What's a Kerfluffle?

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What's a kerfluffle? You will find that out in this poem along with many other things.

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Submitted: April 07, 2018



“What’s a kerfluffle?”

“It’s a two-pocket duffle.”

“What’s a kersniff?”

“It’s a triple horned whiff.”

“What’s a kerfly?”

“It’s a sort of blue pie.”

“What’s a kerhonk?”

“It’s a loud bing-bonk.”

“What’s a kermuddle?”

“It’s a big brown puddle.”

“What’s a kerdink?”

“It’s a sour green drink.”

“What’s a kerdoodle?”

“It’s a loud yellow poodle.”

“What’s a kerplunk?”

“It’s a striped pink skunk.”

“What’s a kersplat?”

“It’s a seven-legged cat.”

“What’s a dingbat”?

“Now that’s enough of that or the kersniffs and kersplats will come take your hats and leave with a loud kerhonk! Now relax, go to sleep while I drink my kerdink, and shut up that lousy kerdoodle!

I love you, goodnight,” he shut off the light and grabbed up his big brown kerfluffle.


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