Dying In Your Perpetual Lap

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An honor more indomitable for me; than euphorically catapulting to the most
handsomely embellished summit of the invincible Himalayas,

An honor more Herculean for me; than resplendently relishing every ingredient of my blood; with the eternally fructifying fruits of venerated mother nature,

An honor more unsurpassable for me; than engendering the entire gigantic
Universe to nimbly dance; on my harmoniously symbiotic fingertips,

An honor more unlimited for me; than assimilating every conceivable trace of
affluence; from the panoramically mesmerizing treasuries of this fathomless

Was breathing the last breath of my impoverished life in your divinely arms
O! Eternal Beloved; profoundly reminiscing those ardent moments when we had
just first met; and then dying in your beautiful lap only to be reborn; as yours and only yours IMMORTAL LOVER.


An honor more unfathomable for me; than rejoicing my life as a rapaciously
embellished prince; every unfurling minute  that I insuperably lived,

An honor more limitless for me; than imbibing every bit of ingenious proliferation; that bountifully flowered on the trajectory of this unbelievably eclectic Universe,

An honor more boundless for me; than leading every instant of my existence
as the wind of aristocratically blazing patriotism and philanthropic selflessness,

An honor more momentous for me; than being consecrated as a temple of heavenly righteousness; for my indefatigable pioneering of the religion of humanity,

Was breathing the last breath of my truncated life close to your enchanting lips O! Enamoring Beloved; poignantly reminiscing our clandestine flirtation away from all conventionally tyrannical society; and then dying in your perennial lap; only to be reborn as yours and only yours IMMORTAL LOVER.



An honor more victorious for me; than reigning as an inferno of unassailably
unflinching authority; over every construable bit of space on this relentlessly unceasing earth,

An honor more unending for me; than being worshipped as an irrevocably
altruistic martyr; by all echelon of iridescently motley mankind,

An honor more memorable for me; than impregnably illuminating as a singular
flame of Omnipotently optimistic hope; in every household besieged with ghoulishly disparaging despair,

An honor more enlightening for me; than relentlessly feasting my eyes on the
corridors of peerlessly undefeatable and blissfully timeless paradise,

Was breathing the last breath of my destitute life staring into your ingratiatingly pristine eyes O! Bountiful Beloved; compassionately reminiscing those moments when our lips met in torrentially ecstatic frenzy for the very first time; and then dying in your  inimitable lap; only to be reborn as yours and only yours IMMORTAL LOVER.


An honor more tremendous for me; than unrelentingly drenching myself in the rain of tirelessly blessing prosperity,

An honor more versatile for me; than being prolifically written about; serenaded to the most unprecedented limits of cynosure; all across the hi-tech world,

An honor more towering for me; than being christened as the most splendidly
sacred; humanitarian saint alive,

An honor more fragrant for me; than coalescing even the most mercurial cranny of my countenance with the blessedly untainted religion of unshakable mankind,

Was breathing the last breath of my unsolicited life nibbling at your silken ears O! benign Beloved; effusively reminiscing that instant when we were bonded by all religions in threads of connubial matrimony; and then dying in your ubiquitous lap; only to be reborn as yours and only yours IMMORTAL LOVER.

Submitted: April 08, 2018

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