for no reason, for me i guess it was a premonition the little girl was having but no one could understand her non verbal language.

The following day they departed for Italy not knowing they would never get to their destination, because little Aisha lost her beloved mother and dearest sister on that shipwreck of 27th January 2018 and she arrived Italy alone amongst other survivors.

Aisha is left without her family today because the search for greener pastures took away her father from her and the search for love,family, protection and lack of free passage for vulnerable people to get to Europe took away her beloved mother and sister.

Today she's in Italy though she has been adopted by an Italian family but her roots has been uprooted and washed away with the tides of migration and greed of our miserable African political leaders. She cried while been taken away by her new family, we all cried for her for she was a girl that was so attached to her mother and sister.

I wonder how life would be for this little girl, what a sad tale she would have to tell when she's grown up or when she looks at the mediterranean sea that destroyed her roots. Sometimes life as a migrant sucks.

May the souls of all who lost their lives on the Mediterranean sea rest in peace.

Submitted: April 04, 2018

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