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There was a magical butterfly.


The butterfly was happy with four baby infront of nature goddess.

One day lady magical butterfly told to nature goddess. She wants to visit market in town to buy the flower plant. So lady butterfly taken the permission and reach at town market. Where there was man who has many butterflies. All butterflies was kept in a jar. When lady magician butterfly saw the condition  of butterflies. She began upset. She found a letter of professor on butterfly shop. In the letter it was written that,” Stop killing butterfly. She is our nature guest.etc.  

Thus a magical butterfly knows the professor. And came in his home. When he saw the notes of professor. Then she calculated that professor was working on the butterfly stages of life. He was a good professor. So she came infront of professor and gave a letter to professor.  In the letter it was written that he has to save all butterflies from the shop of butterfly.

So professor came at the shop and saved the butterfly. And lady magical butterfly thanks to professor and  she came at jungle with the flower plant.

Submitted: April 06, 2018

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