A Glass of Milk

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Derrick and Sammy meet at a diner. Sammy told about a woman he met earlier and Derrick becomes a bit paranoid, dealing drugs could do that to you.

A Glass of Milk


Derrick and Sammy met up with each other at the local diner on 42nd Street. They went there every Saturday at 11 AM to talk business. They were just served a fresh cup of coffee. They both ordered breakfast as well.


“So I’m standing there leaning against the bar just minding my business. All of a sudden this chick walks by and starts giving me the crazy eyes right. So I figure I might have a shot. I buy her a drink and right away she starts asking weird questions.”

“Like what?” Derrick wondered.

“I guess from the way I was dressed she figured I was ‘connected’ somehow. So she asks me if I know any heroin dealers. I was like whoo, slow down there honey. I was a little in shock you know.”

“You didn’t happen to tell her about me, did you Sammy?” Derrick said with a slightly threatening tone.

“Well after some back and forth. I concluded she was cool and offered to shoot up in the bathroom of the club. We ended up in the bathroom and the next thing I knew I was in cuffs.”

“So how did you get out of that?” Derrick asked with that same tone of voice.

“I was taken in for questioning. I told her that I bought the stuff from a guy on 31St. Miss pretty legs asked me for a description.”

“Come on man. Stop fucking leading me on, did you tell her about me?! I don’t need the fucking heat.”


Derrick leaned over from his seat and started to smack Sammy’s chest at several places.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Sammy asked instantly leaning backwards.

“I’m sorry. I’m paranoid okay. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t wearing a wire.”


The waitress came by with the breakfast. Derrick was presented with his BLT and orange juice. Sammy was salivating over his mushroom omelette that came with a glass of milk. The waitress left.


“I need the Bayone stash,” Sammy said cutting to the chase.

“How much are you willing to pay?” Derrick said intrigued.


Sammy offered him a wealthy amount and Derrick agreed with the pay. He gave him the key to the container and gave him directions on how to get to it. Sammy took a swig of milk.


“You understand why I’m not going with you right? The Bayones could be anywhere.”

“Oh don’t worry, I understand.” Sammy winked.


Within the blink of an eye, Derrick’s bleeding body fell on the floor. There was a bullet hole in the window. The waitress returned to witness the crime. Sammy handed her the key.


“It’s at Mason’s Dockyard, a container in the back is marked with a large D. Your stash is inside.”

 “Well done, your debt has been paid. We will take care of the rest.”



Submitted: April 05, 2018

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