Destined To Love

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Perhaps he was destined to relentlessly swim in the poignantly tangy oceans; tirelessly wading across the unsurpassably stormy waves all sweltering day and resplendently star studded night,
While perhaps she was destined to laze like a princess on the surreally untamed mountaintop; with the mystical entrenchment of clouds majestically tantalizing every iota of her voluptuously nubile skin.

Perhaps he was destined to trespass on a battalion of indiscriminately satanic thorns; unrelentingly oozing into an ocean of ghastly blood; more rampantly as the instants unfurled into wholesome minutes,
While perhaps she was destined to blend with the fragrance of heavenly goodness all her life; coalescing even the most infinitesimal iota of her regale countenance; with the winds of unbelievably benevolent tranquility.

Perhaps he was destined to guzzle preposterously ominous venom; incarcerating every ingredient of his immaculate blood with the coffins of horrifically
asphyxiating torture,
While perhaps she was destined to float in the aisles of unparalleled desire for infinite more births yet to unveil; coalescing every element of her vivacious life with the stupendously ingratiating melody of this enchanting planet.

Perhaps he was destined to abominably rot in the dungeons of condemnation; with every entity trespassing him; rebukingly whipping his nimble body with swords of diabolical exasperation,
While perhaps she was destined to timelessly philander on unfathomable meadows of pure silk; uninhibitedly freeing each of her impeccable senses to perennially bond with the divine.

Perhaps he was destined to transgress through only disastrously gory impediments every unleashing second of his life; sardonically bearing the brunt of the conventionally turgid and ruthless society,
While perhaps she was destined to embrace the waves of irrefutably invincible triumph since the moment she opened her celestial eyes; wonderfully assimilating
all spellbinding righteousness lingering in the magical atmosphere.

Perhaps he was destined to deplorably loiter in dolorously fetid lavatories of baseless lies; exploding into a graveyard of licentious manipulation even as he was about to exhale his very last breath,
While perhaps she was destined to be the ultimate harbinger of eternally sacrosanct truth; propagate the unconquerable essence of symbiotic humanity; to even
the most obsolete cranny of this limitless planet.

Perhaps he was destined to be uxoriously torched into realms of worthless extinction; indefatigably be pulverized by the truculent maelstrom of treacherously trampling demons,
While perhaps she was destined to replenish even the most inconspicuous speck of her soul; with the unendingly eclectic artistry of this gigantically exuberant earth.

Perhaps he was destined to taste meaninglessly atrocious dust and stone; even before he could tread a single step; even before he could execute the most mercurial puff of his disdainfully staggering breath,
While perhaps she was destined to unveil into a fabulous festoon of boundlessly beautiful colors; romance in the sensuously fathomless entrenchment of enigmatic life; for times immemorial.

Perhaps he was destined to unsparingly burn under the ferociously blazing inferno of debilitatingly persevering summer; having to climb mountains as Herculean as the Omnipotent Sun; for moistening his lips with even a single droplet of water,
While perhaps she was destined to ebulliently frolic in the lanes of heavenly mischievousness; leading each moment of her blessed life like an ecstatically newborn princess.

But one thing was unassailably; one thing was what even the Omniscient grace of the Almighty Lord couldn't ever deny,
That they were both destined to immortally love; marvelously bonding the rhythm of their compassionately throbbing hearts; with the beats of impregnable existence; with the spirit of everlasting living kind.

Submitted: April 05, 2018

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