Romeo, God of Speed

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This was a school project from freshman year ELA, where we began to read the Odyssey. This is my version of a mix between Romeo and Juliet, and the Odyssey. It also has material that I came up with
from other works, such as the new movie Black Panther, the God of War game series, and Greek mythology as a whole.

Romeo, God of Speed


In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,

The 1300’s, passing by like dying flies.

For the course of 19 years,

Romeo had been told he is a Montague.

This is just a name though,

And he refused to listen.

He secretly married his true love,

Who was a Capulet,

Violating his families code.

The Montagues and Capulets,

two very alike and wealthy groups,

Hated each others family,

Since an ancient time,

And at this point, it was unknown why.

After killing her cousin, however,

Romeo was banished to Mantua.

He was wondering around one day, and he found out that his love,

Juliet, had died.

This crushed his spirit, and he wanted to die beside her, so he started planning.

He gathered poison from an apothecary,

And grabbed a crowbar to open her grave.

He began to run back to Verona,

Slowly getting faster and faster.

A cloud of dust began to trail behind him And he looked around and noticed,

All the other people were moving slowly.

He realized it wasn’t them moving slowly,

But it was him moving quickly.

Suddenly, a vortex opened around Romeo,

But he continued running until it closed.

He looked down at his feet,

And saw his feet shooting sparks.

He looked at the world around him,

He was now running on water.

His heart was pounding from his chest,

And his fear was increasing.

He wasn’t in Mantua anymore…


He finally reached land, an island,

And saw some people standing around.

Moving so fast everything seemed frozen,

He scouted the island looking everywhere.

He didn’t find a thing that was unfrozen.

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared,

Sent from the land above,

Shining down in front of Romeo.

A barely dressed man descended,

Flying down the beam of light,

With a seemingly majestic movement.

He landed softly on the ground,

Like a feather landing on a mattress,

Leaving no indent, and without sound,

Without any evidence of being there.

This man moved as fast as Romeo,

And Romeo was relieved he wasn’t alone.

The man spoke in a high tone,

“I am Hermes, messenger of Gods,

Who are you, mortal?”

Romeo quickly replied to him,

As he had never before met a God,

But he knew about them well.

“I am Romeo, son of Montague,”

He replied with a shaky voice.

Hermes agreed to help Romeo,

And teach him how to be in control.

Under Hermes’ guidance,

Romeo thrived.

Twenty years of mortal time had passed, Which, of course, felt like an eternity,

To the two Gods of speed.

He had learned how to disable his speed,

To move by normal pace, how he used to.

And he had even excelled,

His speed now exceeded Hermes.

Through his course of twenty years,

Romeo remained on the island.

He discovered that this island,

The one to which he arrived,

Was that of Circe's, Goddess of magic,

And that it was now about 700 BCE.

He had become best friends with her,

Always being together made them bond.

One day, a ship arrived,

Led by a man, named Odysseus.

Romeo suddenly disappeared,

And Circe was filled with confusion.

She met with Odysseus and fell in love,

Staying with him for two years.

He then set off to head home,

And she tried to help him,

Advising him what actions to make.

Through this time, Romeo was gone,

Vanished as if never having been there.


Romeo opened his eyes,

And found himself surrounded.

Before him stood 11 towering people,

Ones he had never seen before.

They introduced themselves,

As 11 of the 12 Olympians.

One was missing,

And that one was Hermes.

He asked where he was,

Zeus, himself, responded,

They had sent Hermes on a trip.

It became clear to them,

Romeo was the superior of them.

So they told Romeo what he needed to do.

He would kill Hermes,

And earn his place on Mount Olympus,

Attaining the rank of messenger of Gods.


This would be Romeo’s toughest task,

As killing one’s teacher isn’t easy.

However, with the other gods,

The task wouldn’t be as tricky.

Hermes, being the trickster he is,

Had been rude to the other Olympians,

And his actions angered them.

His tricks were too much,

And the Gods couldn’t take it anymore.


Athena, and all her wisdom,

Gave Romeo the knowledge of his weak,

And slightly pathetic,

Nature when it came to tasks

Hephaestus, the blacksmith god,

Forged Romeo a mighty sword.

This sword was to store kinetic energy,

Generated from Romeo’s movement,

Allowing for him to release it,

Leaving much more force behind it.

The sword swung easy,

Yet it hit with great power,

It was the perfect weapon.

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt,

Gifted Romeo a magic dart,

To which would even effect a God,

And render them to a new state,

Like the feeling of being drunk,

Disorienting whoever is stung.

From Zeus, king of Gods,

He received the greatest gift.

A new set of battle gear,

Laced with gold on each side,

Light, faded blue in color.

It was the perfect coat,

For it channeled the kinetic energy,

Produced by Romeo’s running,

And allowed for him to form a field,

A field of lightning around him as he ran.


Excited to try out his new tools,

Was still cautious about Hermes.

As, Hermes, had been his teacher,

Instructing him for years,

Allowing for him to excel.

Romeo would not have been the same,

If it had not been for Hermes.

This, true as it may be,

Didn’t stop Romeo.


3 days passed, and he was ready,

His murder of Hermes,

As good as it may be,

Would still haunt Romeo for years.

Hermes arrived back at Olympus,

With news of a hubris filled man.

He went into the palace room,

And found it to be completely empty.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain,

It pierced him in the back of the neck,

Like a mosquito bite,

It didn’t feel like much,

But its effect after was excruciating.

He felt suddenly dizzy,

And the dart,

To which Artemis created,

Was effecting Hermes greatly.

His vision was blurred,

and he began to wobble.

He lost his sense of reality.

He began to see white, flashing streaks,

Whirling around him in the room,

And he believed he was hallucinating.

But as his vision began to clear,

He saw a human figure,

Leading the streak,

And many sudden flashes of light,

Engulfing the figure.


This streak, was Romeo,

Running faster than ever,

Ran back and forth before Hermes.

Hermes stepped back in confusion,

Without a clue what Romeo was doing.

He said aloud, “You, Romeo,

Will never beat me,

And you will never be more than a pest.

Romeo, surpassing his own limits,

Ran faster than even light,

Much faster than Hermes.

Hermes saw his creation excelling,

And knew what fate was to come.

He knew it was either him,

Or his disciple that had to die.


Hermes wasn’t ready to go yet.

He lunged at Romeo,

Still running back and forth,

But he easily dodged it,

And began to circle Hermes.

Hermes, still confused of Romeo’s plan,

Began randomly swinging at the blurr.

But suddenly, Romeo disappeared,

Hermes’ confusion spiked,

And he had no clue what happened.

He took a step forward,

Felt the wind moving before him,

And saw a tiny streak of light.

His jaw drops as he came to realize,

Romeo never disappeared,

He ran so fast that Hermes,

The quickest of the Gods,

Could no longer see him,

Nor keep up with him.

Hermes’ heartbeat heightened,

And fear engulfed him.

He  knew that day was the day,

He was going to die.

Suddenly, a fierce pain was felt,

Straight through his heart.

Romeo had been getting ready,

Slowly building up his kinetic energy,

To increase the power of his strike.

Romeo seemed to teleport,

One foot away from Hermes,

Standing in front of him silently.

Hermes, mouth wide open,

Stared into Romeo’s eyes.

Blood slowly started dripping,

One spot oozing from his mouth,

And the other falling from the wound,

Right where Romeo impaled him.

Romeo, standing with his sword holstered,

Smiled at his dying master,

And he said, “Thank you,

But you can’t tell me who to be.”

Blood ran down the sides of the blade,

And Hermes dropped down to his knees.

Hermes began to wobble,

And he rocked back and forth.

He planted himself flat on the ground,

And his breathing faded,

Until his breathing suddenly stopped.

He had no more heartbeat,

No more fear within him,

Only death, as his soul faded away.

His entire body turned to ash,

And the wind blew once more,

Blowing his disintegrated corpse,

Now blackened and unGodly,

Into the forgotten distance.


Romeo returned to Mount Olympus,

The great peak of it,

To which the Olympians call home.

He ran up the side of it,

He heard a loud bang,

He easily broke the sound barrier,

Even while he was lightly jogging.

The palace lights shone bright,

He ran through the clouds,

And at the peak stood a staircase.

He climbed to the top, and peered down,

He could see everything,

All at once,

All life, and all death,

It was a marvelous sight.

He turned back and continued climbing,

Eventually reaching the top,

In front of him was a great door,

It was ten times his size,

Laced in gold and jewels.

It opened automatically,

As if by witchcraft,

And he entered.

Once again, he saw the 11 Olympians,

Towering above him,

Like crickets to ants,

They were gigantic in his eyes.

They sat on their giant thrones,

Each dressed differently,

Some well armored,

Others barely clothed,

One woman, Aphrodite,

Beautiful beyond compare,

Sat staring at him,

With no clothing on,

Except for a tiny white scarf material.


He earned great thanks from the Gods.

As a reward for defeating Hermes,

They granted Romeo immortality,

And, most importantly, a new title.

Romeo was to forever be known as,

The God of Speed,

A very prestigious honor,

As he was the first human,

Trained by a God,

To become a God Himself.

Romeo then took his place,

On the 12th throne of Olympus,

Not knowing what his future held.


Romeo lived on,

For six million years,

As the God of Speed,

Throughout which he had much success.

He was able to defeat Cronus,

The father of the Gods,

After he had escaped Tartarus,

Where Zeus had imprisoned him.

Cronus escaped and attempted,

With great failure against Romeo,

To seek revenge on the Gods.

Romeo easily climbed the titan,
And drove his sword into him,

Slaying him once and for all.

He also defeated Kratos,

A mortal Ares put under his wing,

Kratos had become too powerful,

And his heart was impure.

Romeo defended his throne,

And defended the others,

He was the perfect creation.


His power, unlike the other Gods,

Grew with each passing second.

His speed reached new bounds,

And he soon easily surpassed all.

He was the most powerful of Gods,

Striking fear to the core of Olympus.

Each of the Olympians found it,

A new found fear of Romeo,

This fear forced them to stay away,

And they had another council,

All eleven of them met in secrecy.

Upon Mount Olympus,

The palace doors were locked,

And not a thing could be heard,

Out of their fear of Romeo.

They were afraid that if he heard,

They would surely die like Hermes.

After hours of decision making,

Many natural disasters,

And much yelling,

They concluded that Romeo needed to die.

Zeus Himself said he would carry it out,

However difficult the task may be,

Because he was the most powerful.

Zeus had always liked Romeo,

And was saddened when he decided to,

He wanted to say his goodbye.

However, from all the disaster,

Romeo knew something was happening,

And he went to Olympus,

And vibrated his molecules so fast,

Beyond anything the Gods could see,

And made Himself invisible to the Gods,

As he heard their argument.

Romeo did not like what he heard,

He made his decision,

They would be the ones to die.

So, while he stood inside of Olympus,

With all of the other gods,

Seeming to be frozen in time,

He drew his blade.

The blade Hephaestus made,

Gifting it to Him for Hermes,

But now to return it,

Back to the Gods,

But not quite in the same way.

He sped around the room,

And slowly killed each of the Gods.

He went to each of them,

Slicing their heads all clean off,

With each of them giving no resistance,

And no way to fight back.

He reached Zeus,

The king of Gods,

And made a show of it.

He stabbed the sword through his heart,

And stabbed it into the ground,

Spiking him to it.

He left him there,

Blood oozing from his chest,

Arms and legs hanging down,

Nothing but death surrounded the Gods.

Just like Hermes,

Each of the Gods became burned,

And turned to ash.

The wind blew once more,

And once again, they blew away,

Disappearing without trace.

With the death of the Olympians, however,

The Earth began to shake.


The planet was engulfed in storms,

Lightning hit every second,

A tidal wave every five,

All of Earth was in chaos.

Giant cracks formed through the crust,

Light shone from the Underworld,

And the mortals were sucked down,

Everyone dying, many screams,

The world itself was about to die.

There was no hope for humanity,

Romeo sat for hours,

Thinking of what he must do.

Then, he remembered something,

Something that happened a long time ago.

Circe, upon them first meeting,

Had told Him,

“When all life itself seems lost,

You will have the power to save it.

And when all hope seems lost,

Run! Run Romeo, run!”

He realized what she meant,

He first thought she meant,

A cowardly act,

To run away.

But he realized the truth,

It wasn’t to run away,

It was to run to the threat,

Right into it.


He ran, and he ran,

His feet moved perfectly,

One immediately after the other,

Easily surpassing all speeds.

He began to see streams of light,

All around Him, in a straight pattern,

Of all different colors.

The beams seemed like stars,

Shooting past Him in groups,

Soaring unbelievably fast.

The ground beneath Him,

And the Earth itself,

Became engulfed in scarlet,

Heat emerged from each corner,

Burning hotter than the sun.

The ground separated,

It started flying away from the core,

The Earth was exploding.

Then, it disappeared,

And all that was left was a vortex,

Covered in shooting stars,

Colorfully blasting behind him.

It was just like the one from before,

From when Romeo had run,

Trying to get back from Mantua,

And ended up traveling back in time.

It had been over six million years,

Since the last time he saw it,

But he still recognized it,

It stuck to his mind,

Burned there like a brand.

Romeo kept on running,

Until he could see the grass again,

And he halted to a stop.

He looked around,

All he could see was a ten year old boy,

And a grand palace in the background.


He went to the boy, and found his name,

It was Odysseus,

The man of hubris from the island.

Romeo saw how innocent he was,

How childish, and knew the truth,

Odysseus would become powerful.

But, for him to achieve this,

God like power,

He would need aid.

Romeo would take him under his wing,

And Odysseus would be trained,

To fight like a God,

By a God that no longer existed.

Romeo realized this,

He erased the timeline,

The one where he became a God,

Meaning he was unheard of,

But, he still had his training,

And his abilities.

Odysseus had no clue who he was,

For Romeo was a God, but not,

And he was not supposed to be there.

After all, it was only 700 BCE,

And he was from 1300 CE.

He found him to be similar,

He was just like Romeo was,

When Hermes met him,

To help him control his powers.

He could see the great skill,

Hidden away, within the boy,

And it would be his job,

To become his teacher.

He trained Odysseus for ten years,

Being trained by a god,

A very prestigious honor,

Transformed him into a powerful warrior.

He trained day and night,

With little rest and breaks.

He became as knowledgeable as Athena,

Able to strategize at a moments notice,

And able to outsmart his enemies.

He became as powerful as Ares,

The great God of war,

And could strike down his enemies,

With precision and ease.

He could not be bested,

And he was always victorious,

Able to beat the most powerful.

However powerful he became,

His hubris went up,

And his pride for being taught,

By a God,

Made him overestimate his skill.

Romeo saw this, and knew,

He was the thing that made him,

However hard he tried not to,

The way he was on Circe’s island.

He would be able to help,

To solve some of Odysseus’ problems,

Even before they arose,

And with the help of Romeo,

Odysseus would never err.


Romeo remembered something,

Something he long since forgotten.

He remembered his love,

He remembered his Juliet,

To which he had been without,

For over six million years.

His heart mourned her,

And his entire body,

Including his heart and mind,

Ached at the loneliness he was in.

His true love was taken away from him,

And he wanted nothing more,

Than to return to her,

Where he could die beside her.

He told Odysseus,

His new best friend,

He would be leaving,

But not before advising him.

Romeo told Odysseus what he learned,

“Never let anyone,

Even the Gods,

Tell you what you can’t do.

You can do anything,

As long as your heart is in the right place.”

Then Romeo once again vanished,

Through the time vortex for a third time,

He ran and ran,

Faster than anyone could see or imagine,

And within no time,

Saw the ground again.


Again Romeo was back on Circe’s island.

But this time, Odysseus was arriving,

And the Gods,

Having never heard of Romeo,

Did not call for him.

As the time line he lived,

And the one he trained with Hermes,

Was erased from existence,

And though he remained a God,

His title and life,

Never happened to anyone but him.

However, a different God knew him.

A large man, introduced as Chronus,

Began to approach Romeo.

He spoke to Romeo,

“You are not permitted,

To fool around with time,

I am the God of time,

And you will pay,

For all the changes you’ve made!”

Then the man vanished.

Romeo went to Odysseus,

Not thinking about what occurred,

And not being wary of his warning.

He revealed Himself as his old teacher,

The one that helped him,

From a young age,

And turned him into a warrior.

Romeo asked for his help once more,

And to ask no questions,

Because it would be easier for him.

He took Odysseus with Him,

As he ran through the time vortex,

Once again leaving Circe’s island.


Romeo ceased his running,

And Odysseus was wobbling around.

He was completely disoriented,

And had no idea where he was.

Romeo discovered they were,

Just outside of a building,

The Capulet crypt,

The location of Juliet’s body.

He said to Odysseus,

In a stern manor,

Threatening to break most,

If not all,

Of the bones in his body,

If he were to say anything,

To anyone,

About what was happening.

“If anyone asks,

Your name is Balthazar,

A friend of mine.

Just know, Odysseus,

You are my best friend,

And it has been my pleasure.”

Romeo then granted Odysseus his power,

Only temporarily,

And only a portion,

So that he could return to his time,

Through the time vortex,

Through which he arrived.

Odysseus felt a surge of power,

Like nothing from before,

He felt the power,

The power of Gods,

For himself.

It was like lightning,

Thousands of volts coursing,

All throughout his body.

He could feel his arms tingling,

And his heart pounding,

And had no clue how to control,

His newly gifted power.

Romeo told him,

“All you need to do is run,

Just the way that we came.

Focus on where you were,

Back on that island,

Back in you time,

And return to it,

Do not think about anything else,

Only that.

I have only granted you enough power,

For one trip,

So make it count.”

Then, Romeo entered the crypt.



While Romeo returned to his time,

The God he met before,

Chronus, angered by Romeo,

For messing with time,

As much as he wished,

Was being very mischievous.

He traveled centuries before,

Before Romeo was born,

And disguised himself to be,

The great Lord Capulet himself,

And slayed Lord Montague's,

Very aged and very frail,

Wife, that he loved so much.

She died in front of him,

Causing Montague to hate him,

The Capulet family name,

Forever stained in blood,

As Montague slayed,

The very beautiful,

Lady Capulet.

Wife of the true Lord Capulet,

Causing an age old feud,

That would continue for centuries,

Eventually to Romeo’s time,

Where the feud would cause Him,

To lose the one he loves,

And not be able to be with her.


Inside the crypt, he found Paris,

Juliet’s arranged suitor,

He was more than thrice her age,

And was mourning her death,

As he was meant to be wed her,

On that day,

Unaware that she was married to Romeo.

He had no idea why Romeo was there,

Since Romeo had killed Tybalt,

A high ranking Capulet,

And Juliet’s cousin,

He would try to slay Romeo.

Romeo, with his Godly power,

Able to move so fast Paris seemed,

Alike solid molecules to gas molecules,

To freeze in place.

He easily defeated Paris,

He didn’t break a sweat,

Or shed a drop of blood.

His hand vibrated so fast,

That it phased through Paris’ heart,

Causing no blood shed,

But stopping the beating of it,

Quickly putting Paris close to death.

Lying on the floor in agony,

He cried out to tell Romeo,

He was Chronus,

God of time,

That had consulted Romeo before,

And Romeo ignored his warning,

Telling Romeo, he would pay.

Chronus had tried to marry Juliet,

The woman Romeo loved,

Taking her from him.

And his arranged marriage to her,

As twisted as it was,

Was to kill the lovers,

As knowing that she would be wed,

To a man while her husband was gone,

Could not be a burden placed on Juliet.

She took a poison,

Rendering her dead,

To avoid marrying Paris,

Consequently leading Romeo to die.

Chronus, being the speed of humans,

Was too slow to beat Romeo,

Yet he still succeeded,

Romeo and Juliet were still,

As he had planned,

Going to lie before him dead.

Not only did he start the feud,

Preventing the two from being together,

But it in the end also lead to their deaths.

This was his masterpiece of a plan.


Romeo, upon seeing Juliet,

Took a magic poison,

Capable of killing even a God.

It was a concentration,

Several times more powerful,

And taking effect much faster.

Though only disorienting Hermes,

The poison, now more powerful,

Would be the death of the Speed God.

He began to fade, and thought,

How great it was he had become a God,

He had surpassed his own limits,

Countless numbers of times,

And he alone, told himself he could be,

Anything he wanted to be.


Odysseus, after being questioned,

Later returned to his time,

Running through the time vortex,

Arriving less disoriented than before,

And losing his speed powers.

He was back on Circe’s island,

At the exact time he left,

As if nothing ever happened.


Romeo, the God of speed,

Faded away, having never existed,

Erasing the time from which he did,

Only to be remembered,

As Odysseus’ teacher,

And best friend.


-Dylan Matthews, Creator of Gods


Submitted: April 04, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Kaizar. All rights reserved.

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