Taylor McKenzie Warning: Japan Used Cars for Sale

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As much as the number of automobile manufacturers in Japan, so as to the number of used cars that are available for the market.  Every month, these cars are exported to different parts of the world. Given the opportunity, online trades and auctions pave the way for efficient sales and economic advancement but along with it is the uprising risk of frauds.

With the outstanding quality and cheapness of the legitimate cars, raises the demand across the globe and its reputation attracts crimes. From cars to dealers, documents to certificates, fakes are on the loose.

To be not taken advantage of, make yourself knowledgeable on the basics of such scams.

Online Transactions

Using websites may be tricky but it is simple to verify. Check the car exporter site name and details such as a permanent address, email and office telephone. If possible call the numbers on the site and ask for police verification certificate and registration. You may check if the company is a member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA). Aside from knowing the purchase process and payment terms, inquire about the availability of their vehicles. This will give information if they are operating on a regular basis.

Photos and Details

Legitimate car dealers display tons of consistent pictures from different angles to showcase their cars. Not just to flaunt the beauty but to show the condition of the car from the interior to the exterior. With all the specifications and even the documents, trusted dealers are upfront.

CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) Price

Overall costing, shipping and clearing will be the total of the transaction costs. Make sure that you are transacting with a company that lets you choose your agent. Beware if you are being required to have the agent they recommended for this will limit your options on how much you will allot for the shipping.

Buyer Protection Service

As a buyer, look for those that offer “Buyer Protection Service” which will ensure your transaction has been seamless and the customer has been served to have the best experience. Trusted dealers also are of benefit from this service for it protects not just the buyer’s side but of selling company as well from criminal activities.

Email and text messages

Most scams frequently would not prefer to speak on the phone and would prefer to do the transactions via email and text messages. Always check the number (those starting with +81-80 or +81-90) or email for authenticity, some scams may use official looking email addresses. See the message if it is poor in grammar or spelling and if there are inconsistencies. If the sender is asking for your details, such as your full name, address, birth date and financial credentials, and even asks for you to wire money, refuse the deal by deleting the email and mark it as a spam to prevent future references.

With all these in mind, stay wary and on the look out for your email inboxes and your transaction.

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Clever insightful well-researched information. Your writing exemplifies the adage "knowledge is power".

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