an assembly of ornate utensils clashed down with fervor on the floor,
the ceiling fan got uprooted from its hinges,
there was a wailing echo emanating from the earth,
an avalanche of bulky rocks tumbled down the mountain slope,
blissful carpets of roads in the valley lay imprisoned beneath a river of mud,
gigantic trees which once breathed fire; now lay limp on the ground,
a fountain of cracks spread at maniacal speeds through walls in the edifice,
obstreperous sounds from the soil flooded the atmosphere,
a plethora of houses crumbled; like a pack of plastic cards,
sharp shards of metal flew haphazardly in the air,
rivers diverted their flow towards arid land,
animals hibernated from plush interiors of jungle to urban sands,
infinite denizens were sucked in ghastly crevices,
with immaculate children being torched by steaming curry of hot lava,
there was chaotic pandemonium on the once solitary streets,
people ran helter skelter; with tender siblings in hand,
the sun had forgotten to shine; the moon was juxtaposed behind clouds of oblivion,
my dwelling swayed like articulate swings of the golden circus,
with side slopes eventually caving in due to traumatic pressure of earth,
it was a gruesome catastrophe; which had decimated millions,
leaving their counterparts stranded on undulating hillocks of land,
the damage to life was unprecedented; with the whole nation reeling under the  onslaught of mother nature,
some prayed to god for forgiveness; some for holistic solace,
the earthquake had measured 6.4 on the ritchers scale, lasting for a threadbare minimum of 10 seconds,
still able to assasinate minute traces of civilization; suckle the mightiest in blistering hot recesses of earth's belly.

Submitted: April 08, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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