In the bizarre wilderness of the relentlessly dense forests; I intransigently felt as if I was being profoundly devoured; in a world of unending mysticism and uninhibited enigma,

In the dolorously dooming graveyard; I incessantly felt as if I was being morbidly devoured; in whirlpools of remorsefully disastrous depression,

In the heart of the resplendently ravishing ocean; I euphorically felt as I was being tanigly devoured; by unfathomable spurts of frosty exuberance,

In the satiny cover of the opalescently majestic night; I tranquilly felt as if I was being ebulliently devoured; by impregnably enamoring and fabulously fascinating peace,

In the unsurpassably redolent garden of gorgeously scarlet roses; I enchantingly felt as if I was being fragrantly devoured; by insurmountable fireballs of royal scent,

In the monotonously manipulative domains of the corporate office; I unrelentingly felt as if I was being malevolently devoured; by endless waves of horrendously stagnating boredom,

In the entrenchment of discerningly scintillating mirrors; I optimistically felt as if I was being candidly devoured; by the innermost voices of my righteously entrapped conscience,

In the ghastly pool of horrifically diabolical crocodiles; I insidiously felt as if I was being salaciously devoured; by gruesomely acrimonious savagery,

In the panoramic kaleidoscope of the gorgeously blooming gorge; I timelessly felt as if I was being bountifully devoured; by a whole new civilization of astounding newness,

In the impeccably bustling kindergarten of new born infants; I rhapsodically felt as if I was being blissfully devoured; by incomprehensibly compassionate tornado's; of magnificently divine energy,

In the branches of the inscrutably rustling tree; I intriguingly felt as if I was being profusely devoured; by seductively tantalizing carpets of perennially escalating desire,

In the flames of the unremittingly blazing fire; I dynamically felt as if I was being ardently devoured; by flames of eternally fathomless passion,

In the wings of the overwhelmingly zipping aircraft; I ecstatically felt as if I was being spell bindingly devoured; by a majestically volatile fervor to gallop resurgently;  throughout the tenure of my diminutively impoverished life,

In the light of the tantalizingly flickering candle; I ardently felt as if I was being uxoriously devoured; by cisterns of intimately infidel electricity; clinging fanatically close to the visage of my blossoming dreamgirl,

In the disdainfully abominable pigs hutch; I abhorrently felt as if I was being devastatingly devoured; by sordidly forlorn filth and rotting piles of worthless nothingness,

In the land of poetically celestial justice; I romantically felt as if I was being fascinatingly devoured; by limitless caverns of harmoniously tingling contentment; an insatiably philanthropic desire to wholesomely blend with the threads of priceless humanity,

In the midst of the vivaciously gregarious rainbow; I magically felt as I was being splendidly devoured; by holistically iridescent beams of voluptuous innovation; as sparkling hurricanes of fresh energy enveloped each cranny of my; beleaguered countenance,

In the boundless fountain of mesmerizing breath; I Omnisciently felt as I was being miraculously devoured; by infinite more blessed lives; of my very own amiable kind,

And in the unassailably vivid eyes of my ravishing beloved; I immortally felt as I was being beautifully devoured; by the Sun of unequivocally bequeathing love; the rays of a perpetually everlasting relationship; which vehemently refused to die.

Submitted: April 05, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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