yandere poem

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a poem about a love sick woman confessing her love to a girl she cant have but will stop at nothing to have her even after death

Submitted: April 05, 2018

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Submitted: April 05, 2018



your love is like a mothers touch.

your eyes are as beautiful as cherry blossoms in the winter.

your skin has a healthy glow like that of a pregnant woman.

your lips soft and smooth as silk.

your breasts are as soft as pillows.

watching you from afar pains my very soul.

being close heals my weak heart.

watching you with another girl fills me with unyielding rage that i cannot contain .

when you look at me with those beautiful eyes just knowing I can't have you kills me .

so as I run this blade across my wrist just know that my soul will haunt you forever.

no priest or Priestess will be able to exercise me.

for my love is in extinguishable for my wrath is too heavy a burden for any priest or Priestess to handle.

I will see to it that every girl that comes into your life will run out because of my wrath.

for every time you sleep I sink into your dreams and you will only see me.

that dark shadow with red eyes you see in the middle of the night is me watching you.

that cold breeze you feel when you sit down to watch TV is me touching you.

those so-called sleep paralysis episodes you go through every night, that's me attempting to taking control of your body.

those deep scratches in you find on your chest is me trying to claw into your heart.

that strange feeling around your throat and wrists when you have the urge to end it all that's me persuading you to end it.

with each day that passes i get that much closer to having you for all eternity.

make no mistake you will be mine love...forever...mine...mine...mine.

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