Triangle Teleportation (Restored Portal)

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I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 9th poem set, Destiny Decided.

After, thoroughly, contemplating, what, to do, with, my, home, planet, Earth.

I've decided to, reconstruct, my, paramount, portal, that, was, shattered, by, the battle, against, my, curses.

Spaceship, travel, would take, a much longer, time, of, further, journeying.

I'm, sure, we'll have to, do, a similar, method, with, other, planets, we, discover, in, farther, galaxies, in, the future.

We've finally, arrived, at, my, world, after, persistently, searching, for, more, lifeforms, to join, our, universe.

I've scanned, my, entire, world, and, I've pinpointed, the exact, spot, so, we're, on, our, way, now, to that, barren, location.

Within, seconds, we've started, using, our, agile, abilities, precisely, and, the scattered, shards, are being, restored, into, a triangular, formation.

This time, I'm, going to, transform, into, my, star, mode, and, use, the triangle, portal, to cross, dimensions, with, interstellar, teleportation.

The two, luminescent, aliens, are helping, in, this, process, but, I've, already, explained, to them, that, this, will be, a trip, that, I, take, alone, for, different, reasons.

They, wanted, to assist, in, this, part, of, the plan, but, I, told, them, that, it's, too, risky, for, the three, of, us, to go, and, this is, my, problem, to resolve.

They'll, instead, start, anticipating, the arrival, of, different, species, while, continuing to, build, their, own, world, of, personal, perfection.

I know, what, I, have to, do, and, I, hope, I'll, have, the power, to accomplish, it, and, the strength, to make, it, back, from, this, dimensional, event.

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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