the girl with a steel heart

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first you train, then you fight if you live you will become gait but if you fail you will die a thousand deaths

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Submitted: April 07, 2018




Punch, kick, duck, punch. Ezzi and i fall into the steady rhythm of training as we always do, this time is no different, except i know what’s to come and he dues not. Getting chosen to serve the crown is an honor, or at least it is for some people not me though. The villagers think its a fairytale, it’s anything but, there are no princes, no white horses and lots of dragons and it is my job to slay them. Or rather it will be once the trial is over, a trile i will win at any cost. Ezzi lands a kick square to my chest it sends me tumbling out of the arena. Abron, my trainer and the man who got me here gives me a disappointed grunt as he walks toward me, i know better than to get up “If you let them knock you down you better be prepared for them to do anything to keep you there.” he told me on my first day of training. I was a human punching bag for the more experienced kingsmen. It did not take me long to learn my place and soon I came to despise it so I fought and trained and became a weapon I made my place at the top and I stayed there undefeated, until today. ”I'll let your foolishness go this once” Abron spat at me “only because i know that you realize another mistake and you will no longer be the favorite kingsmen in training.” Kingsmen, I hate that cursed word they are more like kings goules, doing his dirty work whilst hiding in the shadows of his throne. Not after today, by the end of today I will be the leader of the kings guild of assassins.

“Fall into line.“ commands Abron as the palace guards, who are usually as still and stone faced as the gargoyles perched atop the training buildings roof jump to life and haul the heavy wooden doors open. We scramble from our training exercises, falling into rank, first is the trainers then the teams of kingsmen and lastly those of us in training, all in neat rows behind our traner. The room stills like a heavy blanket of silence has fallen over us. The king's right hand man, Stythe appears in the doorway, his face in a permanent scowl. Behind him trails a line of senterials, gifted warriors who are tasked with the kings safety, dressed all in black and wearing their weapons like fine jewels, behind them is a bulking mass hiden by the shadows, the glint of his gold and silver crown is the only indication as to who he might be. To anyone else he might appear a hulking brute but i know better, his war strategies are nothing compared to the way he plays the council, turning them against one another and tricking them into siding with him on any and all important decisions. He is nothing if not ruthless. “His royal hiness king Toboutrs Galithinaious.” announces Stythe with a cool but slimy tone, the king glides into the training room, with all the grace of a swaun on one of the palice lakes. He stops at the threshold, his gase immediately lands on us, the kingsmen in training, moste srink from his gaze or look at the floor but not me, I lift my head to meet him head on, my eyes land on his face and stay there pinning him. I would like to think that in that second he knew who I was, what I have become and what I plan to do, but that is foolish thinking. I know better then to want anything from this man “All looks promising.” He says to Stythe, not even having the courtesy to address those he is talking about. The king simply commonds “Begin.” Not even a heartbeat later the floor sinks down and the training ring turns into an arena, faster than lightning all the trainers and Kingsmen step out of the way and shove all us trainees into the pit of doom everyone is confused and starteld, except me. I knew this was coming, and i know what to do next. I don’t like it but it must be done.

“Fight.” its Abrons last command, by the end of this I will ether be dead or I will have a gulde of my own. So I go after the nameless ones first, they fall like trees in a hell storme not dead, I hope. Ezzi looks at me with horror and confusion, but he knew this day was coming, we all did. Agatha is my next target, she has no hand to hand combat skills, she’s better suited to a bow and arrow, or a sword even and puts up little fight. She only gets one hit in and all it takes is a kick to the stomach and she is sprawled on the floor , I leave her there not wanting to inflect anymore pain. At first there were twelve, two minutes of fighting pass and there are three Ezzi, March and I. March is my next target he is a huge mountain of a man strong but slow and that is his weakness. I strike and run, trying to where him down but it’s not enough, no matter how many strikes I land or how many I doge neither of us can get the upper hand so I jump as high as I can and kick with all the strength I have, for a moment March is stunned but it soon wears off and he’s up again, this time he is not taking the subtle approach, he charges and I dart out of the way but instead of air I run head first into Ezzi he looks shocked I try my best to slap him out of it whilst maneuvering him away from punches. Finally after almost getting hit in the jaw with a piece of wood March must have found or taken from somewhere he snaps back to life and charges, his sudden outburst takes March totally by surprise and he’s hauled back into the hard arena wall there is a loud groaning noise as Ezzi kicks March in the head and he falls to the ground uncounchase, the mountain man nothing but a stone rolling down a hill. Ezzi and I turn to face each other, we have fought in training of course but that was tranng, how we act now will determine the fate of the rest of our lives. For the first time today I am nervous I dont know weather to give Ezzi the dignity of a decent fight or if I should just knock him out and be done with it, but I don’t get a chance to make my decision because before I can curl my fingers into a fist Ezzi's hand collides with my head and my head collides with the floor.

I wake up in a chair seated next to Ezzi at the head of a long table and as I look up I realize that Abron is sitting opposite us and seated in the chairs along the long side of the tabil are the people who were our opponents. “Now that you have all awoken we must begin transferring and assigning you new positions, those of you who failed will be given the disgrace of staying lowly palace guards.” he shoots a glare my way and carries on “Those of you who passed will be ranked accordingly.” I can only hope I passed because I certainly did not win. Slowly Abron announces who is to be assigned where, all of t he nameless ones have the honor of being palice guarde forever. Going from kingsmen to guard is devastating. I can only hope that my fate is not so tragic. The names tick by and one by one the hall empties of its occupance until it’s only me, Ezzi and March “March, you were defeated,” Abron smirkes down at the mountain man. March opens his mouth to argue but thinks better of it, a wise man. “You have been given a choice, you can live out you’re days protecting the royal family or you can join wing fifteen and march on the Ebben lands in a months time.” a cold laugh escapes Abron “An interesting choice lays before you.” he muses “What!” shouts March “you cannot do that, the match was unfair and you know it, you give me a choice between curtain death or a life of staring into nothing?” he fumes. “You will make a choice.” states Abron “and you will not complain or you will face the consequences.” he adds in a cool calm voice that makes me want to be sick. March leaves in a huff not even wanting to be dismissed “Bring that ungrateful hulking tree to my office as soon as i'm done with these two.” he sneers to one of the guards by the door. I want to shrink into the chair i'm in but think better of it, if i'm to be assigned guard duty by this cruel man I will not shrink away from him. Abron turns from the guard and fixes his gaze on me he wates a long moment before he turns to Ezzi and dues the same, then he stands from the table and strides towards us, each step filled with danger and menace. “You two gave us quite the show” he says. I don’t dare to breathe for the fear it will set him off and doom me. “I was expecting Di to win.” he says with a hint of amusement in his voice “I was pleasantly surprised when she opted to help you instead of letting the ball of useless muscle end you himself.” he sneers with a sly smile. His opinion of March has obviously taken a turn for the worst. “You tied by the way.” he adds “leaving me with a huge mess by the way.” We sit in silence for a minute until I work up the courage to ask “So what now?” Abron chuckles “You two, like March have a choice to make, option one you two can dule and the last to die will be leader of the new guld, second option you shere leadership.” next to me Ezreal tenses, I will not forget what he did to me in the arena, hitting me when I was not looking and helping himself to an easy win, the coward does not deserve a nickname. He won’t even look at me now. “Not too fond of shering I see.“ laughs Abron “Well you can have a third option then” he says staring at Ezreal “Admit it was a fluke, an unfair victory and all will be righted.” his eyes do not leave Ezreal's face I have to look away, we all know I would have won, we also know that I have always been Abrons favorite, I received extra training and I was more extensively groomed for this position. Ezreal looks up at me for not even a split second but it is enough and I know exactly what he is thinking “We will work together.” we both reply in unison, the very words make me want to rip out my vocal chords but I say them anyway. “Tomorrow nine hours, your first meeting, this room.” and with that Abron turns on his heel and glides out the room. Ezreal and I sit in silence for a long moment, finally I stand, it takes Ezreal all of two second to follow. I look directly into his eyes hoping he will feel at least some shame for what he's done, but it's in vain, his face in a mask of cold indifference. I offer him a firm handshake turn on my heel and leave.

Without a word.

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