DragonBall GC volume 3 (Planet Pouch?)

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Sorry I have been on hiatus. I will continue the journey and even a mock series if it becomes as popular as Volume 3. Please remember I am always open to comments and suggestions because you're
opinion matters a lot to me. I wouldn't continue this series without the support of you and the community.

Goku moves his arms and bends his legs in haste. With an aroused smirk Goku began “You must be strong, to pick a fight with us.” “You look more like a sideline type of fighter, like Krillin.” Goku pulls back with his arms in position. “Let’s see how you handle this one,” Goku sends bits of aura into the sky and teleports behind Dr. Aang before throwing a blast as big as ever. King Kai screams “GOKU!” Almost simultaneously. Dr. Aang swiftly teleports next to Goku right before Goku’s Kamehameha blew the top of King Kai’s planet into pieces. “Oops,” Goku exclaims right before he is sent flying from a swift punch by Dr. Aang. Goku hits his head on a planet not to far away from King Kai’s. Goku stares at King Kai’s planet in confusion before passing out. “Dammit Kakkarot,” Vegeta angered took a punch in the air. “If I had that move I’d put it to use,” Vegeta continued “I’d be there saving our tails.” Vegeta lost connection with King Kai and for the first time in a while, Vegeta felt weak. King Kai’s planet was gone and so were many planets around it. But there was no trace of destruction. So how could the planets be disappearing on their own? Piccolo nodded to a sound of emptiness. “ He might be a Planet Poacher, so if he has nothing to do with us it’s better to leave him alone.” Vegeta clenched his fist and screamed in anger “ You can’t tell me you don’t want to finish this guy off.” Vegeta stared at his clenched hand. Piccolo continues “ what worries me is who’s he selling too.” “ Who would want to have to deal with owning a planet.” Piccolo continues “ unless they don’t want the planet but what’s in it.” “Do you think Kakkarot really died with one punch.” Piccolo hesitated and went back to his meditation. Vegeta laughs and ends with a smirk. “ It’s finally my turn to show what I got.” Vegeta finds a way to train, every minute counts if you want to be the best. (MeanWhile): “ Perfect, I will be unstoppable once I get through the first batch of planets.” Cell pays Dr.Aag in rare space ore. “But I would pay even more if you got me one with life forms on them.” Dr.Aag smiles in satisfaction and goes on with his search for planets. Next stop earth! Dr.Aang has smooth flying until something abruptly bumps into him. That thing didn’t hesitate to scream “ouch.” But that thing was Goku at it again but this time he was prepared. Dr.Aang blows ki blast at incredible speeds before Goku transforms and goes for the direct hit. The depth of Goku’s strength wasn’t much. Dr.Aang had done things like this in many universes and has met people undoubtedly stronger than Goku. But Goku was still yet to show his full potential. He still believes he could beat him without going Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. It was a fight of muscle when it came down to their clashes. A jab tearing Goku’s skin and a kick right back at Dr.Aang making an incredible noise. But Goku can’t leave the atmosphere of the planet he’s on. He would have to use more than half of his strength to do that. This would be the moment Goku would finish Dr.Aang off.

Goku bangs his fist at the tip of Aang’s elbow. Dr.Aang reached for a pouch tied to his side. He chuckled and threw it over Goku as Goku struggled to get out. Dr.Aang tied the expanding pouch while Goku seemed to get swallowed up by the pouch. The pouch shrank slowly. Goku lost… “but how.” Things seem to be getting worse for Goku, as his energy slowly leaves him Goku doesn’t even have the energy to transform beyond a Super Saiyan. Goku Punches around until lights turned on. Was he still in the bag? “Who said that,” Goku yelled across the room colored the same color as the bag. A little robot with a hazmat mask for a face scribbled with his pencil. The robot turned around and said, “I can help you escape but you have to do one thing for me.” “You have to- Where is Goku? When will we get some Vegeta action? Who is the robot looking thing with a pencil? Find out next time on Dragon Ball GC.

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