Day Versus Romantic Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The day swelteringly blazed in the tyranny of
unrelentingly acrimonious heat; disdainfully simmering
with abominably intolerable harshness,
While an unfathomable pearl of majestic enchantment;
was the entrenchment of the fabulously titillating and
frosty night.

The day relentlessly scorched even the most minuscule
of entity that came in the trajectory of its vicious
swirl; charring blissful angels into a pool of
unbearably smoldering perspiration,
While a resplendently melodious festoon of enigmatic
voices; was the fabric of the sensuously enamoring and
voluptuous night.

The day hideously burnt fathomless islands of
poignantly nubile skin; invidiously tanning even the
most impeccably scintillating patches of princely white,
While a maelstrom of unendingly romantic titillation;
a world of eternally tranquil freedom; was the
bedsheet of the miraculously everlasting night.

The day propelled insanely ominous abuse; as the
unsparing heat of the ferociously truculent Sun
brutally asphyxiated priceless reserves of liquid from
the; pathetically staggering body,
While a garland of profoundly heartwarming
graciousness; seductively placating the thirst of one
and all handsomely alike; was the ravishingly queenly
aroma of the marvelously embellished night.

The day was horrendously indescribable; with the
mercury soaring literally out of the thermometer;
barbarically torching boundless kilometers of celestial
land and atmosphere,
While an unsurpassable stream of tantalizing
effervescence; was the wave of the ebulliently dancing
and charismatic night.

The day was ungainly traumatic; with diabolical chains
of gorily boiling heat diabolically jeopardizing the
lives of all those innocuously harmonious,
While a gloriously bountiful cushion of amiable
togetherness; a cistern of spell binding empathy; was
the profusely compassionate inferno of the regale

The day was a stagnantly debilitating pond of sordid
perspiration; as every organism on this planet
inevitably broke into despicable sweat; under the
blistering cauldron of ever-augmenting heat,
While a nimbly obeisant salutation to the Almighty
Lord; an incantation of fascinating timelessness; was
the effusively chirping garden of the vivaciously
phlegmatic night.

The day was an unavoidable nightmare that every entity
on this colossal Universe had to live through;
manipulatively struggling amidst the hostile horde of
bloodsucking wolves to earn their quintessential livelihood,
While a ubiquitous ocean of philanthropic brotherhood;
a magical river in which all uninhibitedly melanged
irrespective of caste; creed or spurious color; was
the mesmerizing intoxication of the wonderfully
moonlit night.

And a derogatorily devilish betrayer was the
unprecedentedly flaming day; insidiously snapping even
the most celestial of relationships; as lambasting
heat triggered tempers to disconcertingly flare,
While an unassailably grandiloquent smile of
friendship; an immortally unshakable bond of divine
love; a harbinger of peace and serenely humanitarian
friendship; was the invincible sky of the gorgeously
heavenly night.

Submitted: April 05, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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