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An Interview with the writer: MelancholicWisdom.


 The Sun spoke to the Moon,

The Moon spoke to the Sun


Such an abundant collective influence,

we have all come to recognize, with trap-door troubling depth

giving a triumphant breath,

recognizing our own self,

tickled by the angelic feather,

of life, not...


Question 1 : Who are some of your inspirations, that propel you as a writer?

Answer: A lot of my inspiration comes from music, which has the biggest impact on my writing. Artists that inspire me (to name a few): Kendrick Lamar, Vampire Weekend, The 1975, The Wonder Years, The Weeknd, Drake, etc etc. It's a bit atypical to list only music artists as your inspirations, rather than other writers/poets, but those are my biggest inspirations. I listen to music every single day, so it has quite the impact on me. And I always seem to write in a more song like structure, which is cause I get my inspiration primarily through music.



Follow-up: who would you love to hear "perform" one of written pieces and what would the music sound like ?

Follow up Answer: That's hard to say, being honest. If I had to pick, I'd say I would love to hear The 1975 perform something I've made. Their second album "I like it when you sleep..." inspired a lot of my writing, as that album had moments of being dark and slow ballads with lyrics of death, substance use, sadness, heartbreak among others. If I had to imagine the sound, I'd be pretty dark and moody, but could also be upbeat and energetic, I think it depends on what specific piece of writing is involved.


Sun to the Moon


we have separated,

together we have united,

apart from the fact,





Question 2 :  What is your favorite topic to write about? 


Additional Answer: I think my favorite topic to write about is emotions, I know it is a general answer, but I'll explain some more here. I'm the type of person who feels every emotion intensely. And with that intensity, everything that I feel is complex, and I'm hyper aware and in touch with them. And the writing that I do, it's a reflection of real life, and my real life is feeling these intense and complex emotions, analyzing them, trying to understand them. So, that's why you'll see a lot of the time, the writing is emotional. But that is my reality, and writing about how I feel, what I feel; is very cathartic, it really is. That's why I would say emotions are my favorite topic to write about, a bonus of that is being able to help people who maybe don't know how to explain what they feel, they can find that in my writing.


Moon to the Sun


we find ourselves,

together we get lost,

in one another,


Question 3:
When you write, do you ever hit road blocks, sort of " forced to deal with how you feel " , as you work through emotions, or do you write your pieces to the point of opening up, looking at things in a different light, discovering something you never would have, had you not started to "write it out" ?
( the process )



Answer 3: I hit road blocks all the time in my writing, a lot of the time because I'm trying to work through feelings that I probably don't understand, at that time. Actually, I struggle with writer's block a lot, all the time. Not saying that everything I write is about the current reality, but it is influenced by my current emotional state. Generally, when I'm really working through an emotional situation, I'm not always writing, I'm trying to deal with it first. The writing tends to start later on, when I've worked through some of the emotional stress, writing helps continue the process of working through these feelings.



Sun to the Moon

Together we make time,

take time, then give it back,

to one another,




Question 4: Where would you rather go: to spend the day to clean house, or just enjoying the view:
Into your heart, into your mind, or into your soul ?



Answer 4: Enjoy the view, into heart mind and soul. Self reflection is something that is important to me, and sometimes you have to sit back and observe before you make a move. I spend a lot of time looking at all three of those, the drink in every aspect before I make a calculated move.


Moon to the Sun,

Together we understand,

through the eyes of another,

our own divided self,

completing the other,




  Question 5: Why is it that real things are so hard to explain, yet imaginary things are a bit easier, considering words ? The illusion of freedom seems to constrain self expression, until we tap into a certain part of our brains. Why is it, that this "part" of the brain, is so "buried", when we all want to free ourselves, through writing?

Answer 5: It's cause facing reality is cold, it's something that can't be disputed or argued. Reality is fact, and there's a lot who run from reality. Everyone can relate to a time where they twisted or distorted reality because it's uncomfortable to face the truth about a situation. Imaginary things are easier because it's a form of escapism, literally anything can happen or be created by your own mind. And so, writing about something that isn't real, you have much more control over the situation. I think that writing helps plenty of people come to terms with the reality of their situation, because it serves as a form of catharsis.




Sun and Moon, Moon and Sun,

Together we are,


Apart ...

yet we long to close the distance,

of our seperation,

from one another,

from ourselves,

from the world we have created,



The Moon spoke to the Sun, The Sun spoke to the Moon.



Thank you MelancholicWisdom.

for undefined emotions,

newly written  thought spoken words,

with freshly worded emotions,

defining a new expression;





Submitted: April 06, 2018

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moa rider

Well Doc, you're as diverse as the rest of us! Which is why we all have something to tell. And you're right, writing is healthy. Usianguke

Fri, April 13th, 2018 4:42am


Thank you Moa !

Mon, April 16th, 2018 5:06pm

Momina Khan

Great work Dr. I like it and hit the like button.......

Thu, April 19th, 2018 1:38pm


Thanks Momina ! You should definitely check out the writing of MelancholicWisdom.

Thu, April 19th, 2018 5:36pm

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