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Once upon a time there was a girl named Kitten from Spirit High School. She is a responsible, nice, smart and likes to be organized tenth grader. She has no friends at all, but she does have a crush on this junior boy named Dean Ramirez. Dean has a girlfriend named Sarah. Sarah is mean to everyone in the entire school. Kitten doesn’t like her because she and her cheerleading friends bully her all the time. Kitten doesn’t know what to do with Sarah, so all she does is run in to the bathroom and start crying. Dean doesn’t like Sarah and her cheerleading friends bullying other students and laughing at them afterwards, so he decided to break up with her. When he breaks up with Sarah, Sarah doesn’t handle it to well. Then she decided to slam into the lockers and push everyone out of her way. Everyone started to laugh at Sarah except for Kitten because she doesn’t like it when someone laughs at her, so she doesn’t do it to the other students. Kitten then helped Sarah off of the ground and then Sarah said “thank you. I am so sorry about bullying you every day.” Sarah and Kitten are now best friends; Kitten never really had a best friend before. Sarah’s friends before she became friends with Kitten are now the most popular students in the entire school. Kitten was so excited that she finally has a friend, even her parents were happy for her.





Chapter 1

A year later

Sarah and Kitten are juniors and Dean is a senior. Kitten and Dean are dating. Sarah told Kitten she still has feelings for Dean. Kitten said “he told me that he doesn’t like you anymore.” “Ok. If you want to keep dating him you can.”

The next day, Dean and Kitten went out again, but this time they didn’t go to dinner or the movies. Dean took Kitten out of town and parked his car where it was and leaned over to kiss Kitten. Kitten did the same. Dean leaned back the seats and the both ended up sleeping together. It was morning when they woke up. Dean dropped Kitten off at her place and her parents were mad at her. As soon as Kitten entered the door she got screamed at. Kitten’s parents asked her where she was at all night. Kitten said “with Dean. There I told you, now can I go up to my room?” “No, you can’t because I want to know what you were doing all night long?” “Fine. I will tell you mom. Dean had car trouble so he pulled over to the side and we called to get it towed, but they said that they don’t run this late so they picked it up in the morning, so we slept in the car all night long.” “Where is his car now?” “Um it is as the car repair store so they can fix it, duh.” “Are you lying to me?” “No, you know I don’t lie.” “you have lied since you have met this boy.” “No I haven’t. I don’t know what you are talking about.” “Sure you don’t. Your friend Sarah called here last night and said that you and her going to go see a movie, but you didn’t go. So you lied to your best friends face.” No I said maybe if you would have let me go.” “That is funny you never mentioned that to me.” “Maybe because I changed my mind about going to the movies.” “For now on you are grounded. That means no going out, no phone, no friends over and no Dean.” “Why am I grounded?" “Because you lied to two people.” “Who did I lie to?” “You lied to me and your best friend Sarah.” “Whatever.”

Kitten ran up with the stair and into her room. She laid in her bed and watched television. All of sudden she heard this banging noise, it sounded like it was coming from the window. So she goes by the window and looks out of it, she saw Dean when she looked out the window. Kitten screams out the window “What are you doing here?” He says “can you come out?’ “No because I am grounded and I can’t see you until further notice.” “Why Kitten?” “I am grounded because I stayed out all night.” “So sneak out through the window.” “Ok, but if she comes in my room and notices I am not there. Then I will get in even more trouble than I am already in.” “Just trust me. I want to take you to my secret hideout.” “Ok I will come.”

So Kitten sneaks out of the window. When she gets down to the ground she asks Dean “Where is this hideout of yours?” Dean says “It is over by the school yard.” “Ok then let us go Dean.”

Dean and Kitten are on their way to the school yard. When they get there Dean goes in the tunnel and then helps Kitten in to the tunnel too. So Dean and Kitten started to make out in the tunnel. They fell asleep in the tunnel and they didn’t get up until these kids came to the playground and woke them up. Kitten says “Can you take me home now?” “Ok then let us go.” So Dean took Kitten home. It was starting to get dark when he took her home. When they got to her house Dean gave Kitten a kiss. Kitten started to head back to her room by climbing the vine. When she got to her room it looked like her mom wasn’t even in there. She said to herself “it looks like I won’t get in even more trouble for sneaking out.” Kitten then lies on her bed and then falls asleep. Her mom then comes in to her room while Kitten was asleep to check on Kitten.

Chapter 2

The next day, Kitten was so excited for school because she gets to see Dean again. Kitten picks out the cutest outfit and puts on a lot of make-up too. When she gets downstairs her mom says “Kitten doesn’t listen to her mom, she just leaves the make-up the way it is. Once again her mom yells at her for wearing that much make-up. She then tells her mom “Shut up about the make-up. Everybody wears make-up to school so why can’t I be like everyone else?” “Because you are my daughter and I am not going to have you be like everyone else.” “So what I am not going to listen to you.”  “You are going to go upstairs and wipe that make-up off of your face. If you don’t you are not leaving this house until you do so.” “Shut up mom.”

So Kitten calls Dean and asks him to pick her up. “You are not leaving this house Kitten. What has gotten into you? You use to be the sweetest girl.” Well first that was when I had no friends and no boyfriend. Now I have a friend and a boyfriend. I changed in the past few days. I am not going change back because I like this new me.” “Well your father and I hate your new look. I want the old Kitten back.” “Mom listen really carefully I am going to change. I like the new me.” Dean pulls up in the drive way and honks the horn. “Bye mom. Bye dad.” Kitten leaves the house and goes to school with Dean. Dean tells Kitten that he likes her outfit and that much make-up on her. “Thanks Dean. My mom wouldn’t let me leave the house with this much make-up on. She wants the old me back, but I told her that I like the new me because it is different.” “You know what I think I like the old you too, but I like the new you more.” “Thanks for the compliment.” “You are welcome I guess.”

When they got to school Kitten saw her mom in the principal’s office. As soon as the bell rang Kitten was called to the principal’s office. He said “Your mom said you are not allowed to hang out with Dean at school and if you do you will get a detention.” “That is not fair. I want to hang out with Dean because he is nice to me. Can I hang out with Sarah?” “She didn’t say anything about Sarah so I suppose you can. If I see you hanging around Dean I will give you a detention and if see you hang around him more than twice you will get a two day in school suspension. I will tell every teacher you have to make sure you are not hanging around Dean.” “This is so not fair.” Kitten then storms out of the principal’s office all upset because she can’t be around Dean during school hours. She then sees Dean standing over by the water fountain waiting for her. “Hi” said Kitten. “What did he want?” “He said my mom told him to make sure I don’t hang around with you and if I do he or any teacher that catches me around you will give me a teacher. He also said if I get caught hanging around you more than twice he will give me an in school suspension. “That is not fair. I can’t stay away from you that long.” “I know I can’t stay away from you either.” Dean and Kitten kissed and then went their separate ways to their classes.

It was lunch time, Dean and Kitten couldn’t stay away from each other. A teacher came up to them and gave Kitten a detention for not staying away from Dean. “Come on we can’t stay away from each other. We love each other.”  “Well the principle said you guys can’t be near each other.” “Well you better tell the principle that I don’t care and you can tell my mom the same damn thing.” “That is it young lady you heading straight to the principal’s office.” “Dean come with me.” “Ok I will come with you for support.” The principal asked Dean to wait outside, but he didn’t listen. Kitten’s mom came to the school and she was pretty upset when she got the phone call from the school. “What did I tell you Kitten? I told you to stay away from Dean. “Yeah I know, but we don’t want to be apart from each other.” “What do you mean you don’t want to be apart?” Dean replied to that question “Well I can explain Mrs. Night; we love each other that is why we can’t stay apart from each other.” “You can’t be in love you are only in high school Dean.” “Well we are mom.” “Ok if I let you be with Dean at school will you be your old self again?” “I told you at home mom that I like the new me.” Dean said “You know what Kitten I think your mom is right I like the old you too.” “You did Dean. Why didn’t you tell me?” Dean replied “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to get all upset.” “Why would you think I would get all upset?” “Maybe because you thought I would break up with you and go for someone prettier than you.” “Maybe that is kind of true Dean, but one question were you going to leave me if I went back to my old self again.” “No, as I said before I love you Kitten.” “O Dean you are so sweet to me.” Kitten said “I am sorry mom for the way I treated you and dad.” “It is ok, but you have to wash that make-up off your face when you get home.” Kitten replied to her mom “That will be the first think I will do as soon as I open the door.”

And so Kitten and Dean went off to class. Kitten bumped into Sarah and told Dean “Can we have a minute alone please?” Kitten asked Sarah “So are we still friends?” Sarah replied “Yeah, but I have a confession to make.” “What is it Sarah?” “The reason I haven’t called you in a while is because I was jealous of you.” “Why Sarah?” “Because I still have feelings for Dean.” “Do you want me to tell him that you still have feelings for him?” “No, because I don’t want to mess things up between you to.” “Ok I won’t tell him then, but I think you should.” “Don’t worry Kitten I will get over him.”

So Kitten went off to her class again. After school Sarah, Kitten and Dean hung like friends. They went to get ice cream, to the movies and to the carnival. Dean won Kitten a giant teddy bear and Sarah a small teddy bear. They were all happy together. In the end everything turned out ok.

Kitten called Dean to see what he was doing this Friday. Dean said “Nothing really.” “How about hanging out with me and Sarah?” “Ok, but what are we going to do” “I don’t know, we will think of something together.”

So Kitten, Dean and Sarah thought of something to do Friday night. Kitten and Dean went to see “Dear John”. Sarah didn’t want to see that movie so she went and saw “Race to Witch Mountain”.

When both movies were finished he dropped off Sarah and then drove around with Kitten until he ran out of gas. Dean and Kitten started to walk back to Kitten’s house which wasn’t a problem since Dean and Kitten wanted to be together in the first place. Kitten started to get cold so Dean put his arm around her to try and keep her warm. Kitten asked Dean if we could sit down for a while. So they walked to the park and sat down on the bench. Kitten laid her head down on Dean since she was tired and needed to rest for a while. Dean then put his arm around her to keep her warm. They both fell asleep on the bench and didn’t wake up until morning.








Chapter 3

The next day, when they woke up on the bench, Dean walked Kitten home and then went home himself. Kitten then went up to her room and lay down and slept for a little bit longer. All of sudden while she was sleeping she heard this banging noise coming from the window so she went to check it out and it was Dean. She tried to tell him she was grounded, but he kept on saying “so just sneak out and they will never know you were gone, like you did last time you were grounded remember.” “Yeah, but since that happened, my parents check my room every hour to see if I am here.” “So we will be back in one hour ok.” “Ok, hang on I will be out there in a minute.”











Chapter 4

Once again Kitten snuck out of the house with Dean. Dean and Kitten just drove off around the town for half of the way and then Dean drove Kitten home in time for her parents to check her room. Kitten got the ladder of the shed, since her parents chopped down the vine, and then she climbed it to get to her room. Dean then put the ladder back in to the shed. When she got in her room her mom walked in to see if she was ok about not seeing Dean. “Mom can I go over to Sarah’s house right now?” said Kitten. “Only if you promise you will over there and you will not meet up with Dean.” “Ok, I just want to hang out with Sarah since I haven’t hung out with her for a while” said Kitten. “Ok, have your phone at all times because if it is dinner time I will have to call you and let you know. By the way Kitten I will be checking up on you every once in a while, just to see if you are alright” said Susanne.

Kitten called Sarah to ask her “Can I come over and just hang out.” Sarah said “Yes, but you can’t see Dean while you are over here.” “Ok, I will see you in a couple of minutes.”

Susanne drove Kitten over to Sarah’s to make sure she goes in the house and not go meet Dean somewhere. Before Kitten got out of the car Susanne told her “I want the old you back Kitten.” “I am the same old me I just got older.”  “You don’t act like yourself anymore. You used to be nice and quiet and you used you get straight A’s and not B’s and C’s. “Mom, I just changed. I never had friends or a boyfriend before so it is all new for me.” “I know, but I miss the old you. So you think you can be yourself again, Dean will still like you for who you are.” “Ok I will be myself. I won’t wear as much make-up as I am wearing now and won’t wear the clothes I am wearing now. Can I go mom?” “Ok, I will pick you up around 5:00p.m.” So Kitten went into Sarah’s house and talked and talked with her until 5:00p.m.

When Susanne picked Kitten up, she was sleeping on Sarah’s couch so Susanne had to carry her to the car. When they got home Susanne woke Kitten up and said “You don’t have to eat dinner, you could just go to bed since you are half asleep anyway.” “Ok, talk to you guys in the morning” said Kitten.

Kitten walked up the stairs still half asleep. When she finally got to her room she fell asleep on her bed.














Chapter 5

End of July

Susanne said “Kitten you can go see Dean since he will be leaving for college in a couple of days.” “O thank you mom. I really have been waiting to see Dean for a long time. It has been months since I have seen Dean.” “Ok, then go and see him Kitten” said Susanne.

Susanne drove Kitten to Dean’s house five minutes later. Kitten then walked up to the door and knocked on the door and Dean’s mom answered and Kitten asked “Is Dean home?” Dean’s mom said “He is upstairs in his room.” “Can I talk to him?” “Yeah, let me go him for you.” Dean’s mom went upstairs and told Dean that Kitten was here. Dean then ran down the stairs. Dean asked her “What are you doing here?” “Um… I came to wish you good luck in college.” “O thank you Kitten.” “So do you want to hang before you leave for college?” “Sure, but what do you want to do?” “How about we go see a movie and then go to the park.”  “Ok, let’s go then.”

Dean and Kitten went to the movies and then went to hang out at the park for a couple of hours. Dean said “I am going off to college tomorrow morning.” “I thought it didn’t start until September.” “It does, but I have to go to California and then unpack everything and then I want to go check out the part of California I am living in.” “What time does your flight leave?” "My plane leaves early in the morning.” “Do you have to go?” “Yeah I have to go because I want to get a career and do something with my life. At least we get to see each other on the holidays.” “I guess that ok then. Dean can you promise me that you won’t fall in love with someone else at college.” “Yeah Kitten I promise.” Then Dean and Kitten said their good byes as Dean dropped off Kitten at home. So Dean gets on the plane at 6:00a.m. His mom is waving goodbye when he gets on the plane.


















Chapter 6

10 months later

Dean decides to go over to Kitten’s house while Kitten is over at Sarah’s. There is a specific reason why Dean does this. When Susanne Kitten’s mom answers the door she was shocked to see who it was. Susanne asks Dean “Why are you here? Kitten isn’t here she is over by Sarah’s.” “I know I need to talk to you guys for a little bit.” “About what exactly Dean?” “Can I come inside to tell you?” “Ok come on in.” So Dean goes into the house, while Susanne shuts the door. “Well you know I love Kitten right.” “Yeah, what is this about?” “Well I kind of what your permission to ask your daughter to marry me.” “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said Kitten’s dad Franklin. “I believe you guys are little bit to younger for marriage don’t you think so.” “No, as long as we love each other we should be able to get married, but I wanted to get your permission first.” “Well I don’t know if you will get our permission.” “Please. I will take care of Kitten with all of my heart, even if we have to wait until Kitten graduates college in 4 years.” “You will wait that long to marry our daughter” said Franklin. “Yeah I will because I truly do love your daughter.” “Well as long as you will wait until after college then I guess you can have our permission.”

So Dean is going to ask Kitten to marry him tonight. Kitten stops at the park where they like to hang out together because Dean texts her saying to meet him there. When Kitten first gets at the park she notices that the park is all decorated. Kitten asks Dean “What is going on Dean?” Dean says “Kitten I love you so much that I would do anything for you. And I will protect you from any harm that you run in to. So I hope you can answer this one question honestly. Will you marry me?” “Dean this is so weird and unexpected. I don’t know what to say.” “Well Kitten say yes.” “What about my parents? They will think I am too young to get married.” “I already talked to them they said we can get married as long as we wait until you graduate college.” “Really they said that.” “Yeah they did. So what do you say?” “Yes Dean I will marry you.”


















Chapter 7

5 years later

So it is the summer after Kitten graduated college. Dean graduated college a year before Kitten did, but he is going to school to become a lawyer so is really not done with school yet. So that summer Dean and Kitten get married. They decide to get married on July 4th because they thing that day will be a nice day and they can watch the fireworks after the wedding is over.

July 4– The Wedding Day

It is the day Dean and Kitten getting married. Kitten is wearing this really nice pink wedding dress with pink heals. She also has her hair up with little curls too. Dean is wearing a tux and he has a pink flower on it. This wedding isn’t really big because both of them didn’t want a big wedding. They both wanted just their parents their and plus Dean’s siblings came of course. They are aren’t have a little wedding reception because it is only close family members so they just hung at Dean’s house for a little bit.

So now Dean and Kitten are married. They are back at Dean’s house. Dean’s parents bought them a house for their wedding gift and Kitten’s parents got them a dining room set for their wedding gift.






Chapter 8

2 years later

Dean graduated college with a degree to become a lawyer. So now Kitten and Dean are working at their dream job. Dean has a job at a lawyer firm and Kitten as a job at an elementary school. Now they are all set for their life together. Their parents are both happy for them because they graduated college.

Kitten decides to spring something on Dean. “Dean I need to talk to you right.” “What is it Kitten?” “Well I am pregnant.” “Really you are.” “Yeah I am. We are going to be parents in nine months Dean.” “O wow. I didn’t that was going to happen that fast. O well I don’t care I just can’t wait to be a father.” “O really that’s good because I am keeping the baby.”

So Kitten and Dean are going to be parents. When they both told their parents about the pregnancy they were all so excited because they were going to be grandparents.









Chapter 9

9 months later

Dean and Kitten had their first baby girl and they named her Alicia Marie Ramirez. “Dean look at our baby girl.” “I know isn’t she cute. Your parents are on their way to see the baby.” “Ok. Dean can you hand me that purple outfit that Sarah got for her.” “Where is it?” “It is on the top drawer of the dresser.” Ok here you go. I think Alicia would look so cute in this purple outfit.”

So Kitten’s parents showed up and they were all over Alicia until Kitten said “I think Alicia needs a nap because she had been crabby all morning.”

“So Dean I guess I was wrong about you guys when you were in high school. You really did care about her when she was in high school didn’t you” said Susanne. Dean replied back “Yeah I have always cared about your daughter. As you can tell we are raising a baby together so doesn’t that tell you something?” “I guess that does say that you care about Kitten and the baby too. Do your parents know about the baby?” “Yeah they do.” “When are they going to see Alicia?” “They said they will come see her when she turns one.” “Why not now?” “They said they are busy, I don’t know what they are doing.” “Ok whenever they want to see Alicia then that is when they will.” Kitten’s parents went home and Kitten, Dean and Alicia went to be.




Chapter 10

The next day, Dean and Kitten woke up and ate breakfast. Then after a while they heard Alicia get up so Kitten went in to Alicia’s room and got her and then went into the kitchen and fed her. After she fed Alicia then she asked Dean to watch her for a little while so she can go out for a while. Dean told her “that is fine with me because she is my daughter too and I will be delighted to spend time with her.” “Ok that is good because I want to meet up with some friends from college. I will only be gone for an hour or two. Call me if you need anything.” “Ok have fun Kitten.” So Kitten was off to hang out with some of her college friends.

All of a sudden Dean heard a knock at the door and it was Sarah from high school. They haven’t hung out with Sarah much since they both graduated college. Dean said “What are you doing here?” Sarah replied back “Well I wanted to see your daughter Alicia. Your mom said that you and Kitten had a daughter together.” “Yeah, but Kitten is not here right now and Alicia is swinging in her swing. Every time she goes in her swing she ends up falling asleep.” “That is fine I just want to see her for a little bit. I also came here to see you and see how you are doing.” “Why? It is not like we have feelings for each other anymore.” “Well that is not exactly true. Kitten probably didn’t tell you this, but I still have feelings for you. I told her not to say anything because I didn’t want to ruin your relationship with her.” “What? Why do you still have feelings for me? We are totally two different people now, plus I am with Kitten and we have a baby together. So why did you bring this up right now?” “I have always had feelings for you because I thought this life that you have now was going to be us. I brought this topic up now because I was thinking about you all last night.” “Well Sarah I am sorry, but we are not going to get back together because I have a life with someone now. I am so sorry you feel this way, but we both have changed since high school.” “O ok then I will talk to you later. Tell Kitten I stopped by and you guys have an adorable little baby.”  “Ok I will have a nice day Sarah.”

Dean then called Kitten to get back home because he needed to talk to her about what just happened. Once Kitten got home he told her to sit down. “Kitten I need to ask you something.” “What is it Dean?” “Well Sarah stopped by. And she just didn’t want to see Alicia; she wanted to see me too.” “What are you talking about Dean?” “Well she told me that she told you that she still has feelings for me, is that true.” “Yeah she told me that when we were about to graduate high school.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Well Dean she told me not to tell you because she didn’t want to mess things up between us.” “Ok well that is still not right, we were dating and you should have at least told me about this. I was in complete shock when Sarah told me all this.” “I am sorry Dean. I was just keeping a promise to my best friend.” “Whatever Kitten it is over with, I am not getting back with Sarah and I am staying with you and Alicia and that is all that matters.” “Ok good now what you want to do.” “Well I was just watching television before Sarah stop by, so I guess I will continue doing that.”

Kitten and Sarah I still best friends after all that happened. That shouldn’t be a reason to break up a friendship. So they just forgave each other and moved on. Sarah still has feelings for Dean, but eventually she didn’t because Kitten got her together with this guy she knew from college. Sarah was happy with him. She was with him for 2 years before he asked her to marry him. Of course, she said yes because she did truly love him. So now Kitten and Dean are married and Sarah and Joe are married. Now everybody is happy with how things turned out.



Chapter 11

1 year later

One year later, meaning Alicia turns one year old. Sarah and Joe have their first baby, but their baby is only 3 months old. Sarah and Kitten get Alicia’s first birthday ready while Dean and Joe go out and do grocery shopping for Alicia’s birthday party. Everything turns out to be a great day for Alicia. Kitten’s parents shows up to the party with two gifts for Alicia, one from Susanne and one from Franklin. And an hour later Dean’s parents show up with presents for Alicia. One hour later Joe and Dean come back from shopping for the party and set up those decorations too. Everything is all ready for the party. When everybody arrives, meaning when all the family members arrive they started to sing happy birthday to Alicia. After they finished singing happy birthday Kitten started to cut the cake and gave Alicia the first piece, but didn’t give it to her directly because she is only one and one year olds will make a mess of it. So they all hate the cake and then watched Alicia and Kitten open Alicia’s presents. Then the day was over she they all just hung out for a little bit. Then every single guest left and went home, that was at 7:00p.m. When everyone left Kitten and Dean got Alicia ready for bed and they all went to bed at 9:00p.m because they were all tired from their busy day.

And they all lived happily ever after!



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