Gentle Soul

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The eyes of an angel,

The smile that cuts through souls.

Your delicate heart is in my hands,

All these truths be told.

May no gentle whisper come to me,

May I ask that it's always only from you.

Please gentle soul pass through my door of love,

Never for you will it remain closed.

Never will my door be locked,

For you and only you hold the key.

Yes, I gave you this for all eternity.

The door is unlocked now,

Quickly run to the other side,

I'm waiting for that gentle soul.

Waiting for you to be all mine.

Submitted: April 08, 2018

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I love this poem. I know there are the great works from the romantics and stuff but this is much simpler and conveys the much message much better. The way I'm interpreting this is that the narrator is a man describing his faith towards a woman that hurt him in the past. Maybe this is him soon after a break-up or a divorce? I say the woman might have hurt him because of line two "the smile that cuts through souls" seems to show despite how pleasant she may seem, she still triggers pain for this man, the kind of pain most people feel when they reminisce about a loved one who recently left their side. However, even though the man may be hurt by this woman, he is always open to helping her out through life and keeping her safe. He displays his total faith for her in the middle of the poem "pass through my door of love.... for you and only you hold the key". Perhaps the man refuses to love any but this woman and that is why he's closed off to all but her? That's what I'm getting from this. Very nice. I wouldn't change a thing.

Fri, April 13th, 2018 4:49pm


Thanks for the critique. I appreciate it a lot. I love to write in a simple language that anyone can understand. And I love multiple interpretations of my poems. I don't really have an exact story behind them really. I like to go with the flow and write what feels right to the poem. When I feel the poem is finished I end it there. Thank you for your interpretation of it.

Fri, April 13th, 2018 2:45pm

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