Evil Butterfly

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There is an evil butterfly. Who uses the magic to does colourless to animal by stealing colour. So this was not liked by the magician and king lion of the Mebu jungle.

Evil butterfly

There was an evil butterfly. Who knows many magic. She uses to steal colour of everything like the colour of flowers, colour of animals, and colour of plants. Instead of sucking the juice. So it looks stupid without colour.

So one day she was stealing the colour of tortoise. And the tortoise becomes colourless. So tortoise complains whole matter to the king of Mebu jungle lion. The king said only magician can help him. So he goes to magician. And talked with him. The magician got a spherical ball of glass to catch the evil butterfly.

Lion came to a place where evil butterfly lives. He captured the evil butterfly in a spherical ball of glass. But evil butterfly also uses the magic to break the spherical glass. And she became free. So all the magic of magician who he had given to lion was useless. Then the lion came to magician to say that the spherical ball of glass is broken. That was not a powerful spherical glass. Why don’t you capture the evil butterfly infront of him? The magician came at the place with a butterfly net and then he captured the evil butterfly in his magnetic net. And no one was there to steal the colour of animal.

When the butterfly get arrested by the magician the goblin of the jungle become angry. As goblin was the friend of evil butterfly. So all goblin has a small taxi to visit one place to other place. So they came at the magician place and freed the evil butterfly from his captivity. And then butterfly was free. Again there was a noise in Mebu jungle that evil butterfly is free and colourless again to any animal.

So goblin was an evil animal. He said to evil butterfly to take the help of other butterfly to disturb the time of many animals by focusing him to tell story. This was another hand of evil butterfly.

Then she began his movement first there was a crow then fox and all animals who came infront of evil butterfly loses own concentration and the time was disturb. Again butterfly attacks on king lion. This was not liked by his friend magician. So magician wants to teach her the lesson to the goblin and his friend evil butterfly both. So he complained whole matter to fairy.

Fairy said that there is a two brother one is elder than other. The younger brother has good soul than elder brother. So he will come in Mebu jungle to hunt the animals.

And the younger brother will have a magical power. Only you have to give the magical cup of tea to that boy.

So the time came and the two boys came in jungle. Elder brother shot an arrow to animal and then his younger brother help him to find the arrow. At other chance the arrow travels the long distance. It came at the home of magician. So younger brother came at magician home. And magician was waiting him.

Magician said to his younger brother that you are my guest. You have a task also. It is this that you have to fight with goblin and evil butterfly to help him. Then his younger brother said,” How he can fight with evil goblin and an evil butterfly. He has no magic but the task of defeating goblin and an evil butterfly is difficult. :”

Then magician said don’t worry I have a fairy magic. Only you have to drink a cup of magical tea. Then you focus in concentration to shot an arrow will be magical. And easily you can kill the goblin and capture the evil butterfly.

The younger brother takes a cup of magical tea. And automatic power and his bow with arrow began to kill goblins. And captured the evil butterfly in a small spherical ball glass cage.

Submitted: April 09, 2018

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