Coffee in the morning

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Coffee in the morning


I slept out last night,

Under the nights stars.

On the grass,

Watching the heavens go by.


The morning dew is thick

And my sleeping bag is soaked.

There is a dog snuggled into my side,

Dawn is breaking.


My head is on my pillow,

The coolness of the morning,

Breathes upon my face,

For a while you were standing there.


You watched over me as I slept,

My face you say was pale.

It was as if I were dead,

But I breathed and stirred and you were at peace.


At times you wonder,

Who it is that I will become.

Simply you go inside and make a cup of coffee,

Walking over to my bed on the lawn.


You reached down,

And asked;

"Would you like some coffee son?"

Submitted: April 04, 2018

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