Psychotic Episode

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This is about a psychotic episode i had and it explains what i went through. The cause of the episode was my mind and body completely losing touch of anything that caused me to be happy or even
normal, and the way my mind dealt with getting back to reality was blacking me out and taking my entire mind back in time into a vision of where i was most happy in my life. It was like my mind
needed a happy moment to kick start itself again, i had viewed this happy moment in a 3rd person point of view and everything was bright and in slow motion, i could not control anything, but it
lasted for about 5-10 real times minutes. This story explains this in my own way i guess

I saw a blessed man His eyes so painfully starring at me Looking down as though i could save him But all i had was my own Fury

Transfusion from this body as i have this episode Thinking i could save my soul I hunker down in this insane mode Nothing left but but my broken goals

I rip my heart with my bare hands

Maybe now it wont hurt so much

But Who am i kidding?

In Every inch of every bone

In Every inch of me and my clone

I feel the rip of both my existence

This pain i cannot bare to feel For another second longer

And my mother will get down to kneel Curse her God and ask him why

Why was my son put in Hell and Not on earth.

Iv been thinking to hard Thinking bout how every physical thing is transitory Everything besides my soul Iv been conditoned to survive But i dont want to be alive I just want to ease my paranoid mind Crying tears ocean wide I just want to easy my mind

Submitted: April 06, 2018

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