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It was unexpected of me to feel hurt by the people that I love.

It was before the day that I have to go back in my journey to seek knowledge.

I was browsing my phone and I saw her status saying that her daughter and she was eating sushi.

I thought "wow, must be so delicious".

Then, I had a sudden thought. Maybe she didn't remember me. I remember one time when she said that I didn't treat her to a instant fried chicken and she was sad about that. So the next break of my semester I treat her with my family.

She said I didn't remember her daughter and her but the truth is they are always on my mind it just that I didn't show it on my face. I have trouble saying what's on my mind and when I feel hurt I just kept it inside. It made me depressed.

Sometimes to overcome this feeling I just listen to happy song.

I tried to please everyone around me. But I didn't work.

So when I saw her status. I feel determined that I should work hard in improving myself to support my family.

My family was poor and to eat luxury thing is not easy for us. So when I saw her status I felt like she should know that not all people are born rich and they don't get the opportunity to eat all those things.


Submitted: April 06, 2018

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