One eyed mother

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Submitted: April 08, 2018



ONE EYED MOTHER (this story is about mother's love) This story is about John's mother As his father died in a car accident when John was only 1month old his mother takes care of John As John grew up he hate his mother. the reason was that his mother had only one eye so he looks very ugly and John hates him.his mother other eye was always closed and ugly to see but John never cares to ask his mother that why he had one eye as John was 13 year old he wants to live separately from his mother.he never comes to his mother's? room. when there was any parents meeting he says his mother not to come.and always abuse her if. she comes.days passed of John was now young and in 12th class.there was annual function in the school of John .and all parents were requested to come but John did not want .he doesn't want that his friends see his mother. but he forgets to tell his mother to not to come to school. as John was my classmate I asked him that your parents come or not? he says that his mother is seriously? ill so she can't come. but when our teacher noticed that John's mother had not come.they call his mother and requested very humbly to come to school and she came when John saw him he became very angry. I asked John that who is this he answered that this is my MOTHER and she is my biggest enemy I understand why he is saying this I says him ''No mother is God for us and how can you say these words". John was my friend and he always accepts what I says to do him . I said to John to respect his mother. and he answered me That I will try.after that day I go to out of the city for higher studies..........

After some year I met John he was working in the automobile company . He was very happy to meet me. I asked him how is aunty(John's mother)? His eyes were filled with tears. I asked him that did you change after that and treat your mother as God .he answered "NO" and start crying I just asked him"what happened after that day? He says" I ignored your advice. I was hating my mother.i usely best her if she try to come to me. I was fed up from this daily issues. and decided to go to other city and start my own business. when I was leaving my house my mom was crying and trying to stop me. but didn't stop. she asked me how I live without you.i will be alone here. I answered just work and live your life. and never try to come in my life. I came here and joined automobile company and got settled.after some year I got married. and have 1 child. then after some years the door bell rings of my child goes to open the door. then I heard the shouting of my child. ran towards the door.....

it was my mom and my child afraid from his eye. I was full of angry I says with angry to my mom that why you come here I told you not to come here. I answered that "I just want to see how my child is. I get your address very difficult." but I don't understand her feelings and I get out her. several years passed and then I was about 33 years. then I had some work to my hometown and I had to go there. I goes to my city. then I thought that now I had come here why shouldn't I go to my house. afterall it's my property. so I went to my house. but that was locked. I asked my neighbour where my mother is. he answered that last year she dies...

but I didn't care I thanks to God that my enemy dies. now I had to never see his one eyed face. my neighbour told me that she had one last desire. I asked him what was that. he answered that she handled me one letter. and says me that when my son came give this letter . and my neighbour give this letter to me . in that letter there was written that"my son I know I am no more. and you don't care even if I just hate me because of my these ugly and one eye. I cried when you goes from home ,I cried when when you says get out from my house. but you never cares to ask me why I had one eye. you was then. only one year old. doctor says that he will not able to see. I says to doctors that NO my son should see this world. take my eye and give this to my son. I was not able to read this letter after reading this line.l fall down and start crying with grief. but that had no benefit I had lot her" then John again start crying. I says him now cry whole life but you will never get that mother who you had lost. this fault is of your own. by saying these I go from there and never tries to meet John who never cares about his mom and felt with grief............ This is actually a an indian story if you like this story then please support me it ks my forsg story -Harman

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