Post Apocalypse

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One man, a hero, leads a rag tag band of survivors and makes an army out of them, the foundation blocks for a community, a community that builds into a cohesive vanguard of humanity. The last

Submitted: April 06, 2018

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Submitted: April 06, 2018



Post Armageddon

A short story

By Citizen Zee ©Copyright 2018


The once caramel coloured lane was bleached white in the light of the full moon over head.  The big oak tree, split by lightening a decade ago and now growing in two halves, reached its bony empty finger like branches towards the sky.  It was black against the stark white light of the moon, and looked as if it were trying to grasp the last vestiges of heaven to bring down to hell on Earth.  The world had not been the same for a long time, long before what had become known as ‘The Event’. It had been going to hell in a myriad of hand baskets.  Wars, genocide, politics going ever far right, invasions of immigrants taking over Europe.  The world had been tearing itself apart for a long time.  Perhaps ‘The Event’ was natures way of redressing the balance. Something had to that was for sure, because mankind was racing happily towards the ultimate conclusion of his insatiable capitalist greed, mutual destruction.


Prior to ‘The Event’ there had been lots of mad theories circulating around social media, in the day before the internet went forever. The world will end by such and such on such and such day and so on.  When that date passed without incident there would be another one that again came to nothing.  One thing they all had right though was the end, the Armageddon.  Nobody thought of ‘The Event’ but the world was in the end of days, they had that right.  I don’t think anyone could have foreseen ‘The Event’.  I say ‘The Event’ because that’s what survivors call it, but it wasn’t so much one isolated thing, more a combination of things.  Very few survived.  Those that did were military trained ardent survivalists like myself.  I had been preparing for the end ten years before it was due.  I trained relentlessly on survival techniques, learned how to suture wounds, but as an ex army medic and sniper it wasn’t so much learning a new skill as upgrading existing medical skills.  I knew how to treat gunshot wounds too although we don’t see many of those anymore, the ammunition ran out long ago.  All you have then is a very expensive club.  I had foreseen this of course, being psychic, and had bought a crossbow and learned how to use it.  At least when I made a kill I got my bolt back to use again.  I had my combat knives and survivalist kits containing fire starters, wind-proof matches, water purification tablets and so on.  I had got my self a bunker and filled it with supplies.  Tinned food does not get contaminated by radiation.  That was the one thing I got wrong, I thought Armageddon would be nuclear war.  The seas were long since killed by radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster.  The fish in the Pacific ocean hadn’t been edible years before ‘The Event’. I had bought a Geiger Counter too the same week Fukushima went up.  I still use it on occasion too if near the coast, but inland water is pretty safe if it is running.  There is no fallout because there wasn’t a nuclear war.  


Wildlife still thrives so if you can make fire you can cook meat and survive.  I long since learned in training what wild fruits and berries can and cannot be eaten.  You would think after a cataclysmic event all the scum would be wiped out, the chavs of this world.  Then you would be wrong.  Even after the world has gone to shit, the end has come and gone, and civilisation has been flushed down the crapper, There is always some bastard with a spray can.  They did now what they had always done, prey on the weak, who died out ages ago, and steal from the others that are left.  It would never occur to them to do something for themselves, they lack the intelligence.  The only others left were the strong like me.  Stronger than the chavs, who were just scavengers really, rats like they had always been.  They wouldn’t last much longer.  


When I am sat alone in the bunker in my quarters, my men patrolling the perimeter, I get to thinking.  I wonder what the world will be like a few decades from now, when our bones have turned to dust.  Would the dinosaurs make a comeback?  It is possible, but then anything is possible, like the world ecosystem goes into reset mode and starts again.  I think ‘The Event’ was the world purging itself of the evil, the pollution and its cause.  They did find evidence all over the world of an ancient advanced civilisation on Earth that pre-dated the dinosaurs.  Documented fact.  I think it has now reset itself and when we are gone, it will start again from the beginning and generations from now would find the remains of our technology, pre ‘Event’ and wonder.  Their archaeologists would excavate our old homes, offices, and graveyards.  I can’t help wondering what they will make of it all.  That is why I am writing all this down.  The victors always write history, well I survived ‘The Event’ and an awful lot since.  My band of survivors may well be the last to die.  Whatever happens someone needs to write history so here it is.  

I am trudging down the lane in full moonlight back towards the bunker dictating all this into a machine that still runs.  A few months back I found some batteries in a warehouse, a lot of batteries.  We had flash-lights, radios and this dictating machine.  Sometimes I hat perimeter patrols, looking for scavs, as we call the roving bands of scavenging chavs.  They are feral and roam at night.  Tonight there was no sign of them.  Having attacked the bunker a month ago they had lost a huge amount of their number perhaps they had thought better of trying again.  Life will get harder for us all soon.  The batteries will eventually run out.  The well we have for water could run dry, the game could be exhausted. All kinds of things could happen.  For now I survived today and that has to be enough.  Tomorrow is another day.  One day at a time is all any of us can do.  Nothing is certain survival is not guaranteed.  There is no electricity anymore other that what we generate for ourselves.  I captured a bunker on an old military base that had underground diesel tanks containing millions of gallons and a few diesel generators we managed to get working so we have power.  For now.  It powers the lights in the old missile silo where we have made our home. It powers the electric fence we built to keep out vicious predator animals. It kept out the roaming bands of scavs too.  They found that out the last time.  The fence alone killed a lot of them.  It generates lethal voltage.  I set it that way and it works. It will be better when the scavs are dead and they soon will be they lack the ability to survive on their own.  The nearest town was 20 miles away, its shops long since exhausted of usable food.  We had most of it, and a lot from the next town too.  There were twenty of us.  All survivalists.  All keeping what civilisation we could alive.  I was the leader.  My men and women highly trained and efficient.  We were the top of the food chain at the moment but that could change any moment.

We always knew from day to day the danger that we were in.  The patrols were a constant and a necessity.  It had been that way since ‘The Event’.  It had taken months to set us up at the abandoned military you base.  The first thing we did was put gun towers on the gates and rig up the electric fence.  The next job, once we were reasonably secure are was to clear all the rubbish out of the disused silo.  It had been cluttered with junk because the missiles had not been there since the Cold War. Then we built accommodation in it including an armoury, a hospital, and storerooms.  We salvaged pipework and bricks from the buildings on the military base.  By the time we had finished it was almost cleared of the old derelict buildings and the materials reused.  That was the way it had to be now, everything that could be reused had to be reused.  Just like in the WW2 Blitz.  Make do and mend became our watchwords, as well s the ‘Potato Pete’ saying about wasting food was as good as giving it to Adolf [Hitler].  ‘The government had been keeping secrets from the populace for decades, ever since the end of WW2 in fact, Roswell, LSD experiments by CIA on troops and much worse.  There was one town that had a 98% cancer contraction rate.  This was from chemicals.  It came back to Agenda 21 depopulation strategy by the then New World Order fuelled and financed by the Rothschild banking Cartel, Freemasons, Bilderbergers and so on.  They all played a part in it.  The Pensmore Mansion was a massive underground network of bunkers storing vast quantities of food and supplies just for the richest 1%.  We stripped that first using some of our precious diesel supply to power 18 wheelers.  As it turned out the communication from the HQ in Washington, the main base under Denver International Airport and the Pensmore Mansion complex wasn’t that good.  They set off ‘The Event’ before the elites got the word to head underground and most were wiped out.  That was one good thing to come out of all this.  Now you survived if you had the ability to do so.  The genocide was shocking.  The rich elites were ruthless, they wanted the entire planet just for themselves and nobody else had a chance of a fair shake.  


Vaccines laden with the heavy metal Mercury, denial of income and medical care for the disabled, who were the first to be wiped out for the most part, especially in the Nazi UK.  then the old, the poor and anyone else who disagreed with the Fascist regime.  I was seriously ill, but escaped their net. My psychic gift was never wrong and it always told me what was coming, usually months and sometimes years in advance.  It guided my daily movements too to stay one step ahead of the regime.  I fled Nazi UK and the rampant genocide and made it to USA, then it started here too. They interned all the survivalists like me who were prepared too.  Massive camps like the Holocaust ones I escaped that too by hiding on a Native American Reservation for a year.  ‘The Event’ when it came was catastrophic.  A massive E.M.P pulse that wiped out every electronic device on the planet as each country in turn implemented it minutes after each other.  Naturally Nazi UK was the first, then here and a domino effect around the world.  I built a Faraday cage for my devices so they did still work, but the internet had ceased to exist.  My laptop had become an expensive typewriter.  Everything in Nazi UK went back to Victorian times very quickly for the populace and soon after USA followed.  Now were were in effect back in the dark ages.  It was survive, any way that you can.  After a lifetime fighting the Nazi regime of the UK since 1982, that was what I did best! Survive any way I could, finding allies when and where I could.  Quickly a group of survivalists banded together and I was elected leader due to my Special Forces background as an officer, experience in fighting the regime, ability to survive and many other factors.  I had been their leader ever since.  Occasionally for a while, more would join our number, but as time went on the numbers became less and less.  It was no my personal belief there was no one left who was able to survive as we had, I had no idea what they had done or what became of them.  Apart from our short wave radios and walkie talkies communications were none existent now.  No phones, no satellites, nothing.  When the power stopped pretty much everything else did too.  Technically nuclear power stations had limitless energy so you would think they could be run even now, but it is a highly skilled job and the infrastructure had started to decay now so was structurally unsafe.  I guess it is only a matter of time before they collapse and we really do have a radiation issue.  Thankfully we are hundreds of miles from any nuclear power plant here, and inside the silo, our new home, we were safe.  Everything familiar to us, computers, mobile phones, internet, electricity, Facebook and other social media, all gone.  Television, Gone.  Radio, Gone.  You get the idea.  It was pretty grim now.  We had built a small boiler system scavenged from the shower block at the base and therefore had hot water, so unlike the scavs and anyone else still alive out there we could wash and remain civilised.  It’s strange how little things mean so much, especially being clean and relaxing in a hot bath.  The kitchen equipment we had salvaged from the mess hall worked after a fashion.  We had some kind of complicated system involving a diesel burner.  It did give the food a funny diesel taste but we had ceased to notice it had been so long.  I missed natural gas.  For a long time we had used massive propane tanks we had found around the base and powered the stove found in the field kitchen equipment store with that but it ran out six months ago and there was no way to get anymore.  We did not wage war or venture further than we had to outside the perimeter.  Too dangerous.  For the most part we stayed in our silo and compound.  Defending it was the top priority.  My 1st Lieutenant and an ex army nurse who joined our number at the beginning got married last month.  They were expecting a child next year.  They were happy.  As happy as one can be in this situation, but life had to go on, and propagation of the species is important, although what we were propagating them for remains a mystery to me.  I think that the best we can hope for is to survive for as long as we can and live as well as we can in doing so.  One day at a time.  I saw no point in planning for a future we may not have, I hadn’t for a long time before ‘The Event’.  The road networks after ‘The Event’ were impassable hours after it hit.  I knew better, go cross country, not on roads.  Do not use motor vehicles unless they had a full tank because petrol and diesel pumps no longer worked.  Most of the sheeple rushed out to their cars as if nothing had changed and raced to the freeways and roads.  Many ran out of fuel, many crashed. The roads became unworkably congested very soon with vehicles that could not move, so even the ones that could still move, didn’t because there was no room to go anywhere.  Tempers got frayed with frustration and fear and people lost their temper.  Road rage turned to shootings and those that were alive gradually dwindled in number from killing each other over what remained.  Numbers soon thinned out.  Then there were the chavs, or trailer park trash as they are called here in the USA quickly began looting.  Police tried to keep order but not only shot the chavs they got shot by the chavs.  In the cities the gangs took control and civilians stood no chance at all.  The military tried but because of the roads they couldn’t get where they were most needed.  Helicopters quickly ran out of fuel once civilian airports and planes had been bled dry.  None of the planes navigation systems worked, the choppers flew with no GPS and had to navigate by eye using landmarks.  The older pilots were OK, the Vietnam Veterans but the new breed who grew up with instrument navigation were completely lost.  Helicopters only have short range fuel tanks too and Vietnam Veterans to fly them were pretty thin on the ground by the time it all went to hell.  Long mothballed Hueys from the Vietnam conflict came back into their own in the expert hands of the men who flew them in combat in South East Asia.  Ageing door gunners once again manned the 50 calibre machine guns.  This time the were not shooting Vietcong of ‘gooks’ as they called them back then, later termed as racist.  I was never PC myself so I didn’t give a shit either way.  This time they were killing panicking civilians, looters, gang members and so on.  Those guys were once again heroes as they had been in Vietnam.  The fuel was becoming a serious problem as supplies grew scarcer and scarcer.  Soon, one by one they stopped flying.  One by one they were left in the hangers to gather dust once again.  Army and Air Force bases ran out of supplies. There were internal wars over what was left and the more the supplies became scarce, the worse the conflicts became.  It was a nightmare, the classic apocalypse scenario.  One of the last Vietnam Veteran pilots was with us.  Some of the stories he told of the conflict there and the treatment of prisoners gave us all nightmares.  Yet they lived with it, they got on with it.  Even the betrayal of their own government did not kill their spirits.  The people turned against them calling them baby killers with no regard for what the men had been put through whatsoever.  The government of USA was responsible for the long war, illegal to start with and even more so as time went on.  It baffled me why people continued to join the military at all as the wars came thick and fast, one after the other.  Young men dying for a quest for resources.  Those wars were purely about money and oil.  What a waste.  The refineries were useless.  The oil was now useless.  It was all for nothing. Most wars are.  As a veteran myself I knew the futility of it.  UK always followed USA into totally illegal wars.  The troops came back maimed and mentally scarred. That is pretty much the story of how we got to this point.  I think it is important to record it.  Future generations hundreds of years from now will want to know.  Nature in my opinion is the greatest healer.  The trees and grass quickly reclaimed what man had abandoned.  Once teaming city streets packed with people rushing here and there now had grass, weeds and trees growing in them.  Buildings were falling down, their windows broken like sad eyes looking out on a post apocalyptic landscape, mourning the world that was, not fitting into the world as it is now.  Useless, relics of a bygone era that nature had superseded in record time.  It was still strange to see.  


Buses and cars rotted in the streets, most fire damaged.  The rioting chavs burned everything they couldn’t steal.  Money blew in the wind, just more litter now.  It was useless.  Everything that had been useful, for the most part, wasn’t now.  Gun shops that were everywhere in the USA were the first to be raided of course.  Chavs being brainless stole every gun they could lay their hands on not once thinking they would soon be completely useless except as a club!

As time went on we settled into a kind of routine.  Every day the same.  We never expected change.  One day this would suddenly change.  We awoke one morning to vibration in the silo.  The ground beneath us was shaking as were the walls.  Being underground, in the middle of the shaking so to speak was terrifying.  We had no clue what was causing it.  An earthquake was not supposed to occur within a hundred miles of the silo’s location.  Scientists have discussed this and decided that it was unlikely that such an event could occur in this region, but should it happen the results will be catastrophic. They predicted the result could actually split the country into two pieces.  I was afraid for the first time since all this began.  I could not help but wonder if that was what was happening right now. I called out the guards and re ran to get out of the silo to see what was happening.  As we reached the surface, we saw the sky was a livid orange.  Black clouds scudded past at record speed.  This could the the end and we had all thought ‘The Event was the end.  I realised now that it was the beginning of the end.  No satellites were working and if they were we had no way to reach them, so a weather report was out of the question.  We had to rely on our instinct and our eyesight.  My instinct told me this was bad, VERY bad.


I sounded the klaxon alarm that screamed the warning to all personnel and we rand down into the bunker.  My Lieutenant checked names on his clipboard and when everyone was safely inside we electrified the entire perimeter and sealed the bunker.  External Geiger counters monitored external radiation levels.  I did not know what was happening exactly but it felt like the world was coming apart.  I looked at the monitors for the outside cameras and saw huge blue sparks arcing across the sky.  Forked lightening blew huge holes in the ground, which was still shaking. The sky looked almost black and big black clouds went across the sky at crazy speeds.


The wind was bending trees until their tops hit the grounds, many snapped.  The sound was off on the cameras but I could only imagine the screaming of the wind and estimated it to be blowing in excess of 100mph.  Anyone outside now would simply be blown away.  Long ago rusted vehicles flew past the cameras born along by the fierce winds.  The air was filled with debris from roofs of barns it looked like, corrugated tin sheets whirling around like huge knives that would decimate anyone in it’s path. Even the huge thick walls of the bunker vibrated as the ground shook around them.  I began to wonder if it would ever stop.  Outside it was beginning to get dark and we a retired to try and sleep, although I seriously doubted anyone would sleep.  I was exhausted, bone weary and I did sleep fitfully.  Tortured by dreams of what had passed, and gone.  I remembered happier times playing with my ferrets in their run.  They were my family, my ONLY family, and my ONLY reason for living.  They lived in my quarters here with me thank God.  I would not live one day without them.  New kits were soon to be born, like a symbol of hope, that all is not lost, that life will renew itself.  Everyone loved my babies and many came to watch them play in the playroom off my quarters.  The storage bunker was packed to the rafters with weapons and supplies for all of us for about 50 years, and this included my babies who had a corner stacked with ferret food and bags of cat litter.  The waste was incinerated in the huge furnace and this in turn provided heat for the bunker.  We had a great set up here and could survive almost indefinitely.  In the hydroponics bay we used UV light to grow plants and vegetables for food.  Dr Prous was an Ex Cambridge professor of biology.  He understood all the technology and he had gardeners assist him in planting and harvesting.  It was a huge success.  We recycled waste water through a purification plant 10 floors below in the plant room where the furnace was.  The huge generators for the power were down there too.  It ran like a well oiled machine, we fighters did the protection and fighting, and as our role was now defunct for the foreseeable future we assumed security roles.  I was in command and all decisions came through me and my lieutenants.  We also had a committee who decided on everyday running decisions, such as what to plant, what to harvest, food allocation and so forth.  We had a church and kept a Sunday service going as well.  I as an ordained minister did the sermons and several lay people also contributed to these.  Someone else read the bible reading and so on and so forth.  Everything was fair and equal.  If the world had been run more like this instead of the power crazed Nazi New World Order then we would not be in this mess now I was sure of it.  They had polluted and destroyed the planet, murdered millions in Agenda 21 depopulation, dumbed down the rest that they could barely think for themselves.  It had been a hellish living nightmare and maybe the world was better off starting with a clean slate.  I often thought so.  Many agreed with me. On some level even the Nazis of the NWO knew what they were doing was wrong because they became totally paranoid.  Echelon was the global spy network where every conversation, every computer keystroke was monitored and recorded in the UK.  The CIA had the data centre for their citizens which did the same thing.  At the end there was no privacy, no rights, human or otherwise.  Rebels like myself and my band were rounded up and put in internment camps for disposal.  We escaped.  I could out-think the NWO in my sleep, I always could, thanks to my psychic gift.  I knew what they were going to do almost before they did and it served me well throughout the endless living hell that was my life.  It was run by USA of course, the origin of the evil Nazi New World Order and naturally UK joined in as well, two cheeks of the same Fascist arse, they were.  NSA, CIA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD and all the others were in charge of it all.  That was no great loss to humanity when it was all destroyed.  That was certain. They micro-chipped a lot of the population, before ‘The Event’ but it did not work for long.  Us survivalists were too well organised to be caught in their net.  After the pulse nothing worked.  ‘The Event’ wiped out all electronics apart from what we had down here.  No Internet, no satellites.  Eventually the satellites were nothing but useless space junk deteriorating year by year until they eventually crashed to Earth somewhere.  I was glad to see the back of the Nazi NWO and Echelon.  They were a plague, a disease that needed to be eradicated.  I wish I could claim credit for wiping them out, I really do, but sadly they did that themselves, with ‘The Event’.  Ha Ha, beaten by their own technological so-called ‘advances’.  It literally blew up in their stupid arrogant faces and I was glad.  Many will want to know about Terminator, Rise of The Machines etc etc.  Well sorry to disappoint, but it never happened.  Many thought it would, but A.I and robotics like everything else electronic got fried in ‘The Event’ ! No robots running about the planet, no machines taking over the world. Sorry.  I had led raid in the early days on all the underground bunkers of the elite, the Pensmore Mansion was first to fall to my guns and army.  We took the food the elite had stored away fro themselves all the diesel fuel to power the battle-bus and the convoy of armoured 18 wheelers we used to transport it.  The elite were slaughtered like the cattle they were, exactly the way they had mercilessly and without second thought slaughtered the population.  Justice of a sort, and we had food to survive and shelter for those who needed it and wanted to join us.  We were blessed with 5 doctors among our number and we took all their medical supplies as well.  Several raids later we had it all stashed in a nuclear armament bunker near the silo.  My engineers permanently sealed it on the surface and grassed it over like it never existed.  Then they built a tunnel sloping up from the stores to access the supplies in the huge bunker where once warheads were kept.  Again rather fitting I thought, from housing weapons of mass extermination to supplies to support survivors of the elite caused holocaust.  The underground city under Denver International Airport where they built a ten storey bunker complex just for themselves, fell early on, we saw to that.  Eventually they had nowhere to hide.  We were well organised.  Soon the fuel ran out and the vehicles became useless.  Same thing with the guns when the ammunition ran out.  We raided museums for medieval weapons and private collections and I trained people to fight with clubs, battle axes and maces, not used since the days of the knights in armour.  There were no more factories making ammunition and no electricity to run the fuel pumps.  The world would never again be the place it was.  This was a brave new world, a free world, without tyranny.  We still had a small stock of ammunition for our guns enough to last a year or more if we were careful, but when it was gone that was it.  Women were eaqual to men in our society, everyone was equal, everyone had a say.  We all became expert at martial arts and sword fighting.  We built a hospital in the large briefing room at the bottom of the silo once used for military board meetings I would imagine.  We took beds and trolleys from ruined hospitals and kitted it out.  It wasn’t five star luxury, a field hospital at best, but we had bandages and medicines and antibiotics which were carefully rationed.  Before the lock in when we closed the steel blast doors for the foreseeable future we gathered what we could sending out raiding parties.  I had always known the day would come when we would have to lock in down here and there would be no more raids.  Nuclear power plants the world over melted down with nobody to maintain them, the world did eventually become radioactive and the oceans went first, Fukushima ruined the Pacific with radiation long before the event.  Fresh water became contaminated and we shut down the pumps to the reservoir as the water was useless.  We had to recycle and reuse and this we did.  The plants in hydroponics renewed the air supply and the scrubbers at the surface scrubbed a little outside air enough to supplement it.  I had no idea how long we would be locked in down here, but I did know we would survive.  My whole life had been and endless brutal battle for survival.  I had never known anything else.  This was not new to me.  It was hard on some of the others but they adapted.  If you didn’t adapt you couldn’t survive.  If and when we did emerge to see the sun again we would all be stronger people ready and willing to start over in a brave new world.  It would be hard but we would do it.  I was relentless with the weapons training and survival training passing on my special forces skills to everyone.  We became a cohesive unit, a band of brothers and sisters who stood shoulder to shoulder against anything that was thrown against us and we did not yield. Not one inch of ground did we yield. Eventually the gut wrenching tremors stopped as the earth stopped tearing herself apart.  The Native Americans among our number tough the botanists how to grow natural medicines and the chemists made it into them.  We loved out strange huge tube of a world.  It was ours and for me the nearest thing I had ever had to a home.  The engineers inspected the pipe work and the walls regularly and for an ageing cold war silo she stood up rather well I have to say.  Any cracks that appeared were minor and the thickness of the walls ensured they were only superficial in the surface plaster rather than through the walls.  The tunnels at the base of the silo were coated with some fire retardant concrete because of the flames from the rockets as the missiles launched.  Ours were unblackened so no missiles were fired from here.  This silo I reckoned had been decommissioned long ago when the cold war ended.  So that is the story of our survival and we go on one day at a time.  We occasionally heard faint crashes which on the surface would have been bone jarring explosions as space junk fell to earth around us.  We prayed no one landed on the blast doors sealing us in forever, but we had dynamite in case that happened.  I often sat, when in pensive mood, and wondered what it looked like beyond our little tube of civilisation now, a desolate desert perhaps, littered with tangled space junk, now unrecognisable as billion dollar satellites and orbiters.  We had a short wave radio in case there were other survivors out there but we never heard anyone.  Each call out was met with static.  My radio engineer tried every channel every day several times a day and nothing.  He said to me once “Boss do you suppose were are the only ones left?”  It was a thought provoking question indeed. “I don’t know. Perhaps” was all I said.  I doubt if anything could survive long on the surface now. My ferrets had had to hide their whole lives fromt eh hateful scum around us and the worst scum of all, private anti pet parasite landlords.  Now they were better than royalty because they were probably the only animals left.  Id talk to them and cuddle them for hours every day and I had kept my promise to the, to always keep them safe or die trying.  I didn’t die, I got this silo and the rest you know.  They were safe at last and I smiled at that. I kissed each of their little heads as I put them to bed for the night.  I had built them a playroom with tunnels and toys and the engineers brought old broken bits of pipes for them if they were wide enough.  I still saw the deep love in their eyes every time they looked at me.  To them I was just daddy.  That would never change for them.  I had always kept them safe and they had no reason to doubt that I wouldn’t always keep them safe.  Now they could not comprehend they had beaten all the haters, all the scum and outlived all the animals wild and pet and were the only animals left alive anywhere as far as I knew.  I loved them more each day.They w ere my family. To them I was daddy, to everyone here a leader and saviour.  To me I was a man apart, a man who had never belonged anywhere. I was me. I was him.  I was all of these things.  I was CITIZEN ZEE and this is my story. Our story, everyone here was a part of it.  We all contributed we all benefited.  Our little utopia.  I looked around as I reached for the light switch to the babies room and bade them goodnight, “Goodnight my babies, we are home at last.”  I whispered to their already closing eyes as I softly closed and locked their door and headed to my quarters.







© Copyright 2019 Citizen Zee. All rights reserved.

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