DEEP, Episode 4.

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TITLE: Deep (Last Episode)



Sometimes the heart feels what the tongue could barely explain. Kate is lost in the world of Affection, passion and modesty. Somehow it pricks her heart to think she's falling for Chris, even deeper than she would want to. But her strength to defend her claims was gone, far gone the night he made her body too vulnerable to need. He had made her want him so badly that she couldn't help but runback the circles of intimacy. Demanding and wanting that one thing only Chris could offer her. Soul satisfaction! ..........

As she stood waiting for the door to be answered, her heart thundered and her mind kept playing on her. She stood staring void of doubt or confidence.

"Hey" the voice came as Chris opened the big front door.

"Hi..." She replied.

"I was not expecting you... I mean, you're welcome" He said. Solely surprised and excited at the same time.

Kate tried her best to ignore the many call of seduction in his voice as they talked in warmth. Somehow she enjoyed his company too. Never boring.

"Chris, I felt I needed to thank you for the other night. Saving me up the rain and the cup of coffee. I appreciate" She said sounding modest the best way she could.

"And also for our little affair I guess" Chris added smiling.

"Oh..I guess" She affirmed with a smirk on her face. Indeed she was thankful for that. For the records it was Epic!

"I think I should be on my way" Kate said as she made to walk to the door.

"Kate..." Chris called calmly with a little sarcasm.

"Thanks for coming" He said as she turned to look his direction. With a pace of a snail he walked to her unsure of what to say or do, but somehow he wanted to be near her. He hadn't taken her off his mind for a while, even though he had tried, his senses knows best to sought her out.

They both stood mute facing eachother. Cold silence reaching from both hearts.

"What do you want from me?" Kate gathered up courage to act on impulse.

"You want to taste me like the other girls to know if am tasty?" She continued. "What exactly do you want from me?" She asked with a keen look deserving answers.

"I haven't figured that out yet" He ran his hand through her flowing hair. "I want you, but I don't know why" he concluded calmly.

Her knees quivered and her pulse beat hard against her chest. No doubts she wants him too, badly than she had ever wanted anyone.

"Then...???" She knew it was useless to ask but that was only what came out of her mouth.

The kiss came as a shock even though it was much expected. It felt soft and warm against her lips. Lingering and exotic. "You make me mad" he murmured. "Being with you, being without you. All makes me mad"

Gathering her close, he buried his face in her hair. He was sending her places, far beyond the stars.

"Chris, you make me feel different from the normal me. With you I'm everything except conserved" She looked down at her feet as she couldn't help but unload the cargos of affection from her heart. "I'm wild, vulnerable, foolish and happy. I think I like everything you do to me as much as I like you" Oh my! Did she just say that? It felt awkward but it relieved her to say it. Telling a guy what you feel don't always come easy.

Like he had only seen an interesting ghost, Chris stared in amusement. "Maybe I know why I want you now" he said calmly as he held her face in his hands. "I want you because there's no way I wouldn't have wanted you. Unlike the regular fling with Ladies___" he breathed heavily. "Kate, I think I don't just want you in my bed, but I want you in my heart forever" He concluded with such spark of true affection in his eyes.

His words only stirred something everlasting in her. With tears in her eyes she embraced him. There was no gentleness in the embrace. It was like lovers reunited after years, a hunger finally quenched.

He pulled her against him as their lips explored intimacy. His heart opened to be filled with her groan of pleasure and Ecstasy.

He wanted to show her the desperation love could cause, the sharp edged pleasures. But he would also show her that love could mean serenity and sweetness.

In no time he carried her to his bedroom. As he kept exploring every ounce of her lips. Though the need was strong and desperate, he tempered strength with patience.

He slid his hands gently to undo her blouse then her skirt which came flooding at her feet. He menaced his body over hers and then planted on her neck soft kisees. Passion built in her but he was not in a rush. Tugged at her chest and then navel, something electronic jolted through her.

He guided her through the kind of torment she had not experienced before. She breathed heavily as he manipulated across her areolas. Something magical indeed!

He chained down his feeling and watch her fly in hers. Drove her to the edge and then she had her first peak.

"I love you Kate" Chris said as he balanced himself on her. "I love you more" She said as she tried to calm from her first trip of pleasures.

His body went rigid as he fought to claw his way back. Then she closed around him, body, heart, soul. As helpless as she, he crossed the line into madness and took her with him!


Inspired by Nora Roberts.

Submitted: April 08, 2018

© Copyright 2022 john praise. All rights reserved.

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