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It's been over 10 years and I haven't been able to talk this is a true story of a German woman who's love haunts me even though she's not there anymore whether you believe it's true or not is up to
you. I was 15 so let's start.

Submitted: April 04, 2018

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Submitted: April 04, 2018



Thirteen years ago my life was plagued with neglect abuse constant suicide thoughts and attempts, I never truly felt loved even with a girlfriend or even a boyfriend for that matter. for me it was just someone that someone that wasn't my parents for me at the time sex was just a stress relief something to leave my burden thoughts other than video games and anime that was my only stress relief my only coping mechanism deep down I wanted to die every day I was alive every day I was around my parents it was just another day I wanted to hang myself. My school life wasn't so easy either either I got into fights constantly or I got into arguments however one day in the middle of winter I was approached by a girl who has been the most beautiful thing I've ever seen at the time her eyes ice blue her hair short but blond down to her cheeks beautiful pale skin a slight high-pitched voice but beautiful nevertheless her name was Emma I didn't think nothing much of it at the time however I was very enamored with her beauty.I'd wanted to just be friends and that's how it was for a little bit anyway, the more we talked the more we got to know each other hearing her voice made me happy at the time she held my hand one day,soft as silk her hugs were warm and for some reason made me feel safe even though I didn't tell her anything about my life about the abuse and neglect the beatings the constant suicidal thoughts and attempts. yet somewhere through those ice blue eyes it felt like she knew what I was feeling like she knew what I was going through without even knowing. As the monster passed by it felt like I fully knew her but I didn't I didn't know the demon that looked behind that beautiful face I didn't know that entity wanted me more than I ever imagined, she started sending me letters they were sweet it started off little with how much she appreciates our friendship and would never do anything to tarnish it, I appreciated these letters dearly I never really got mail ever so it was very comforting. However I didn't stop to think about how she got my address let alone my apartment number it completely flew over my head simply because of the comfort of having someone write to me knowing someone out there cared about me. Each time I had a letter sent to me I read it and then burned it immediately in fear that my folks would get into my business and try to find out about her. But she knew more about me than I thought way more than I thought the letters got more strange As Time passed it went from short and sweet to obsessive and Lovesick. I'm surprised actually remember one of the letters but here it is " to my sweet wolf I know what's going on in your life I know more about you than you know about yourself I know the abuser I started hanging out in the back of the building away from people somewhat anyway it kept me away from the thugs for a little bit I would just sit there with my eyes closed wandering in my own thoughts except for that day I heard footsteps quick footsteps I opened my eyes quickly only to see Emma she grabbed me by the shirt slamming me into a wall kissing me deeply however I heard the switch and flick of a blade and then I felt it's cold steel up to my throat her soulless eyes peered into mine as she spoke" what are you doing outside baby? You know it's dangerous out here" I felt the cold steel press up against my throat harder for I didn't say anything to her "WHAT..ARE...YOU..DOING OUTSIDE!?" Tears run down my face as I smiled " waiting for you" she Put The Knife Down holding in her right hand and held me and she told me about my suffering how she's been watching me for the past 3 months before she even had the courage to come up to me. During this talk I stayed silent she sniffed ,my hair licked my neck, smelled my armpit it felt like a wolf marking its hour had passed and before we parted she whispered into my ear "spit in my mouth" she really didn't give me a choice in the matter she opened up the switchblade again and aimed it to my stomach,she opened her beautiful mouth tongue out and everything so I spat in her mouth three times, and then she closed her mouth she's savored every bit of it and gave me a hug after telling me from now on she will meet me at this very spot we parted ways and I went home ignoring the assholes in my life I took a shower ate my food and went to bed and waited for the next day.

The next day happened it was the same shit different day, I walked to school this time usually I would take a bus but I felt like walking however I was late to school that day Emma was waiting for me," I knew you'd be walking to school" she said ' always watching you baby" she took me by the hand walking me to school she didn't talk much, but I won't lie the company was nice, however as we got there she became an entirely different person when she was around her friends, acting like you didn't like me so I just Shrugged it off and said whatever but I have to school it was always after school she came back to me drawn to me. " I'm sorry she said how to make an act in front of my friends you don't like very much at this school" " Tell Me Something I Don't Know" I said in my head I didn't blame her however with my track record anyway violence hitting girls hitting boys almost punching a teacher in the face I was quite the violent type but for a good reason. However over the past couple of days something changed in her dramatically that is for as soon as I started looking for a significant other she didn't like that very much I started to notice that a lot of girls that did like me back to way from me and or ran for me. this happened for a good couple of weeks, that is until the next day at school my name was all over the school bathroom, and the school walls this got me into trouble but I assured them this was not me I may have been a bad student at the time but I surely would never do graffiti. With some luck the principal at the time believed me. This made my home life and even worse living hell even though they knew there was no way I'd be able to afford spray paint I was beaten because of it. This situation alone made me run away from home at least for 2 hours every single time I went out however Emma would always find me always chibi whisper in my ear how much you loved me and how much you wanted to protect me every single time she saw me it was always the switchblade to the throat to ensure I didn't run away she knew I wasn't going to run away she knew she made me feel loved, the day I attempted suicide again and failed I knew she would find me so I ran to her right where she would find me lo and behold I was slammed into this wall again this time the switchblade pressed into my chest she slapped me in the face " no one can kill you no one but me not even yourself I don't care what you're going through You Belong To Me only me the only reason why I don't stop the abuse is because I feed off your suffering it's the only way you can feel me love you the way I do and trust and believe I want to stop it but you're not 18 yet so I can't!" This angered me dearly I shoved her away got on my knees grabbed the hand she had the knife in and started the begging with the knife against my throat " please just end me! end my suffering ! take me away from all this!....I NEED THIS!" She cocked her head to the side dropped on her knees and held me close as she whispered a word in Japanese I didn't know at the time "anata o aishtemasu" she pulled me in for a kiss but then she began wrapping her hands around my throat choking me. (tbc)

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