Do You Want To Know?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Do you want to know why your lips had a smile; coyly blushed as the sky blended wholesomely with the color of the moon?
Ask the passion that fulminated from my countenance; wanting to profusely encapsulate them in the swirl of agnetic desire.

Do you want to know why your eyes twinkled violently; casting an impregnable spell on every object; they lay their impeccable sight on?
Ask the rays of unprecedented desire that infiltrated from all directions into my blood; making me posses you more than the breath I lived.

Do you want to know why your shadow stretched till times beyond eternity; slithering wildly towards the realms of absolute submission?
Ask the tunes of tumultuous agony which emanated from my soul; wanting to bond with your spirit for times immemorial.

Do you want to know why your tongue felt insatiably thirsty; even after consuming fathomless droplets from the spell binding river?
Ask the overwhelming blanket of sensuousness that profoundly enveloped my flesh; desiring to caress you for centuries unsurpassable; even after the planet had
come to an abrupt standstill.

Do you want to know why your hair swished in torrential fury; even though there wasn't the most inconspicuous iota of wind in the placidly frigid atmosphere?
Ask the rubicund mellow that insurmountably entrenched my palms; wanting to coalesce with each of your ravishing senses; till there seemed no difference between the royal night; and the austerely sweltering day.

Do you want to know why your feet trespassed unrelentingly on land; ; even when the most invincible of stalwarts had faded into remotely diminutive wisps of dilapidated oblivion?
Ask the compassionate whirlwind which swept through my veins; drawing each contour of your visage inevitably towards my famished demeanor.

Do you want to know why your mind fantasized relentlessly above the land of incomprehensible infinity; drowning in all the mesmerizing beauty that
constituted the surface of this wonderful planet?
Ask the dream that perpetually encompassed my persona even under brilliantly flaming rays of the Sun; igniting fireballs of longing in each molecule of doom
that lingered in the air.

Do you want to know why your nostrils breathed fountains of alluring fire; seeming alive as the most possessive of entities on the carpet of voluptuously chocolate brown soil?
Ask the tremors of unconquerable mystique that arose from my eyelashes; wanting to incarcerate every cranny of your body in the avalanche of bountiful excitement.

And do you want to know why your heart palpitated more vociferously than the entire Universe; even after you had relinquished your last trace of tangible breath?
Ask the boundless love that hovered intransigently in my mind; body and soul; the love that was immortally yours till the time you were breathing; the love that
snatched you back from the heavens; even after you died.

Submitted: April 05, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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