Eye of the hurricane

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The first story of a separate location but still connected to my Rising Star story arc. New Characters, new city, same world.

News stations across the states and all over the world were bursting with excitement. Every station had one name on their mind. Jupiter. The mysterious hero emerged one day a few weeks ago and ever since, very little else had made news. But why would you talk about the same old celebrity gossip or weather conditions when a man flew from the sky to stop a shootout, safely landing a plane that lost a wing, rescued dozens of people from a horrendous fire or even more incredible, fighting with some kind of rock monster.

Yes this super being was a living breathing Superman, minus the super speed, complete with the from another planet back story…or at least that is the most popular theory, truth was, their hero wasn’t talking to anyone, he’d save the day and fly off. The only thing they knew was he must have loved the color green since that was the color of his suit. That and he seemed to call the city of Darden his home. They interviewed eye witnesses and rescues but it’s not the same as talking to the man himself.

Venders were out selling T-shirts with Jupiter’s “J” logo or portraits, anything green sold five times as much. Just about everyone carried cameras and cell phones in hopes of snapping a pic of the world’s newest and biggest hero. Of course not everyone was a fan, there were almost as many anti-alien signs and invasion claims and people screaming for him to go back to whatever planet he came from.  In a printing store, the lone worker, Walter Greggs takes his eighth Jupiter related request of the day, he smiles coyly to himself and gets to work, his radio playing behind him. His studio was filled with past work that was waiting to be picked up or shipped, or just to show off his talents to possible clients. His diploma mounted on a wall near mass photos of world travel.

Walter turns to the radio as it reports of a rampaging gunman, he gets up from his seat and checks the door, he then moves quickly to the back room where he removes his shirt, revealing that ever famous green and the purple “J”. It was easy for Walter to keep his secret despite not wearing a mask, his job made it so hardly anyone came in to see him and if they did, they were not paying attention to his looks. He climbed the stairs to the roof and took off.

Elsewhere in the city of Darden, at B.R.A.I.N. technologies (Brining Radically Advanced Innovations Now) Hanz Corban was directing his team “Ok, Ted, Marshal, apparently there was a bit of a problem in the east wing. It’s going to be messy.” “What else is new, those guys are always messing shit up.” Ted said “Now Ted, science is built on screw ups, they’ll get it right next time and then the world will be better for it.” Hanz sent his twelve man team off to their respective positions and rounded a corner and looked into a lab. A scientist, Reggie Madden, had a complicated algorithm on his chalkboard and seemed to be frustrated. Hanz peeked in “You seem stressed sir, maybe you should take a break?” “Maybe you should mind your own business, I have important work to do.” Reggie bellowed, Hanz slunk back “N-no disrespect sir, honest. Just…” “Just nothing. Leave me to my work.” Reggie said glairing. Two more scientists came along “Is there a problem?” one said “This fool thinks he knows better than me.” Said Reggie, still by the board “Wha…But…I never…” Hanz slunk back more “Oh that’s rich.” said the third scientist “The janitor is giving you advice.” “You think this work is easy?” the second one said “Well…you do have the equation wrong, I think you’re…” Han started “What?! You think I missed something? I excel in this field boy, you excel at cleaning?” Reggie was really starting to look red (Hanz says something else that actual fixes the problem) one of the others tried not to look impressed with Hanz salving the equation. “What is going on here?” a fourth man stepped in and pulled Hanz out because it looked like the scientist was about to sock him.

“Mr. McGrath, sir. I’m sorry.” Hanz said withdrawing into himself, the other two scientists held back the one who was still fuming the one explained “Hanz here told Reggie that he needed to take a step back and then proceeded to try to help with this equation….I…” he stopped himself as he looked at Reggie “Sounds to me that maybe Reggie should take a break and cool down.” Mr. McGrath said “I know what I’m doing, I don’t need his help.” Reggie said and immediately bowed his head, a blush forming on his face “I’m sorry, Mark….I…think I will take a break.” Reggie left before his boss could say any more, the other two scientists returned to their jobs as well. Mark McGrath walked with Hanz down the hall. “Are you alright Mr. Corban? Do you need a drink or something?” Hanz sheepishly shook his head “No, thank you Mr. McGrath.” “You need to show more assertiveness Hanz, you’re obviously a smart guy and you’re the leader of your own team, you can talk to them just fine. Stop thinking so little of yourself.” “I’m sorry sir.” Hanz said “Don’t be sorry, I know you won’t be a janitor forever, you finally got into college right?” Hanz looked at him in surprise “I didn’t realize you were paying that much attention.” “Sure. One day you’re going to be one of my top scientists and then you can prove to Regg you’re just as good as he is.” Mark said and they parted ways.

Walter enters his building, they few people who see him exchanging polite hellos and nothing more, He enters the apartment and goes to the fridge which had a mass amount of world travel photos pinned up with magnets. Walter pulls a microwaveable meal from the freezer and sets the timer. He removes his jacket and shoes and plops on the couch in the living room. The room was filled with books and more photos of places traveled as well as souvenirs from Russian, Asia, Africa, Australia, all over Europe and South America. Walter turned on his TV which was on a Russian program, he watched it until the microwave beeped. He retrieved his meal, and when he came back, he flipped to a nature show.

Later that night Hanz was walking a girl home after a less than successful date when a group of men came out of an ally. One pulled a knife “Hand over the money and no one gets hurt.” He said Hanz took a step back before reaching for his wallet. “You’re just going to give in, just like that?” his date said “He’s smart.” Said the criminal “You should try it some time.” “You won’t be taking anything.” A distorted voice said, then a blur of white dropped down and broke the knife wielder’s arm, the figure flipped back and took out two more before anyone could identify the assailant. Then they saw the bit of red on the mask and the red cross with the letters ICU on it. The other three charged, the masked hero used a variation of martial arts moves to hit them hard, ICU whipped out an extending club and cracked one in the head. Hanz was frozen by the amazing display, his date however was long gone, ICU turned to him “You should get out of here sir.” “Thank you.” Hanz called as he ran off.

The gang started to regroup, two of them looking after the one who broke his arm. “Come on losers.” Said ICU the group stood and seemed to look past him with a bit more fear on their faces. ICU sighed and turned to see Jupiter floating there “You’re not needed here.” ICU said and turned back to the gang “You gentlemen are going to turn yourselves in now aren’t you?” Jupiter said and they ran off, perhaps to do just that. “Don’t you have a giant monster to fight?” ICU says as he puts his extending club away in annoyance. “You don’t have to be so ruff with these guys.” Jupiter told him “It’s the only thing they understand ICU said pulling a grappling hook out, firing it up and taking off. ICU runs along the rooftops, soon Jupiter flies beside him “You should leave this type of thing to the police.” He said, ICU took a sharp turn and threw down a smoke bomb, Jupiter, unable to stop flew into it. He waved the smoke away and once he could see again, ICU was gone.

Back at B.R.A.I.N. tech the next day, Reggie was on a breakthrough, he had finally gotten the final piece he needed to finish his project, though he would never admit it was actually Hanz who did so. He saw Mark walking by with some files “Mark, come here. I think I’ve done it.” Reggie said proudly. Mark comes in a little impressed “I guess that break the other day payed off then.” Reggie directed his attention to the corner where he had a large machine “I give you the Winryde. With this we will be able to lift, push, cut and even drill using air pressure rather than metal.” “Well. I’m not sure about the name but the rest sounds pretty good. If, it works as you say.” Mark stated “Oh but it will, trust me.” Reggie said and set up the Winryde by a table with a board suspended by books, he moved Mark to the other side of the room, behind a glass wall and handed him a lab coat and goggles, Mark looked at them and Reggie suspiciously and put them on. Reggie started up the Winryde which started making a high pitch noise. Mark covered his ears and looked frustratingly at Reggie “What the hell are you using to power this thing!?” he asked a bright bluish green light came from the machine and filled the room “Well. About two hundred pounds of plutonium…” Reggie started, Mark’s eyes went wide “and some… elements of my own… creation.” Reggie’s enthusiasm died as he could see Mark was clearly not only unimpressed but also enraged “That much plutonium isn’t bad enough, you add unknown elements? What the fuck made you think any of this was a good idea?” From the hall Hanz comes in with a mop and bucket, he is obviously also curious about the experiment “Hanz, what are you doing here?” Mark said and turned the Reggie “Reggie, shut this thing down, I want it gone.” The sound became even more unbearable and the light brighter and the machine fired off a beam that hit Hanz square in the chest, he slammed against the wall and dropped to the floor “Turn this this off now damn it.” Mark cried but Reggie couldn’t make out anything because of the light. Suddenly the far wall busted in and Jupiter flew in, he shielded his own eyes as well. “Jupiter!” Mark called “Get that crazy thing out of here, it’s going to blow. It could take out the city for all I know.” and Jupiter grabbed the device and flew it out of there like it was nothing.

Jupiter flew out over the city going as high and as fast as he could. He whirled around and flung the screeching thing up and flew down in the opposite direction, since he didn’t know how big a blast it would cause. It went off like an atom bomb, Jupiter just barely out of range is flung down but slows his dissent. He flew back to the lab where he could see through the hole that Mark had a pair of security officials taking Reggie away in cuffs. Jupiter saw the ambulance arrive at the front and the paramedics rush in. Mark looked out and saw Jupiter as he flew away, knowing the paramedics could help the injured man.

Jupiter hovered over the city for a while, he checked the sky where the bomb went off and it was slowly returning to blue, he hoped there wouldn’t be any toxicity. He flew around a bit more and not far he heard a gunshot, he zipped down to where it came from. Chris Anderson and Martian Danials run to their car, each with bags full of money, Martian, also holding a gun “I can’t believe you shot that cop.” Chris yelled as he opened the door and both of them threw their money in “So you’d rather go to jail?” Martian said as he got in the driver’s seat. They bucked in and Martian started the car. Just then a green mass dropped down, smashing the hood of the car, Jupiter stood there looking at the men and slowly floated up and to the driver’s side door. Both men rose their hands in defeat.

Days later, in the hospital, Hanz finally wakes up. He sees a familiar face in the room “Mr. McGrath?” The doctor came in and checked Hanz over “Good to have you back Hanz.” Mark said “Glad I was here to see it.” “He might be awake.” The doctor said “But he’ll still need a lot of time to heal and probably therapy.” Hanz just lay there not even trying to move, he can’t even express all the emotions he’s feeling right now. “It’s ok Hanz.” Mark said “The doctors are going to take good care of you.” The doctor gives him a reassuring nod and taps the machinery which bares the mark of B.R.A.I.N. technologies on it “We also have the best medical resources.” “Take whatever time off you need, even after you recoup.” Mark said “I don’t expect you back right away but your job will be there if you want it.” Hanz just closed his eyes and the two left him to sleep.

Walter switches from a Japanese game show to a few cooking shows to the history channel, all with great interest. He finds this world and all its cultures so fascinating. He watches more nature programs flowed by news of the explosion and the man in the hospital, as well as the scientist facing charges of using extremely dangerous substances. An interview with Mark has him less than pleased that Jupiter didn’t come back and fly Hanz Corban to the hospital himself as well as being decussated with his former employee. Walter felt a little sad, he couldn’t have gotten the injured man to where he needed to be any faster than the ambulance. Time went on and business at B.R.A.I.N. tech went on as usual other than a few somber souls. Walters’s business also went on as usual, both at the computer and protecting the city, and anywhere outside the city he was able to get to and be of help.

Weeks later the hospital calls Mark McGrath “Just wanted to let you know Mr. Corban is awake now.” The doctor said “That’s great doc.” Mark said “You know we’ve been having some weird air currents from his room for a while, and it seems even stronger now, there’s no cracks in the wall and the machinery is working fine, naturally. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was coming from the patient.” Mark remained silent for a beat when he heard a crash on the other end. At the hospital, doctors and nurses were rushing to Hanz’s room but a great gale-force wind made it difficult to enter, they could see Hanz floating above his bed, the wind indeed seemed to be coming from him. He was panicking and suddenly flew out the window, blowing it out on the way. The doctor came back to the phone and told Mark what was going on, hoping he would have an answer to how this is happening. The floor was panicked, the alarms going, nurses and doctors running to check on patients and Mark’s knew this had to have something to do with Reggie’s Winryde.

Hanz flew out into the city, knocked over a car he flew past, blew out more windows and threw pedestrians like pebbles. He kept apologizing like mad and freaking out even more when several police cars surrounded him. Officers jumped out in heavy gear with the B.R.A.I.N. logo on the shoulder, they drew weapons with the same mark “Stop what you are doing or we will open fire.” One yelled, Hanz froze but the wind around him was cold and harsh, many of the officers couldn’t stop blinking and whipped away tears. The one who seemed to be in charge gave him the order again “Sir. You need to stop what you are doing and come with us. You are endangering civilians.” Hanz hovered there, still freaking, his hands up, willing to stop but unable to do so. They fired. Hanz was suddenly covered in the special quick hardening glue but just as easily as it got on, it blew back off, some covering the very officers who used it.

Hanz flew away once again, right into a mall, the glass shattered as the wind barrier around him hit. People ran from the impact area, Hanz walked the hall, his eyes looking pleadingly for actual help. He went into a clothing store, knocking over displays, he searched the cloths for something in his size, a few things got some tares from the force of wind but he managed to change his cloths. He came out and looked around, the mall was already almost empty. A few stragglers still running out. Hanz sat against a wall and cried. Suddenly he heard a voice “Is someone there?” he looked up but saw no one “Hello?” he called again “I can help you, where are you?” Hanz stood and walked over to the railing Jupiter floated up from the first floor where he was. He could feel the harsh wind blowing at him but it didn’t seem so bad now. “Why are you doing this?” Jupiter asked in a harsh voice “What are you talking about?” Hanz asked “I thought you were going to help me.” “I thought you were a victim, but now I see otherwise.” Jupiter said back as he raised a fist. Hanz stood there, his face looking more and more appalled “I am the victim!” winds picked up again and pushed Jupiter back a bit “You need to stop this.” Jupiter said “Did you ever think that maybe I can’t?!” Hanz said and the wind became a gail, forcing Jupiter to the wall. Jupiter fought back against the force pushing him “You think this will stop me?” he said “If you’re not going to help then why don’t you just leave me alone?” Hanz said and threw his arms, as if to match his action a hurricane wave hit Jupiter like a wrecking ball and smashed him threw the wall. Hanz once again flew away. Moments later, Jupiter lifted the rubble off himself, frustration showing on his face.

Hanz found a safe place to land in an alley and gave a somewhat hysterical laugh at defeating the cities great hero. He stopped himself and tried to regain composure. The wind around him had died down from gail level to light breeze but was still there. He paced and thought a bit. “This is all Reggie’s fault.” He said “Him and that ridiculous invention.” He continued to pace, the wind fluctuating. “He caused it. And he will make me normal again.” He flew off again toward the prison where Reggie Madden was awaiting trial.

Outside the four story prison Hanz hovered, slowly passing window after window. On the third floor he finally spotted Reggie who was laid out on the bed. Reggie put his head up as he heard a strange whistling sound then suddenly, crash, his wall caved in, he jumped back and then looked even more shocked as Hanz dropped into his cell. “Hanz?” Reggie said “What the…” “This is because of you, Reggie. Whatever you used on that air gun.” Hanz said pointing his finger out “But. It’s not a…” Reggie croaked out “It shot me Reggie.” Hanz growled back. As if he knew what he would say. He picked up Reggie and glared at him. “You’re going to fix this.” He started to fly out, Reggie looking horrified at the ground beneath him “I can’t just do that.” Reggie said “Not alone. That will take time. Money and resources I don’t have.” Hanz kept flying “Luckily we both know a place full of the brightest minds in the country.” He said “Hanz, they fired me.” Reggie said “You broke me out of prison. I’m not welcome there.” Hanz stopped and held Reggie at eye level “Maybe I should drop you now then?” he said “No! Please. If I could I would but it was an accident.” Reggie pleaded Hanz glared at him more but seemed to cool down, he slowly descended and dropped Reggie a few feet from the ground. Within seconds another pair of cop cars arrived, one of them went to Reggie and checked him while the others remained on guard watching Hanz. “Ok.” Said one of them “You let your hostage go. That’s a good start. Now please come with us.” Hanz looked at the officers one by one “I don’t suppose any of you can reverse what he’s done.” He asked. The one who was checking Reggie, cuffed him, since he was still a criminal, and led him away. The other three didn’t know what to say, Hanz stepped away. Another cop car came, both officers from the last altercation “Careful with this one.” The driver said, as he got out, both of them drawing their weapons again. Hanz blew their toys away “Why must you resort to using your weapons right away?” Hanz said as he started to levitate higher, the winds picking up, getting colder, sharper as Hanz’s anger built.

An ambulance drove up and a familiar white outfit came out. “Hanz Corban!” ICU called as he slowly walked forward, hands out to show he was unarmed “That is your name right?” Hanz looked at him, bewildered. He almost smiled ICU continued “You were involved in an accident at B.R.A.I.N. technologies some time ago, is that correct? That’s what gave you these unwanted abilities?” “Yes.” Hanz said weakly “I remember you. I saved you from that gang, remember? You’re not a bad person.” ICU continued, keeping a fair distance, he didn’t want to spook the man. Hanz looked saddened “No. Please help me.” He said “I don’t know if the effects can ever be taken away.’ ICU said, honestly “But you can control it. Use your abilities for good.” “I don’t know how.” Hanz said “The winds won’t stop.” “You can do it.” ICU replied “Just breathe deep. Try to calm yourself.” Again the winds started to fluctuate, dying and coming back, the officers backed away since the negotiations seemed to be going well. “That’s it.” ICU said, giving a reassuring look “You don’t need to be scared anymore. No one want’s to hurt you.” Just then a green missile collided with Hanz and flew him off “Damn it!” ICU yelled out but Jupiter couldn’t hear him or the officers. The two men flew up above the city and broke away from each other.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Hanz screamed “Silence villain.” Jupiter said forcefully “Your reign of terror ends now.” Hanz clenched his fists “I already told you, I’m the victim but if you want a villain, fine.” Hanz threw his arms out and blew Jupiter away, he pushed back against the fierce winds “You will end this now.” Jupiter said, Hanz flicked his finger, a sharp translucent blade sliced at Jupiter, Hanz laughed again and thrust his arm hurling a blow that sent Jupiter into a tumble. “I don’t want to fight you ok. I’m trying to calm myself.” Hanz said, no longer believing it. Jupiter stopped himself and looked back up at Hanz, he tried to fly back at him but Hanz waved his fingers causing more slashes that likely tickled more than causing any damage. Hanz flew away, trying to take deep breathes repeating the word peace. Jupiter was in hot pursuit, Hanz tried to ignore him but got further aggravated. Hanz stopped, spun around and did a right hook, Jupiter got swept up in a mini tornado but it didn’t hold him for long. “Sir. You are really becoming a bother.” Jupiter said and charged him again. Finally Hanz had had enough and screamed out “My name is Hurricane!” and a blast knocked Jupiter back again, smashing him into a building.

Hanz spun his arms and crated a vortex that sucked Jupiter back in, along with a lot of other loose stuff. He flung him around and back into another building. He then sent another shockwave that smashed everything within thirty feet. “Are you happy now?” Hanz yelled. Jupiter jumped out at him only to be greeted with another wrecking ball of force, hurtling him down into the ground. Hanz fallowed up with an X slash of air blades which Jupiter managed to avoid, the vehicle behind him wasn’t so lucky. Jupiter got knocked by the explosion. Hanz lowered himself, clutched his hands to his face, struggling with himself. He didn’t want to be doing this but he was forced into it. He could end things now if Jupiter would stop provoking him. Or he could end the hero and become a legend. Hanz cried out “Gah!” battling some inner turmoil. ICU ran up to where Jupiter was but he got up and went after Hanz again “Would you stop this?” ICU yelled. Hanz looked up, drawn by the voice and managed to avoid a hard punch from Jupiter just in time. They locked together like a pair of wrestlers both seething in anger. “I’ll stop this alright.” Hanz said and extended a finger. Air started to whirl around it till it whined like the drill it had become, he started pushing forward then Jupiter flipped him and brought him down on the roof of a car.

Police slowly gathered around the unconscious man who had run amok in the city. Watchers on cheered for Jupiter as the police cuffed Hanz and sedated him. ICU pushes through the crowd and shoves Jupiter, who doesn’t budge an inch. “I was talking him down. Have you heard of that? Talking?” he growled. Jupiter looked at him as if he was a strange creature “That man you just beat down was a good person.” ICU said “It’s not his fault he couldn’t control his power.” Jupiter slowly levitated and then flew off.

That night, ICU returned to his base, a teched out marvel that could only be out done by the Bat cave. He walked to the monitoring station and removed his hardened mask, placing it on the desk. He undid his suit and went in for a shower. Mark McGrath came out in a new set of work out cloths. He turned on the TV which was still talking about the resent battle between Jupiter and the unknown villain. Mark turned it off in disgust and went to the phone, made a call. “Have you finished that project I gave you yet?” he asked “Hello to you too, sir.” Said the voice at the other end “I know you wanted a rush but that was only two hours ago, sir. I’ll have it done by tomorrow.” Mark sighed “I suppose that will have to do. He hung up and made some more calls.

The next day, Walter opens up shop. He still has one more order to finish from yesterday. He turns on the radio as he works on a poster for the latest big budget movie. Naturally the topic of the day is the battle he had yesterday, and they even had a few witnesses call in. A few haters complained about the damage to the city, much of which caused when Jupiter was fighting his foe. There were a few who questioned the wind powered beings motives and whether or not Jupiter jumped the gun. Jupiter felt conflicted as he listened and ICU’s words rang through his head ‘That man you just beat down was a good person’ This world confused him at times but that was part of the appeal, the unpredictability.

Hanz woke up in prison orange and a collar on his neck, he put his hand to it. Naturally he couldn’t take it off. He heard a buzz and his cell door opened, a man in a suit came in with a briefcase. “Mr. Corban? I’m Yochi Amada. I’ll be your lawyer.” The man said “Lawyer?” Hanz looked up confused. “I’m sure I need one but I can’t afford you.” “That’s alright sir, my services have been payed for by your employer, Mr. Mark McGrath.” Yochi assured him. Hanz showed a slight smile and shook his head, a little tension already gone “I’d rather not plead insanity, if that’s alright with you.” Hanz said “It’s a good argument. You have great reason for it. Anyone in that position would go a little nuts.” Yochi told him. Hanz hung his head, the situation still pissed him off. He wouldn’t be in this mess if it hadn’t been for Reggie and Jupiter. “There’s no way for me not to go to jail or some asylum, is there?” Hanz asked “You might not like it, but temporary insanity is the only good option.” Yochi said “You will go to an asylum but it’ll be a light sentence, as long as you cooperate.” Hanz sat there blankly for a bit, his lawyer was about to leave when Hanz ask “What’s with the collar?” Yochi looked back “Created by B.R.A.I.N. technologies. Essentially, it turns off your powers.” Yochi left and all Hanz could do was wait for his day in court. He’d do as his lawyer said and cooperate, he’d be a good prisoner and keep quiet. So he could get out and get his vengeance. He clutched the bars of the small window and looked to the sky “You haven’t seen the last of me.” He said to his unseen enemy before returning to bed.

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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