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About being in an abusive relationship and loving the person who abused you.
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Reaching out for you and you’re not there. I tried to pull you through the darkness, tried to give you purpose, show you some light... Read Chapter


I knew you couldn’t be trusted after the first time. You came home apologized and made it up to me saying “sorry, ill never do it... Read Chapter


The feelings of being used and abused Feelings of never being good enough An addiction so crucial it only makes you want to commi... Read Chapter


Its paralyzing. You paralyzed me. Refused to let me grow. The only choice was to let you go. Instead I let you take control. ... Read Chapter


I knew you were poisonous, but I wanted to believe. Something as beautiful as you, could only benefit me. When we touched our sou... Read Chapter


  How could I let myself fall? How could I let myself down? Its all my fault I allowed you in, into my heart, into my ho... Read Chapter

My story

my first real heart break
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If Only

Wish I would’ve told you how important you were to me. Wish I could have expressed how thankful I was that the two of you met. ... Read Chapter

Way Back

  I used to do this to get back what I once lost in that fire, as I met other people I  realized that stuff was gone foreve... Read Chapter


This one is more about saving yourself.
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Feeling used and abused
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  Maybe it was all a lie.  Just an easier way to say goodbye.  Maybe he couldn't stand to see me cry.  Ho... Read Chapter

After the abuse

I’m a little deranged, I’m in eternal pain. I’ll never be the same. I’m a bit more confused. Wondering what to do, was th... Read Chapter

Because I loved you

Because I loved you I forgot who I was. Because I loved you I neglected my intuition, my heart, and my mind. Because I loved you ... Read Chapter


when she needed you the most, when you should’ve held her close, you pushed her away. You never knew the right words to say. Sh... Read Chapter

Cherish Her

A woman’s pain is endless, it seems. So many abuse the hearts of women which ruins them, and destroys their everything. Abusing... Read Chapter


 It wasn't meant to be, you only settled.  Afraid no one else would love you more or even at all.  Seeing the chan... Read Chapter

Dead End

When your whole world comes to an abrupt halt.  Everything around you is still in motion, But you're froze Stuck in that mom... Read Chapter


 Death ! Oh Death, my lovely friend.  I think of you from time to time.  Sometimes wondering why I never made you ... Read Chapter


  Pain so deep it can't be pinpointed.  So bad you could see it with just one frown.  So bad you feel under, when ... Read Chapter


  She was so beautiful.  As soon as she came into my life, every other problem disappeared.  She was my new proble... Read Chapter


We fear being alone. We fear never having a love to call our own so we hold on. We fear not having someone to share everything wi... Read Chapter


I wrote this along time ago from what I was going through. I didn't change anything so some words may not be used correctly or whatever.
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 You said you thought I was what you wanted.  I thought you were what I needed.  Could never be precise, you were ... Read Chapter


 A coward is what you are. A nobody dying to feel like somebody. Incapable of making a difference in your own life so you're&nb... Read Chapter

Think about you

 I think about you night and day.  I think of you in every way.  My reason for thinking of you: I'm addicted to yo... Read Chapter

The Suicide

I tried to stop him, but he overpowered me. He said his life wasn't worth living, said hehad no destiny. The extent to which he h... Read Chapter

The story of abuse

  He was far more damaged than she could imagine. She was light and he was darkness. He hated his life and everything in it. The... Read Chapter

The End

 Blow after blow  Knocking me to the floor  "b****, wh***,sl**"  As I ball up in fetal position  ... Read Chapter

State of mind

 My heart's pounding  My body's not moving  Blood's rushing, thoughts racing, time is wasting  I'm runnin... Read Chapter


If ? ?I could take it all back, I would. The cheating, the lies, the heartache. The horrible words and thoughts but mainly all th... Read Chapter

She Left

 She left...  Sitting on the edge of the bed, contemplating all the time we shared, the memories we created.  It w... Read Chapter


 Heart broken    Tear soaken    Love stolen    Sweet, sweet kisses  &... Read Chapter


 In a candlelit room, with music lightly playing in the background, she writes, as tears roll  down her cheeks.  T... Read Chapter


  I see her. I can't quite make out her face. She appears trying to send me a message. Something is wrong, something jus... Read Chapter

My type of peace

 The way I find my peace is not in mankind.  I stare out windows, look into skies, watch stars and admire the rain.  ... Read Chapter


 You're nothing more than a chapter of the past.    Feelings I thought I would never have, love I thought would fo... Read Chapter


 He beat her, lied to her and mistreated her.  She was a fool, a sucker for love, so she held on believing what was wrong c... Read Chapter

Love Is..

Two people who believe in each other    Two people who fight for each other    Two people who will st... Read Chapter


Basking in his essence   Enamoured with his presence Captivated by his touch   Engulfed in his embrace ... Read Chapter


  Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings you could possibly feel.  It makes you feel bi-polar.  It's like one minut... Read Chapter

Hidden Beauty

 Staring at the sky amazed at the stars.  A blackish blue color, bedazzled with white shiny dots.  A lot of things... Read Chapter


  It's been years since I've seen her, felt her, tasted her, smelled her conniving scent.    Do I miss her I would... Read Chapter


  How can I be alive but yet feel so dead.  I'M so empty inside I have nothing left to give anyone.  My smiles are... Read Chapter


  I lost so much of me on this journey.    I tried collecting all the pieces.    The pieces I wa... Read Chapter


 You stripped me, tore me down, used and abused me.   Put me behind a display window and let everyone see my core. ... Read Chapter

With You

 With you I feel loved and it makes me happy.   It’s you that I want I feel in my heart no one else would be right fo... Read Chapter


Words said, lies told over and over again. Heart stolen but mainly broken. Love…… Words said, lies told. Saying “I&... Read Chapter


 With each touch, that was one less breath for me. Is this really worth it ?  Me dying, just so you can live. When ... Read Chapter


Gamed me so good, lies was all he told. Took my heart and broke it time and time again. I watched myself fall. I felt the rhy... Read Chapter

False love

I believed in you when the whole world gave up on you. I loved you when it was hard to even find a good enough reason to. I trust... Read Chapter


This is more of my thoughts rather than poetry
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Thought the heart knew what it wanted. Obviously, it can’t be trusted. Plenty of times my mind has said no, while my heart told me ... Read Chapter

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