Department Store Vigilante

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Roxanne Driscoll is quite a nosy employee. Upon overhearing bad things, she steps in to stop them. One day, Roxanne takes things way too far.

Submitted: April 09, 2018

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Submitted: April 09, 2018



Roxanne Monika Driscoll is just your average everyday city lady. She works at a department store doing the same boring things for many hours and for six days a week.  Work includes going to the toy aisle and putting toys back onto the shelf, reorganizing clothes that are sometimes lazily dropped onto the floor, and sometimes replacing and counting stolen and damaged items. Work can be so boring sometimes... However, on some days, some pretty interesting customers enter the shop.


“Hey, girl! Wanna buy some fries?!” one man once asked Roxanne while she was trying to straighten up a display of fishing rods.


“Excuse me?” Roxanne asked, turning to face the man.


“Fries! Wanna buy some?!” the man asked.


He then proceeded to shoving a container of cold already bitten fries into Roxanne’s face.


“Ugh, no thanks! I wouldn’t have bought them even if they were fresh. I’m kinda busy here!” Roxanne snaps.


“Well, your loss!” the man said, running off giggling.


Roxanne sighed in annoyance and went back to work. It wasn’t long later that Roxanne overheard some other strange conversation. 


“Hey Molly, did you bring the newspaper in this morning?” a man was asking.


“Yeah, why?” a woman’s voice, that’d be Molly, replied.


“I couldn’t find it anywhere!” the man complained.


“Oh, well, that’s because I put it out for the puppy to pee on,” Molly said.


Roxanne snuck around the corner just in time to see the man slap the lady.


“Hey! Cut it out!” Roxanne shouted.


“Mind your own business, lady!” the man said, spitting at Roxanne.


“It is my business if I have to hear you hurting someone in my work place,” Roxanne said.


“You want to get slapped too?!” the man asked.


“No, I want for you to cut it out and act like a gentleman,” Roxanne replied.


“Sucker!” the man said.


He slapped Roxanne and dragged Molly out of the store. Roxanne didn’t take getting slapped across the face as a warning. Instead, she begun eavesdropping more often. Any time she’d enter an aisle to do her work, she’d take time to hear what the people around her were saying to each other.


Within a week, Roxanne managed to stop 15 people from doing wrong things and managed to get punched, kicked, or slapped around 60 times. There was the guy who was smoking indoors, the lady selling drugs while hiding in the frozen food section, the thief who nearly got out of the store with a brand new game console poorly hidden in his pants, and the parents who were allowing their kid to eat candy before it was paid for. There were quite a few more similar cases as well. Nobody liked how nosy Roxanne was being.


“Roxanne Driscoll, please report to the main office, Roxanne Driscoll, please report to the main office, thank you!” the intercom said.


Although the voice said thank you, it sounded very irritated. Roxanne was nervous as she made the trip from the gardening section down the white tiled floor to the main office. On the way there, however, she yelled at a little boy who decided to tinkle in the toy aisle. 


“Ms. Driscoll, the boss is waiting. Ms. Driscoll, please report to the main office!” the intercom said.


Roxanne turned away from the kid and continued on her way to the main office. When she got in, she didn’t see the boss.


“Um... Hello...?” Roxanne calls.


One of Roxanne’s coworkers popped her head out from around the corner and waved for her to follow. Roxanne followed quickly and quietly to another room. This room had a big black swivel chair. The chair turned around in a slow and dramatic fashion to reveal the boss sitting there with a mean look on his face.


“Roxanne, we’ve been getting a lot more bad reviews for our store lately,” the boss begun.


“Well, I can understand that... People in the store have been behaving worse lately it seems,” Roxanne said.


“No, Ms. Driscoll. It isn’t the customers who are causing us bad reviews, it’s you!” the boss yelled.


“What? But... I haven’t done anything wrong!” Roxanne said.


She was really shocked by this news and hadn’t been expecting it.


“Everyone complains that they don’t get enough privacy, that you listen in to everything they say!” the boss continues yelling.


“I’m trying to help the store. These are thieves and drug dealers we are talking about! I’ve stopped them all!” Roxanne explained.


“That’s not your job! Your job is to reorganize things and mind your own business!” the boss yelled. 


A bit of spit flew and hit Roxanne in the eye.


“I’m giving you one last chance since you do such a good job of organizing when you are paying attention. However, if I get one more bad review about you being nosy, you’ll be fired!” the boss said.


“I promise to try harder, sir... Thank you,” Roxanne said.


“You may go back to work,” The boss said, still grumpy.


Roxanne returned to work and for at least a week, she avoided listening into other people’s conversations. However, when two strange men entered the store, Roxanne became very curious. They weren’t dressed very well and looked as though they hadn’t shaved in weeks. 


‘It’s not worth it, Roxanne... Follow them and you could get fired... Don’t do it, girl... Resist the urge...’ Roxanne thought to herself.


The men were hard to not stare at. They gave her a funny feeling. She secretly followed after them, hiding in the aisle next to theirs. 


“Hey man! I have something important to tell you!” one of the men said, very loudly.


Roxanne stopped pretending to rearrange the things on the shelf and fell silent, trying to listen.


“Shhhhh! Someone could be listening!” the other man scolded his companion.


The first guy lowered his voice and Roxanne strained to hear what they were saying.


“Well...out with it... What did you want to tell me...?” the second man asked.


“I... I had a bagel for breakfast,” the first man whispered.


Roxanne face-palmed. 


‘See, nothing to worry about... They are just two men looking for something to buy...’ Roxanne thought to herself.


She returned to her own business, but it didn’t take long for her to accidentally come across those two men again. She ducked behind a display to listen in again. 


“You know... I have something more interesting to say than talk about bagels,” the second man said to the first.


“You do? But bagels are important too,” the first man said.


“Yeah... You know that festival coming up?” the second man asked.


“Oh, the one everyone is going to? Yeah. I know it,” the first man said.


“I bet the train will be packed...” the second man said, grinning evilly.


“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” the first man asked.


“Unless you are thinking about bagels again, yeah, I’m pretty sure we are thinking the same thing,” the second man said.


“Oh...” the first man said.


“I’m going to bomb the train,” the second man said.


“Oh! That does sound better than bagels!” the first man said.


In her surprise, Roxanne accidentally knocked over the display she was hiding behind. The two suspicious men took off running, the first grabbed a bag of bagels before running out.


“WAIT! STOP! MURDERERS!” Roxanne cried out, chasing after the men. 


However, once the men got out into the city, there was no way to find them amongst all the normal people. Roxanne stood at the door to the department store, staring fearfully at where she last saw the men. They were gone. There were some unhappy customers who saw the mess Roxanne caused by spying on two potential customers. They posted their bad reviews.


The very next day, as soon as Roxanne entered the store, she was called to the main office. Knowing what was to come, Roxanne went sadly to that office. 


“ROXANNE DRISCOLL, I TOLD YOU TO QUIT SPYING ON PEOPLE!” The boss yelled as soon as he saw Roxanne enter the office.


The other employees in the office for a drink of coffee after early morning set up and shop opening tried not to laugh.


“I... I’m sorry, but I had to!” Roxanne said.


“NO YOU DID NOT!” the boss yelled at her.


“They said they were going to bomb a train!” Roxanne said, trying to defend her actions.




Roxanne was shaking in fear.


“YOU’RE FIRED! GET OUT! NOW!” the boss yelled. 


Roxanne ran out of the office crying. Without a job, Roxanne won’t be able to pay rent or buy food. Who would ever want to hire someone who got fired for snooping on other people? No one, that’s who. Roxanne’s curiosity led her to nothing but sorrow. 


Friday came around, that is, the day before the big festival. Roxanne was pacing around nervously outside as she had no job to go to. Lots of people passed by her and gave her weird looks. It wasn’t normal for a person to pace on the city sidewalks. There was, however, one guy who stopped to talk to Roxanne.


“Hey! I’ve seen you before!” the guy said, grinning.


“Have you?” Roxanne asked.


“Yeah! You work at that there department store not far from here. I always forget the name of that place. Doesn’t matter though,” the guy said.


“I was fired,” Roxanne said.


“Oh dang... So... I bet you’d not be interested in buying some fries?” the guy said, shoving another container of fries into Roxanne’s face.


Yeah, it was that guy again. The same one who offered cold bitten fries not long ago. These fries didn’t look much better, but at least Roxanne could tell they weren’t still the same ones.


“With what money, huh?” Roxanne asked.


She didn’t really want the fries anyways, she just was trying to get a reaction out of the guy.


“I don’t know,” the guy said, shrugging his shoulders.


“Why exactly do you bite the ends off your fries and then attempt to sell them anyways?” Roxanne asked.


“For money. I just never am hungry enough to eat all the fries on my own so I figure, why waste?” the guy said.


“Oh...” Roxanne said.


“Well... You have no money nor do you have a desire for some fries. So, I’ll go find someone else to bug,” the guy said, grinning.


Roxanne watched him leave, still curious about him. It didn’t take long for Roxanne’s mind to wander back to the festival and the possibility of a train full of people being bombed. It worried her greatly and she begun to walk aimlessly down the city sidewalks. When she stopped, she realized she was in front of a stand with flyers advertising the upcoming festival. 


She reached out a hand and took a flyer, studying it carefully. The inside showed pictures from the festival they had last year. The two weirdoes were right, it appeared that everyone went to these festivals. The old, the young, the poor, the rich, all the races, all different educations. They all came together each year for the festival. On the back of the flyer was listed a few trains that could take everyone to the festival. The main train was listed in red. 


Well, that was very convenient because now Roxanne knew which train the evil men were going to try to bomb and at what time it loads up to go there. 


“I must stop them...” Roxanne mumbled to herself.


She clenched her fists and teeth angrily. They lost her her job, and now they plan on murdering thousands of innocent people. She felt rage thinking about it.


A few more people stop by the stand and grab a flyer while giving curious glances at the angry lady. Roxanne decided to return home. 


The sun set and the sun rose, marking the beginning of festival day. Roxanne woke up bright and early. She quickly took a shower, which she probably won’t be able to pay for later. After her shower, Roxanne ate a small breakfast which was a slice of bread and a glass of water. 


‘I hope I’m not too late...’ Roxanne thought to herself as she glanced at the train schedule briefly.


She had time. If she got there quick enough, she could have a steak out until the creeps show up with the bomb. So off went Roxanne to the train station to wait.


Thousands and thousands of people swarm around inside the train station, hoping to catch one of the trains that will be going to the festival. Amongst all the people, Roxanne spotted one of the creeps. It was the one who did not have a bagel for breakfast, the one who actually mentioned the bomb. 


“Make way, I’m coming through,” Roxanne said to the people around her. 


She pushed her way past and managed to board from the same door as the creep did. 


“The train will be leaving in ten minutes! Hurry up and get a seat, everyone!” one of the train attendants said, walking down the crowded train aisle.


When the attendant passed into the next carriage of the train, Roxanne spotted the creep, staring him right in the eyes.


“What do you want?! Stop looking at me, you darned ugly lady! There is nothing to see here!” the creep said.


“Where did you put the bomb?!” Roxanne asked, getting out of her seat. 


“What?” the guy asked, looking nervous.


“You heard me, mister!” Roxanne yelled, walking across the aisle so that she is right next to the man. 


“Bomb? Uh... I don’t have a bomb!” the guy said.


Roxanne roughly grabbed the man by his neck. The other passengers gasp in surprise.




The man struggled, trying to get free from Roxanne’s grasp. He was starting to turn blue.


“I... I... I don’t... gah... urk...” the man said, gasping for air. 


“TELL ME! TELL ME NOW!” Roxanne screamed.


Her grip on the man’s neck tightened as her anger increased. There was a loud cracking sound and the man grew limp. It wasn’t until the police showed up behind her that she realized what she had done. She let go of the man’s broken neck and stared at the police in shock. The police begun reciting the Miranda, something Roxanne had only heard on TV before. 


She knew she was going to jail. She had no way of proving that the man was going to actually bomb the train. Her anger just got the best of her. Even if he was going to bomb the train, she hadn’t meant to kill him. She just wanted to know where he put the bomb. 


After the Miranda, the police handcuffed Roxanne and dragged her off to the cop car. She was still in shock and didn’t object or say a word. 


Well, Roxanne ended up in jail with all the other murders. All of this could have been avoided if she hadn’t been so nosy. Or, instead of taking matters into her own hands, she could have alerted the police in the first place. It wasn’t her job to take on a bad guy and now she faces the consequences.  


Or, rather, Roxanne Monika Driscoll would have faced the consequences. Within a few months, the lady from before named Molly came to the rescue and paid her bail. 


“Hey, I remember you tried to save me from my husband. I saw you in the news and I felt bad for you... and your trials didn’t end well either, as I found out...” Molly said.


“You paid my bail...?” Roxanne asked.


“Yeah, my husband wasn’t pleased, but I felt I had to do something,” Molly said.


“That’s brave of you, and kind too...” Roxanne said.


“I’m not brave, you are. If that guy did have a bomb, so many people would have died,” Molly said.


“I kind of want to keep being the hero, but I’d rather not kill anyone else...” Roxanne said.


“I could help you,” Molly said.


“Thank you,” Roxanne said.


So Molly and Roxanne went on being vigilantes, saving people from evil even though that’s the job of the police. Did Roxanne learn anything? Maybe... Just maybe she learned something.


© Copyright 2020 Violet-Of-Course. All rights reserved.

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