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Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Submitted: April 07, 2018



I don't feel sorry should be used for one to be excused of a choice that was completely self-consciously made. Sorry can't be a excuses for the lack of attention. People tend to say sorry as if it justifies their actions of discourteousness, disrespect or disregard but the opposite, it shows carelessness and no concern for the complacency of another. The only justification is accepting responsibly for your actions and learning from it not sympathetically trying to gain approval for your actions when rightfully knowing your disobediences. When people accept your apology for a legitimate compassionate explanation, they are causing you to consciously be okay with the self reflection and conflictions that allows people to keep a state of realism as well as rationale. An individual is the only one that keeps their self from crossing personal and social boundaries by the bounds of acceptance from others witnessing actions committed. Subliminally people often just assume that the average person is concern for other but subconsciously we have been shaped sociopathic tendencies that does not have much to any care about others. People say sorry so nonchalantly that it doesn't hold any weight, if one's truly sorry they would not have to say it causes the loudest things are said in complete silence. Some sympathetic uses is mockery and direct affliction towards certain people for person some unknown reasoning to gain; I could only presume a pleasure of some sort, among the Victor's. Some people do things with complete intent to purposely harm harass terrify cause some level of distress for individual gain. “One man's misery is another man's happiness”. People get a satisfying feeling to see others

We make choices based on the limitations that's accepted by are pears or anyone for that matter that's in relations with

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