yandere lust

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This contain the scene of violence Gore and the yandere the premise is a very bad end

Submitted: April 04, 2018

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Submitted: April 04, 2018



Smoking this cigar I stand over this woman's body her eyes are filled with tears as I place my foot on her throat and slowly Place weight upon her slowly crushing her throat, letting a few moments pass our body starts to convulse and I let go letting her gasp for air I kneel down taking burning cherry of my cigar putting it out into her eye. Her screams are that it's sweet violin music echoing throughout this room her cries for mercy are without Merit. I then began to kick her furiously with my combat boots in the ribs she covers her face and body her tears are delightful as I hear the crack of one of her ribs she gasps for air but I'm not done yet oh I'm far from it. I get on top of her and sit on her chest with my knees pinning her arms to the ground with all my might I start punching her in the mouth feeling the bone blood and sinew against my fists it wasn't nothing but pure Bliss feeling a couple of her teeth knock out to the floor her mouth gurgling with blood made my body tremble with lust as I let her choke on it I want this victim to see me only me for her eyes are filled with fear and Desperation pulling up my pocket knife I stabbed her several times in the chest purposely missing the heart her shirt is soaked in blood, I want to see the life fade from her eyes so I place my hands around her throat and squeeze hard choking her as hard as I can as blood splatters all over my face from her coughing up blood I taste it as I smile the copper taste is like nothing I ever felt before in my life her eyes dilating with fear as I squeeze harder and harder I can see the light her eyes fading I start to laugh madly her body goes limp I squeezed harder moment longer and then check her pulse she's beautifully dead as I cradle her body I stare into her cold dead eyes giving her a kiss. They say the brain has 10 minutes of life left after the body dies I whisper in her ear if I can't have you then no one shall.

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