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There was a magical butterfly. Who lay their eggs in fairy land?


Once upon a time there was a magical butterfly that enters into the world of fairy land secretly.   No any creature from earth was allowed to enter in fairy land.

In the fairy land there were many secret place for hiding. So the magical butterfly enters into fairy land because to lay their eggs.

The magical butterfly supposes to lay their eggs in jungle of earth but there was a problem. Because of her magical power they had to lay their eggs in fairy land.

Their eggs were small. First larva then there was growth in stages of butterfly eggs. At last stage it was caterpillars then the four baby magical butterfly.

In the fairy land it lives many naughty dwarfs. So one day one naughty dwarf kidnapped the two magical butterflies in the net. For they were flying openly.  And dwarf kidnapped and put them in box to die.

So magical lady butterfly goes for help to fairy. Lady  butterfly  told whole matter before fairy. So fairy asked ,” How you enters into the fairy land?" Then lady butterfly told she is magical so she has to lay her eggs in fairy land. So fairy understood the matter. And she goes before the dwarf to leave the two baby butterflies. And the butterflies were freed.

Then the leaved the fairy land. And lives with the nature goddess in jungle.


Submitted: April 05, 2018

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