The Last Halloween

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Jake loves Halloween. every year he would dress up as Dracula and every year he does his best to scare the trick or treaties. however, what jake will learn this year will be the last year he will
ever celebrate Halloween .

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Submitted: April 07, 2018




Jake loves Halloween. Every year he would dress up as Dracula and every year he does his best to scare the trick or treaties. However, what Jake will learn this year will be the last year he will ever celebrate Halloween.


On the day of Halloween, Jake and his friends were on their way to his house, when they passed a cemetery that was close to where he lives. There was a legend about the cemetery, that when people went to visit their loved ones at night they would never come back out again. They would just simply vanish.


Despite the legend, Jake and his friends wanted to do something fun before they went to his house, so Jake’s friend August said to him,


‘I dare you to go inside the cemetery for 10 minutes then come back out’


‘10 minutes?’ said Jake, ‘let’s make it 30’


One of Jake’s friends, Simon disagreed with the idea and he said,


‘I don’t know about this Jake. You do know what happens to people who go into that place at night, right?’


‘Yeah, so? said Jake, ‘The people who disappeared from that place was a pure coincidence’


‘Yeah, they say the same thing in horror films’ said Simon.


‘Don’t be such a chicken,’ said August. ‘Let Jake be a man for once’


Jake responded with a sarcastic laugh and then with no hesitation he went into the cemetery.


As he walked through the place, he kept looking at his watch, to make sure that he was going to get out at the correct time. The cemetery was silent. There was nothing but the sound of the wind and the sound of moving trees. As Jake moved deeper into the cemetery, he checked his watch again. He’d been there for 5 minutes and already he was frightened. His body began to shiver and he was already thinking of running away.


Suddenly he heard high-pitched laughter coming from behind him.


‘Who’s there?’ said Jake


No one answered. The laughter just continued. Jake looked all around him. The laughter started to come from everywhere. Jake started to back up but before he knew it, he had fallen into a grave hole, but as he started to get up he, then suddenly he fell again.





It was dark and cold, Jake took a look at his watch again and it was only 10 minutes until he could leave. But right now, he does not know how he is going to get out. He turned on his torch on his phone and he shined around. He could see that the hole leads to some sort of tunnel. It looked like it went on forever. Jake tried his best to climb back out, but it was no use. The way back up was too steep. Then he tried to call his friends but there was no reception. He was on his own.




Jake checked the time on his watch. It was 5 minutes before he could leave and win the dare, but even if he could there was no way out. The only thing he could do was press on through the tunnels hoping that it would lead somewhere back up. So Jake went on through the tunnel. He was wondering, what was the tunnel doing there in the first place? And the scariest question is what did happen to the people who came here at night?



Suddenly there was that laughter again. This time it was close. It was coming from right behind him. Jake turned around slowly and behind him was a goblin-like creature. It was a ghoul; the monster that eats the flesh of dead corpses and sometimes kills and eats the living. Jake started to run as fast as he could, but two ghouls appeared right in front of him and then the one from behind him grabbed him.


‘Help!’ said Jake, ’Anyone? Help!’


The two ghouls held him down, Jake continued to scream for help, but he got no answer. Then one of the ghouls grabbed what looked like a man-made knife and started slitting Jake’s wrist on both of his arms. Then it stabbed the knife into Jakes' belly and the ghouls started to dig into his belly and started eating his intestines like spaghetti. Jake stopped screaming. His eyes closed slowly until they were shut.


August and Simon were standing outside of the cemetery. Jake’s time was up but there was no sign of him.


‘He should have been back by now’ said August

‘I told you that the legends were true’ said Simon


‘He’s probably just lost his watch or something’ said August 

‘I am going in’


‘Well I am not coming” said Simon.


‘Don’t be such chicken’, said August 


August went inside the cemetery.


‘Fine wait for me’, said Simon



‘I am going to regret this Simon thought”,


 They looked everywhere but they could find no sign of Jake. Suddenly they started hearing high-pitched laughter coming from all around them. August and Simon both began to shiver with fear, then one of the ghouls said two words: ‘Dinner time!’



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