Delinquent Loneliness

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The most treacherously ungainly manipulation miserably dithered to perturb me; as I unflinchingly marched on the path of blazingly scintillating righteousness,
But what was killing me more than horrific death every unfurling instant; was the amorphously devilish dungeon of; remorseful loneliness.

The most murderously bizarre conventionalism horrendously staggered to dent me even an infinitesimal trifle; as I fulminated into a gloriously embellished festoon of unhindered  creativity,
But what was killing me more than cadaverous death every passing instant; was the truculently abhorrent corpse of; dastardly loneliness.

The most salaciously perverted of lunatics grotesquely failed to taint my conscience even a diminutive speck; as I eternally supported the cause of immortally fantastic truth till the very last breath of my impoverished life,
But what was killing me more than asphyxiating death every unleashing instant; was the barbarously coldblooded parasite of; lethal loneliness.

The most domineeringly chauvinistic egoists pathetically stuttered in trying to make me a quintessential part of their group; as I sat on the leaf of nature's pristine vivaciousness for centuries immemorial,
But what was killing me more than crippling death every unfurling instant; was the egregiously bloodsucking leech of; satanic loneliness.

The most tawdrily titillating of vixens devastatingly staggered in trying to invidiously infiltrate my virginity; as I dedicated even the most fugacious moment of my destitute life; to the service of philanthropically resplendent mankind,
But what was killing me more than traumatic death every instant; was the lecherously venomous thorn of; simpering loneliness.

The most ominously macabre traitors endlessly lost in insidiously trying to purchase the unfathomably puristic sanctity of my soul; as I timelessly galloped in through the lanes of unconquerably brilliant righteousness,
But what was killing me more than irascible death every unraveling instant; was the sadistically truculent fog of; vindictive loneliness.

The most morbidly disparaging tricksters preposterously fumbled in fooling my innovatively discerning senses; as I victoriously clambered to the pinnacle of benevolently enlightening success; all throughout the chapters of my vibrantly eclectic life,
But what was killing me more than decrepit death every advancing instant; was the mordantly discordant voice of; bellicose loneliness.

The most hedonistically sultry betrayal disappeared into wisps of decaying oblivion; as it tried to sleazily perpetuate into my ecstatically spell binding aura of compassionate vividness,
But what was killing me more than pernicious death; was the pruriently prattling scarecrow of; deteriorating loneliness.

And the most ignominiously diabolical extinction inconsolably wailed; as it gruesomely decimated in front of my spirit of insatiably untamed and sensuously exhilarating adventure,
But what was killing me more than savage death; was the acrimoniously incarcerating prison of; delinquent loneliness.

Submitted: April 05, 2018

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