The War Between Dark and Light

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The story of darkness and light is a never ending war

Once, there was a time when Light ruled this land and kept in check Darkness who constantly tried to overtake it. This had gone on for eons of time without Mankind knowing their survival would depend on the outcome of this war when it was over. There were many battles that had been fought, and both the Light and the Dark knew the last battle would lead to an all out war with the victor claiming complete control whether it would be Light or Dark for all eternity, and Rulers had been set in place by either the Dark or the Light according to their needs at that particular time with no one the wiser: but there was a day so long ago that a great battle took place and Light was almost defeated, to be erased for all eternity to be dark as a dungeon in the bowels of Hell itself. No "kings" ruled lands or countries as to what Mankind thought were kings according to traditions centuries old. One such ruler of a land called Saber was pure evil bringing hardships on his subjects with starvation, misery, and most of all death so all feared him knowing that if they did not do his bidding not only would he perish but his family as well. As darkness overcame the land of Saber he became stronger in his ruthlessness by the power of the Dark that gave Saber such a hard and cold heart. Saber gathered his army which consisted of thousands of followers who dabbled in the dark arts and magic that could summon forth atrocities that would do Sabers bidding in whatever he commanded from them. Evil was strong at that time and once there was a rebellion that consisted of thousands of men who had grown tired of the death and destruction that took place and they knew if they were defeated in this rebellion it would be certain death, but they had no other choice as death was certain anyhow sooner or later either from starvation or death camps where they or their families would die by the hands of Saber and his minions that did his bidding. The place of battle had been chosen which was a mountain named Sadat, (which means happiness and bliss) in which most of them had lived all their lives, a familiar place where peace and prosperity was the way of life until Saber came to rule. On the day of this great battle Saber called upon Deathshadow one of his most ferocious servant. The men of Sadat gathered their weapons, such as they had, and took stand ready to fight til death, but Deathshadow would not approach Sadat for the fight but stood in an open plain at the foot of the mountain taunting and instilling fear into their hearts. This went on for hours and the men of Sadat finally charged down to the plain below and Deathshadow stood there with eyes of red hot coals and a smile on his hideous face. Deathshadow stood at the Northern end of the plain looking Southward at the men of Sadat filling up the plain not wanting to fight until all were in the open, and when the time was right Deathshadow struck. In one fell swoop Deathshadow overtook them by a mighty fire that he breathed from Hell itself and the men perished burned to ashes: not one left alive. As the consequence of this battle unfolded with thousands of lives lost the Light had seen enough and declared a full all out war with the Dark and it's forces. The Dark had powers from Hell but the Light had powers of all that was good and righteousness and there was a dream sent to Saber that all of his lands and countries would be taken away along with his life and evil followers. Saber awoke the next morning and pondered what this dream meant with uneasy feelings that he had never had before. So Saber summoned forth Deathshadow and told him, "bring to me all my warriors in one gathering place to prepare for war" Deathshadow was filled with ecstasy at the thought of taking more lives and doing away with the thoughts of men who had righteousness and goodness in their hearts. Saber stood on a high place and declared that all good men would be removed from his kingdom by death and destruction untold. Take their lives, their families lives and destroy their very souls from this day forth. Leave no remembrance of anything or face the wrath of Deathshadow my trusted warrior. The Light watched this unfold and also prepared for war by gathering Grace, Love, and Mercy as it's Generals to lead an army with countless numbers to face this great and evil war about to take place. Mercy would lead the front line straight ahead, Grace would go Southeast on the right flank, and Love would go to the Northwest flank, so all was set to begin with one another waiting for orders beginning. It did not take long as Deathshadow was thirsty for blood so he made the first move, not on orders from Saber, but through his pride. A mighty shout in unison sounded out from the Dark warriors echoing around the Earth, death to all, death to the Light that inspires Mankind as if thunder was rolling in the sky above. The Light responded, "let this evil be over, never vanquished to rise again" Grace, Love and Mercy commanded "take no thought for yourself, but do it for all that is good and gentle" A bright Light came down from the heavens above, bright as the Sun with scorching heat melting the flesh off of the bones of this monstrosity named Evil. Swords of righteousness cut a path leading to destruction and total damnation to be erased from time itself. The Dark had no answer for what happened next: there was a voice that spoke above the war cries and anguish from above stating, "this is over, let it be done quickly and severely, this is my command" Grace, Love and Mercy replied, "so be it as you command our Supreme Leader" A great Light shined down over the land blinding anyone or anything that beheld it. The Dark cried out for mercy and fell on deaf ears but was answered, "you have the mercy that you have showed over the years by murdering the innocent while they cried unto you for mercy" Deathshadow and Saber were set in chains bound by Grace, Love and Mercy for all to see. All eyes fell upon them as their sentence was carried out, the Dark and the Light together. The Supreme leader descended on the Earth in front of them in a blinding light. Deathshadow and Saber were helpless and knew their time on this Earth was pass. A great flaming sword appeared and split them asunder spilling their bowels to the ground. No more for the time being would Mankind be ruled over by such evil, but there is a day when another war will take place such as this one, but for now Peace will rule Mankind until that next war.

Submitted: April 09, 2018

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