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Submitted: April 06, 2018

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Submitted: April 06, 2018



Everyday is empty

Everyday has nothing to it

Just over and over again

Finding love is difficult

And friends leave after a while

What am I supposed to do but sit there

Forever alone,

I get teased because I don’t fight

I always feel hated and empty

My will to live has diminished away

There is no hell or heaven

Just a never ending loop of nothing

When I stress I hide it with jokes and humor

I enjoy sleep because it’s closest to death

Most days it’s just the empty void

Nobody has a true friend

Life can be forgetfully painful

And to be forgotten is my deepest fear

I’m always left behind as if i’m never there

Being forever, alone

The evil that surrounds is around others too

What’s the point of living when we all die anyway

Afterall we are trapped here

Interruption is a pain

To just be quiet when you have to say a word

Nobody will listen

They think I have plenty of friends

Well not true friends

My lack of self confidence contains me

I always hold back the tears

But the tears burst out at night

I feel lonely...

Look guys i'm not depressed or anything, IT'S A POEM (It is fiction)

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