The Marriage Story of a Mad Couple

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A short story about a Moroccan country couple who loved each other and grew up to be an old husband and wife who, from time to time went mad. but some bad events happened and changed the couple's
life completely. enjoy reading


Si Ali and Lalla khdooj was a controversial and the oldest couple in their neighborhood. They lived in a modest house which had been built thirty-years ago by Si Ali’s grandfather. It was up to destiny whether Si Ali would find himself a woman or not yet.
In a village which most of its women worked in fields, there was no other place to meet a girl except in those fields or in the mornings when they were on their way to work, or at sunset times when they were back home, it was the best moment to seduce a girl, under the last shining yellow sunbeams and the peaceful winds with soil fragrance and the different colorful birds twittering beautiful notes like very skilled singers.

Because of his loneliness, he tried several times to addict a girl but no use of his attempts. Eventually, Si Ali saw a beautiful girl working in the fields with some other women younger and others older than her but she was the one who stole the young man's heart. He followed her every day's evening hoping that she would talk to him or at least give him a glimpse until one day when she left the fields earlier than she usually did, the road was empty, silent and so calm, as she was walking fast and carefully, there was a voice calling her name "khadooj..khadooj" she crossed the road to the other side, walked among the trees and there he was standing, a pretty handsome strong-looking young man he was nineteen years old, not short nor tall, he was dressed in a brown Moroccan Jallaba with a fez or "Tarboosh" on his head, he was a Moroccan villager , a romantic young man, all he wanted was love, a family, children, he wanted to break and get rid of his loneliness and change the fact that he was living alone in that house. She made some steps towards him paying attention to the obstacles consisting of branches and stones in her way, meanwhile, her eyes were completely fixed on her lover’s, that was love from the first glimpse, she could easily see a real honest and loyal lover, a man who would take care of her for the rest of her life the father of her kids her life partner. They didn't talk too much, all they did was exchanging gazes of desire and their eyes were speaking excessive passion for each other...they both were there looking at each other falling in love making merely eye contact using their souls language preventing themselves from touching and from the other beautiful things couples usually do. After some seconds she smiled and went running home with high eagerness and enthusiasm as it was the same situation for the young man whose heart was full of happiness and euphoria. That beautiful decisive moment when they fell in love with each other, that instant of courageousness from both parties to having looked at each other's eyes and drew lovely smiles on their faces announcing an obvious satisfaction and the beginning of a young Moroccan country couple's life story. That satisfaction was not complete because it lasted only for few seconds; they needed to strengthen their feelings by starting a serious sacred witnessed obvious clear and clean relationship. They wanted to be a real pair who would take care and have  great attention of each other.
At that night the young man  immersed deeply in his thoughts trying to find a plan to ask his lover's hands from her parents as it was and still the tradition in Morocco. He just spent his night thinking and planning for his future life until the dawn of the next day when he finally gave up to his mind tiredness.
He woke up at four o’clock in the afternoon, went to the place where he had met his beloved khadooj and hid among the trees, when she passed in front of his eyes he kept following her without giving her any chance to feel his presence until she reached the house where she lived with her parents Ibrahim and her mother Zayna.
Our lover hero then knew which door he would knock  to demand the permission of having khadooj as his wife from her parents.
Everything was in its place and nothing bothered the young man but the way he should speak and behave. He was concerned with the manner he would ask for the girl's hand from Si Ibrahim and his wife Zayna.
However, he just decided to sleep and leave the whole situation to destiny and God's will.
The following day he woke up and made himself, definitely and completely, a new man: he shortened his long hair and changed his haircut, had a hot shower and made himself dressed in a beautiful Moroccan suit which consisted of a very admirable white Jallaba with a red Moroccan tarboosh on his head in addition to a handmade pair of leather yellow colored slippers, eventually, he did not forget to perfume himself...
He left his house heading for his beloved khadooj's house. He reached the house which was bigger, taller and more beautiful than his. He encouraged himself and finally decided to, lightly and softly, knock at the door, it was opened by somebody who hid behind, and whose voice seemed to be a woman's voice asking about the identity of the knocker...and the reply was:" My name is Ali i am asking about Si Ibrahim. Could you call him please?"
The woman who opened the door was Zayna, the mother, she closed the door and went to fetch her husband, the man of the house. Ali wasthere outside waiting and preparing himself for a polite strong and convincing speech. The door was opened again and it was Si Ibrahim greeting politely. Ali presented himself again and said: "I have seen your daughter and i like her, following the instructions of our Prophet Muhammad, i am here in order to ask for your daughter’s hand for marriage, and I hope you agree."
You can’t imagine how much he was embarrassed that moment, he was so shy and nervous, he thought it was the last time he would knock at the door of that house but he didn't believe his ears when he heard "Come in my son let’s finish our conversation inside." in the guests room the man left See Ali and went to tell Zayna and his daughter about the new suitor. The mother exchanged some gazes with khadooj meaning that the answer was, that time, positive for the new man, on the contrary of the other previous disappointing and disappointed suitors. However, Zayna made a very long high-in-volume but nice trill announcing for good news to the young man who was waiting in the guests room and to make her neighbors hear as well. Si Ibrahim and Ali smiled at each other and shake hands congratulating each other for the good news. suddenly khadooj showed up with "a tray full of glasses and a tea container with some Moroccan candies, her mother was behind her back making the same sound of joy and pleasure. Eventually they agreed not to make a big weeding but only a small supper in which just family members would be present for some personal and financial reasons.
The meeting was coming to an end and they arranged a date for the supper.
The funny, entertaining, happy supper was going to reach its end and the couple was being prepared to leave to their house which was about one kilometer in distance...
The young new couple looked extremely happy and lived a pretty romantic life in their house and never felt sad or had bad quarrels, instead, they used to go out to the vast green meadows every sunset or spent nights on the grass together glancing at the twinkling stars at the wide black sky
holding each other's hand with great feel of tenderness, love and high sense of fear for each other. They also enjoyed romantic nights in bed making love with excessive beautiful emotions that came from both hearts. They tried to live and enjoy every single moment of their life.
The pair's long romantic period of marriage was coming to an end, and as all human beings they grew up to be an old couple, actually the oldest couple in their village. After Lhaja Fatima, as they called her, and her very-sick husband died as an aged respected couple, khadouj and Ali became Lalla khadouj and Si Ali for their progressing age. To be honest, they lived happily as an old wife and husband, but they, sometimes, fought for nothing but for banal things. After forty-five years, the young handsome husband and the pretty beautiful attractive wife looked older and seemed to be out of control, losing their temperature for unknown reasons in front of their neighbors who always found it difficult to figure it out, until one day, late in the afternoon, it happened that they started doing it again...

What a scandal it was! The old man Si Ali, was coming out of the door of his house while his wife was following him with a sandal in her hand, she wanted to hit him. Si Ali was running far away and Lalla khdooj kept chasing him shouting: "wait. You call me "shibaniya”! I'll show you what shibaniyas can do, Stop if you call yourself a man, you are just a scared and weak coward little man..." Si Ali stopped, and said: "you had better go home or I..." "Or what! Hah!" She interrupted him with a challenging voice tone. "...Or I'll injure you until death." He continued with a feeling of pride and courage that his colleagues saw him in such a controlling and manly position.
Lalla khddooj did not seem to be scared but she was very angry, especially that her neighbors particularly women were watching and listening carefully. “Shut up. You are so frightened and i can see fear in your eyes. Admit your sin now or I swear to God that I’ll kill you with my sandal." Si Ali began to laughe loudly: “do you think you can kill me using just this sandal!! I a mosquito! Oh my God what a fool woman i decided to live the rest of my life with!" "Are you crazy!?" He added mockingly...
The old wild-eyed woman lost control of her right hand with which she was holding a leather sandal and started hitting her old tired angry unsatisfied husband. Despite of the unaccepted situation fighting with his wife in front of his neighbors and friends, she didn't leave him any other choice but defend himself, he took his sandal in addition to his stick and started to counter her, causing a lot of wounds and bruises to each other.., the neighbors couldn't or didn't decide to make any step in order to stop the fight but they kept being mere witnesses enjoying the show. It was a heavy quarrel that made both fighters so exhausted and decided to stop making themselves the laughing stock of the village; unfortunately, it was too late: the authorities had been informed about the scandal and they came to discover what the matter was. Now that they understood the situation of an old husband fighting with his wife, they took them to the cacique or "lkayd", as it is called in all Moroccan tribes, for investigations...

The wounded man and his wife were so afraid because they had no idea what would happen to them. The cacique was sitting on a big majestic silky chair in a luxurious large room with two servants on each of his sides.
A question was asked by the cacique: "what's your name?”
The stressed couple answered at once:" my name is Khadooj. And I am Ali...”
"why have you been fighting? The question is for the angry nervous frightened old woman. he stole my jewels' box" "he did it when i went to bed last night…"she added while looking at him.
"wh...what...what!" He was so shocked and surprised by the accusation. “Don’t believe her sir, she is a liar. I didn't do anything wrong, I swear." He tried to defend himself and was so scared.
Be quite Mr; you don’t have the permission to speak, when i do then you can talk; but now just be quite.
The wife who seemed to play the role of the victim was making fake tears: "please sir, I am a poor lonely old woman, my parents died a long time ago and all I have is that box of jewels. I want to get back my property sir..." and kept overacting.
"Did you do that? Why? How? When and where? Answer me! Say the truth.”
The frightened old man thought it was the last time he would stand on his feet, he was trembling for fear and hardly said: " s...s...sir I am a g…g... good man and i am innocent, he looked at his wife's eyes and said pathetically: “please, you are my wife and I love you, and I know you love me too. Listen I know i didn’t treat you well recently and I am sorry for that, I am begging you to say the truth. You know I can’t bear staying in prison, i am sick and my health could be worst. Please i am begging you to be merciful toward me."
-"I regret marrying you. You are not the perfect husband my parents wanted me to spend the rest of my life with, neither the ideal man a woman would dream to marry." You don't have a good job thus you don't earn enough money to cover all our needing. You don't even know how to choose good and fresh food when you go to the weekly market. And do you know what else i don't like about you! It is your annoying snoring at night. Oh my God I don't know how i could bear the whole of this all these years. It is really hard for me to go on like this with you."
-"Oh yes! That’s it then, you think i am not a good man for you!! Do you know what! I am also fed up with you, with your complaining, I have never dared to complain or protest against any of your stupid, mad and disturbing behaviors. You have always treated me unfairly, you belittled me in front of my friends but i always forgave you; now it's time to reveal it out and say what i think about you, your cooking is so bad, and you always add too much salt to food. Actually, i think that my friend's older daughter cooks and makes better food than you do. Sometimes i think about marrying her, which may happen only after your death. Anyways, you are old and weak you could die any time, tomorrow, next month or next year or maybe today, why not."
"Hey you, that’s enough! Take this man to the prison." The cacique ordered his guards.
"Please sir, I am a good and pious man, I am not lying, look at me, I am so weak and old, I have no ability to spend even one single night in the prison." He was screaming and crying desperately kneeling to the ground begging for the mercy of the cacique and the merciless-looking woman who was standing there looking at her husband in a very pathetic state.
-Lala khadooj interfered: “please wait! He didn't steal anything, he is not a thieve. I lied." Finally her instinct and feeling of love toward her husband appeared again and provoked her to act in the right way and correct her mistakes; she really felt sorry for her man and regretted putting him in such a dangerous situation.
"Thank God, the right and the only witness. Finally the truth is revealed and lies are denied." The innocent old man added: "Sir. I love my wife and i can't let her live alone, she has a phobia from darkness...”
The cacique interrupted him and said
"Ok ok...I am very tired and so fed up with your problems. Never come back here again ok." 
It was dark when the cacique let the couple go home. Through their way home they were talking and reminding each other of the old days of romantic and emotional moments they had spent in their youth among the olive and almond trees. Suddenly a group of five wild dogs appeared in front of them, Lala khdooj was so scared, she asked her husband what she was supposed to do in that situation.
"I don't know, just stay beside me and don't move." He replied.
Suddenly one of the wild crazy dogs jumped over Khaddooj, bit and caused her so deep bleeding wounds, she fell to the ground, her face was looking at the dark twinkling sky, her arms  and legs were stretched out while she was moaning because of pain in parallel with the sound of the dogs barking and showing their canines to prove and impose their strength; but see Alee was courageous enough to use his sandal and stick to defend himself not against his wife this time but for her, to protect her from danger, expressing by his reaction, his true unlimited and unconditioned love. The dogs were so stubborn and angry, that experience was a really hard one for both of them. However, the dogs, finally, decided to leave or rather they escaped and let the old woman in a very grave situation, and lost a great deal of blood.

Her husband started crying and calling out for help but nobody answered, actually it seemed that the place was completely empty, some minutes later, a passerby was there looking as if he was searching for something or somebody, however, getting closer from the wounded couple he noticed that the plot where they were lying down was full of a very red liquid which had already become dry, and their clothes were bloody as well. He went too closer to see what the matter was, and he was shocked by deep wounds and scars all over the old woman’s body, and see Alee with no strength. The anonymous man tried to help khadooj get back her consciousness but it was too late, she left without any additional word, she passed away leaving her husband in a doubled shock, the shock of the dogs attack and of her unexpected death. His screaming awakened the inhabitants, who were so angry and unsatisfied, but after seeing what was happening they became soft and showed some tender toward see alee, especially from men, but the general situation was suspicious; people didn’t know whether to console or blame See Alee for his wife’s death. Some women mentioned that the situation called for a high degree of security and attention and suggested to bring the cacique’s men in order to investigate and know the exact truth.

Some men volunteered to go and bring the authorities in order to solve this massive chaos and make an end to the whole matter. On their way back, the inhabitants with the cacique guards heard continuous barking, a couple of minutes later, they could discover the source of the sound, and it was a single log cabin in which the dogs were recently confined. There was somebody inside the cabin, after he had seen the group of men walking toward him; he decided to run away leaving the angry dogs behind. They couldn’t catch the escaping anonymous person but they chose to take the dogs with them so they could make sure whether they were the dogs who killed Si Ale’s wife or the story would be completely different.

Some women were really angry and so upset with that accident; actually they were suspecting Se Ali to be the murders of his wife by making some wild animals kill her. Finally the cacique’s men came with the dogs; Si alee, angrily and unconsciously, attacked the dogs, fortunately, some men stopped and calmed him down. At that moment one particular question came to everyone’s mind, where those dogs came from?

So was it a trick from See Ali to kill his wife and keep his innocence? 

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