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I showed you that side of me again Even though I promised myself I wouldn't I screamed out in pain because you left me lonely I waited for you all day But you just walked away My heart cried But my mouth screamed I seethed with anger I tried to control it by telling you to leave But then you texted me that it was over I couldn't control it any longer I ran after you and screamed I wish I wouldn't let this anger consume me But it always does No matter what I do I cry tears that you never understand You look at me with eyes of confusion The words that fall from my lips fall upon death ears I truly tried to contain the anger but I failed As I do with everything I try to do I don't want pity I just want you to hear me To understand the pain I'm going through How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? You can try to answer But you will truly never know Because the shoe will never be on the other foot

Submitted: April 09, 2018

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